Moon Scopes Astrology Dec 2012 – Jan 11 (New Moon) 2013

Moon Scopes Astrology
December 2012 – January 11 (New Moon) 2013

KG Stiles Host

This is our first Moon Scopes show. We’re moving from our Astro Highlights quarterly format to a monthly astrology forecast based on the natural cycles of the Moon from New Moon to New Moon. The idea for our new show was born out of the recent Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 28th. So thank you for joining for this inaugural launch of our new show Moon Scopes.

On Moon Scopes you’ll learn about the planetary events and cycles occurring from the vantage point of the Moon’s cycles. Moon Scopes looks at nature’s cycles from New Moon to New Moon, rather than from the perspective of the man-made monthly Gregorian calendar cycle of time. This window into natural planetary cycles empowers you to have unique insights on current celestial events.

When you know the purpose and meaning of a particular cycle of time you have the opportunity to align yourself with the cycle and go with the flow of natural events to create more grace and ease and better outcomes in your own personal life.

Let’s take a quick review of recent celestial events starting with the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on November 13th. This Solar Eclipse signaled an especially powerful new beginning for everyone, especially for the fixed signs of Taurus, Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio. Scorpio was of course most affected by the Solar Eclipse as it was in the sign of Scorpio conjunct the North Node also in Scorpio. This means truth and intimacy, looking into the deepest darkest recesses of yourself, and your relationship with yourself and others is revealing necessary changes that need to take place. You are probably feeling a deeper commitment to transform yourself and your circumstances at this time. This is also happening at the collective level. Revelations and subsequent changes are possible over the next year until the next New Moon in Scorpio in 2013.

The planet Saturn in Scorpio in mutual reception and harmonious aspect to Pluto, a ruler of the sign Scorpio, and now transiting the sign of Capricorn ruled by Saturn shows that opportunities for these changes are forthcoming and there is a general ease for transforming the old structures and creating new ones. These necessary changes are further supported by the Uranus and Pluto square that continues into 2015 which further ensures that changes in structure will take place both on an individual and collective level.

The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 28th brought completion and celebration of a project of some kind, as well as release from an old pattern of thinking. You’re now free of past ways of thinking and behaving that sabotaged your success in the area of your life where Gemini is located.

Both the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse in Gemini were in harmonious aspect with other celestial bodies for the most part and any challenging tensions that surfaced were primarily related to ensuring the breakthrough opportunity available during this particular Eclipse season. You will be seeing results manifesting from these Eclipses at least over the next six months or longer for yourself and collectively in our world.

November was an 11 month representing a portal or gateway opportunity, a choice point, in which we can choose to make the higher choice, not necessarily the easy choice, to experience a new reality for ourselves and our life circumstance. The Eclipses that occurred during the month of November served to blast open the gateway opening at this time leading up to the December 21st celebration of the start of a new age of expansion of planetary consciousness. You and all of humanity are seeding a completely new beginning when a new phase of human evolution begins.

Look to the date 12/12/12, that’s December 12, 2012 when new unexpected opportunities may Arrive. The next day on December 13 You may have a vista onto what promises 2013 hold for you as the New Moon at 21º Sagittarius occurs at :42 minutes past midnight Pacific time. On this same day Uranus the planet of revolution and sudden change stations Direct in Aries which adds tremendous potency and potential for seeding new visions for the future. Uranus is in trine to the planet Mercury in Sagittarius at this same time when new beliefs, thoughts and attitudes are born. Breakthroughs, sudden revelations, breaking news on the world front are all likely now.

During this New Moon cycle your mind expands and new beliefs and attitudes may flood forth. Old entanglements and past situations that have held you hostage can now melt away effortlessly. The Sagittarius New moon eclipses Pluto the next day on December 14th giving this new beginning extraordinary depth and transformative power.

On December 21st the Sun enters the earth sign of Capricorn at 3:12am Pacific. This marks the time of the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in our southern hemisphere.

