Miscellaneous Conditions – What Clients Say!
KG Stiles Holistic Health Coach Since 1980


“KG’s Bowen therapy is excellent; I have had other Bowen therapists, but no one gives me the results she does. I went to KG originally for an accident I had been in, she helped significantly when chiropractic care, physical therapy and other massages weren’t working. She stopped the pain I was going through. I also ended up feeling overall healthier– calmer and more centered, able to deal with life better. Not only does KG do excellent Bowen therapy, she is one of the most intuitive people I know. When I am going through something challenging in my life, she picks up on the key issues instantly and helps me maneuver, ranging from assisting me with business decision, to health, relationship and family issues. I know I can trust her opinions, based on working with her for almost three years. She uses her essential oils during a treatment; I have had great results from them. I find the oils to be beneficial at home too, something I can use to assist either a health issue or a mood issue. I love her oils; the aromas are so strong and pure—high quality. KG has very high standards in her business; giving excellent physical therapy, using extremely high quality essential oils, and really focusing on and knowing the issues in my life and the advice most needed. I recommend KG for Bowen therapy, life advice, and for her wonderful essential oils!”
Willow Cordain, Medical Consultant, Previous Owner Scrubs on the Run, Ashland, Oregon, USA 

Service Category: Bowen Therapy, healer, essential oils
Year first hired: 2006
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“I first came to KG for chronic acute shoulder pain, that was threatening to end my career, which I value so greatly, as a Body Worker and Massage Therapist. After one treatment the issue was almost completely resolved and now almost a year later I am pain free and my practice continues to grow. I continue to see KG At least monthly and consider her invaluable to my Health and Well being as she has helped me with a myriad of various other complaints. Thank you KG for your skills, knowledge and loving care.”
Lynnea Forderer, Massage Therapist, Ashland Oregon, USA

“I’ve experienced numerous health benefits on multiple levels of my body, mind, spirit and emotions from receiving regular Health Mastery sessions with KG. When I first started seeing her more than two years ago my primary concern was to just feel “right” again. I’d seen several allopathic and alternative health care professionals with little result. My right sinus cavity was sore to the touch, my jaw ached and my neck was stiff and tight. I experienced roaring in my left ear with twinges of pain and would grind my teeth at night. I thought I might have a problem with my TMJ (Tempero-mandibular joint). My right hip and both my calves and Achilles were painful and my heels were numb. After my first session I experienced tremendous improvement. The release of tension and pain was quite profound though I did have some discomfort from the unwinding symptoms with low energy and achiness for a few days after my session. KG explained that my achiness and lethargy was from increased circulation and release of toxins. I saw KG regularly for weekly then bi-weekly sessions over a two month period after which I began receiving regular monthly Health Mastery follow-up sessions. Periodically I will feel achy after a session from the release of toxins and increased circulation as I come into balance. The results of a session are long lasting. I continue to experience signs of improvement in my overall health and am impressed with the results of my care. I have had remarkable healing results from PurePlantEssentials. I began using Ledum as indicated for helping balance my Thyroid function seven months ago. I have noticed marked improvement in my energy level and moods. My doctor continues to re-test my thyroid periodically and adjusts my medication as I show signs of improvement which impresses my doctor! Recently I used RID (Rapid Immune Defense) as I felt I was coming down with the flu and I do think it helped! I’ve shared my RID with others who have also experienced benefits. I love having someone with KG’s knowledge available. Thanks, KG! Your services have given me new life and perspective.
~ Susan Thompson, Artist and Mortgage Broker, Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

“I think BodyTalk is a profound healing protocol and I’m so grateful that you are close by. You’re doing great work. Thank you! Whenever I get the opportunity I tell people about you.”
~ Shawna Cardin, Central Point, OR

“KG Stiles helped me recover from an extreme case of prostatitis. Her treatments are powerful and go deep into the body to release the blockages that stop us from healing.”
~ Jud Schwartz, Producer Events, Ashland, Oregon