On December 26th Pluto the planet of transformation and healing forms its first exact sextile with Saturn the planet that gives form and structure, helping us to mature and take responsibility for our life. Pluto and Saturn will be in sextile all of 2013 helping us to deeply transform and heal old structures and give birth to a new reality.

The Sun’s entry into Capricorn on the 21st has brought stability and structure to the Sagittarius New Moon’s expansion and growth as it waxes to a Full Moon at 7º Cancer on December 28 exact at 2:21am Pacific time.

The Moon is the natural ruler of the sign Cancer and feels at home here. You may feel especially emotional at this time and feelings of nostalgia and kinship are strong as are your psychic sensitivities. This is an excellent time to release any old pent-up emotions and for being close with your loved ones. As this Full Moon is square to Uranus and opposes the Sun and Pluto Emotional breakthroughs and healing are possible and highly favored. The Moon’s stabilizing and grounding link to the planet Saturn also reassures and lends support and courage to face dark emotions.

Taking a look at the energies constelating on the final day of 2012, December 31st gives us a window into 2013. The Moon in Leo goes Void of Course at 1:52pm on December 31st. The energy of Leo is open, trusting, creative, heart centered and expressive of love. Early in the day you may experience feelings of childlike wonder, openness and innocence for the coming New Year. Then as the Moon goes void of course you are encouraged to let go and go with the flow of events that will carry you into the New Year.

On January 1st as the Moon enters Virgo at 9:35am Pacific you touch down on solid stable ground and enter the New Year of 2013. At its best Virgo Moon connects your heart and mind and enables you to heal and realize your purpose in life. Virgo ruled by the planet Mercury can also over stimulate your mental processes and you can be tempted to over analyze your emotions and feelings. Best to stay fully embodied and allow yourself to feel your feelings and ground them into the earth. Any answers you need will then naturally arise and make themselves known to you.

We culminate this New Moon cycle in Sagittarius that began on December 13th, birthing the 2013 New Year on January 11th with a New Moon at 21º Capricorn.

During this Sagittarius New Moon cycle that begins on December 13th the focus of your personal love energies symbolized by the planet Venus are in the sign of Scorpio until December 15th when Venus enters Sagittarius where she will stay until January 9th when she enters Capricorn. So the first of December you may focus on your deeper, more intimate feelings. This is an excellent period for clearing your emotional body of any old dark passions that may surface during this time. You can do this by taking long hot baths in sea salt or essential oils, Ylang Ylang oil would be especially good.

Then As Venus enters Sagittarius on the 15th your emotions lighten considerably and you are ready for light hearted fun and much needed play time. Venus transit through Sagittarius is a great time to be gregarious, enjoy yourself, get out and play with your friends, family and loved ones. The recent times when your love energies were focused on serious matters of the heart are behind now you.

On December 10th the planet Mercury ruler of your thought processes enters Sagittarius the sign of adventure for a 3 week stay. During this time Your thoughts are filled with light hearted and expansive ideas. Your higher mind is freed and activated and your thoughts are optimistic and future oriented. Enjoy this brief period as on December 31st Mercury enters the sign Capricorn and your thoughts once again turn to more serious matters. During Mercury’s transit of Capricorn you’re encouraged to make realistic plans for creating results in 2013. Mercury will sextile Neptune this same day on December 31st and you are especially receptive to fresh imaginations that you can practically ground. Mercury will remain in Capricorn until January 18th.

As we enter December you have the desire and follow through necessary to take the actions required to give form to your desires and ambitions as Mars the planet symbolizing your drive to action is now transiting the earth sign of Capricorn until December 25th when it enters the sign of Aquarius and your call to action turns to visions for your future. Mars remains in Aquarius until February 1st when it enters Pisces.

On New Years Eve December 31st Mars lucky connection to the planet Uranus brings brilliant insights about your future possibilities. Take time to write down any flashes of intuition, ideas and inspirations you may suddenly have about your future and any action plan for realizing your desires and ambitions. The Mars Uranus aspect is perfect for inspired visions and making a plan of action for 2013.

Well that’s it for this first episode of Moon Scopes. Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year! See you next month. I’m KG Stiles with your Moon Scopes.

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