Essential Oils for Cold, Flu and Migraine headaches
“I love the smell of lemon oil. It brings back wonderful childhood memories for me. Previously I suffered with pleurisy, and since diffusing organic lemon oil into the air regularly my lungs have remained clear of congestion. Lemon oil also helps my family from picking up “bugs,” no one ever gets a cold, or the flu in our home when we use it regularly. I use to suffer with chronic migraine headaches. I purchased organic peppermint oil from KG and at the first sign of a headache put a drop into the palm of my hand, taking deep breaths of it for a few minutes. The headache is soon gone and I feel refreshed.”
~ Jan Heyser, Ashland, OR

Blood Pressure
“My blood pressure was higher than normal and I couldn’t get it down through diet and exercise. A nurse practitioner recommended I see KG and described her as a ‘healer.’ After two visits I had a noticeable and lasting drop in my blood pressure. I’m very happy with the results!”
~ Susan Gallagher, Ph.D. School Psychologist, Ashland, OR

One Birth Mother’s Story
“I had a remarkably easy recovery from the c-section, once I started with your treatments. More accurately, I should say my whole family had an easier recovery once your treatments started. I am sure that having you come to our home in those first days and weeks made all the difference in the world in terms of turning around what was starting out to be a very difficult experience.
Today, at four months, we are all completely adjusted and settled into our new lives together. My husband’s shoulder pain is completely gone. My body has returned to its pre-pregnancy weight. Baby Misha has consistently measured in the 75th to 90th percentile for his age. We have indeed been blessed with a delightful and easy-going baby. What I appreciated about your style was your efficiency and direct manner. It seemed like you were able to focus on the key issues that were challenging me and my family. You worked methodically, but not mechanically. I felt like you were paying intense attention to information you observed, keeping notes, and considering my situation even when you weren’t here treating me. At the same time, your presence felt deeply intuitive, if not psychic, and profoundly comforting. Your energy was exceptionally clear and unencumbered, which allowed you to tune into everything that was going on, not only with me but with the baby and my husband. You were also tremendously flexible and accommodating; when Misha needed to nurse in the middle of a session, you made time for this, recognizing the importance of his need before your own need to move on to the next client. You treated both my husband and me in the same session, running upstairs and down, for the benefit of our holistic recovery as a family. I would recommend to every new mom to include your treatment as part of their routine prenatal and postpartum care, whether or not they faced the challenges I did. We’re immeasurably better than when we started, and to you eternally grateful!”
~ Annika Forester, Ashland, OR

Headache/nausea/cough&sore throat/recovery from surgery/arthritis
“One evening, after coming down with a severe headache and not being able to keep anything down due to nausea, I asked KG for help. She did a BodyTalk session on me and shortly thereafter the headache pain lessened. Within a couple of hours the nausea disappeared and I was able to drink and eat a little. By the next morning I was feeling better and had a follow-up session with KG in the afternoon. Not only had I gotten fast relief from the headache and nausea, but the cough and sore throat symptoms that had plagued me for over 2 weeks had improved markedly and within a couple of days were completely gone. If that hadn’t convinced me of the efficacy of a BodyTalk treatment, the results of a surrogate session for my mother would have. At the time of the session, my mother was in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery (following a mishap during a colonoscopy and was not eating. Within a week she was regaining her appetite and was healing nicely, though she was still weak and had difficulty walking. In another couple of weeks she was taking herself out for a walk… something she had to be coerced to do even prior to her colonoscopy; plus there has been no need for her arthritis medication. It is amazing to me that a healing technique as unintrusive as BodyTalk could produce such profound results. It will certainly be the first option I will try for anything that ails me.”
~ Anna Grzeszkiewicz, Librarian, Ashland, OR

Beliefs & Attitudes
“I was surprised to learn that BodyTalk could be used to address beliefs and attitudes. However, after a session dealing in part with my attitude about living in Oregon, I felt a definite and positive shift. Since then, I’ve felt more at home in Oregon and more at peace with my decision to move here.”
~ Sue Dungan, PhD, Psychologist, Ashland, OR