Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio
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Mercury Retrograde18º Scorpio

What does Mercury Retrograde mean for you and specifically how will Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio affect your life?

First let’s look at the general meaning and purpose of the Retrograde and Direct Planetary Phases.

From a Geocentric Earth Centered perspective there are periods of time when planets are said to be in a Direct or Retrograde phase.

The Direct phase may be likened to a time period when a planet is in forward motion and covering new territory for exploration and discovery. I liken the forward Direct Motion like a planetary in breath. When new information is taken in.

While a planet is in its Retrograde phase the planet slows down and begins to take a time out for introspection and review of all the ground its covered during the last Direct phase. I liken this time out period to a planet taking an out breath. Now you’re given an opportunity to assimilate and digest all the information acquired during the Direct phase.

The Retrograde phase is a more intuitive phase when the planetary influence is felt more internally. Some say the planet is asleep during its Retrograde phase. However, during the Retrograde phase a planet is actually closer to the planet Earth and thus exerts more electromagnetic force upon your psyche. For people who are sensitive and intuitive this phase may be felt more strongly. While more driven people who are less sensitive to subtle energies may simply feel bogged down, like they’re spinning their wheels and can’t get things moving.

The Retrograde phase is the most internally active period for a planet’s influence upon you for change and growth.

So, to recap during a planet’s Direct Phase, when it is moving forward, the pace of your life related to the planet is accelerated and new challenges and opportunities come into your life.

When a planet Stations Retrograde it is said to be asleep because it is less outwardly active. It is time to relax and review the area of your life where the planet is located.

As you know when you are sleep you are actively integrating your life experiences from your day. When you awaken you feel refreshed and renewed.

The Retrograde period is a phase of reviewing your life, integrating and healing your self.


Your personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) are symbolic of your personal life story.


Whereas the social planets Saturn and Jupiter help you negotiate between your personal life story and the collective drama at large. Saturn and Jupiter are allies that help you to find your place and establish your sense of belonging in your family and society.


The outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are related to the collective unconscious that’s being integrated by all of humanity during the Retrograde phase.

I also liken the Direct and Retrograde phases of the planets like a combination lock.

Direct planetary motion turns the combination lock to the right. While retrograde planetary movement turns the combination lock to the left. These methodical movements of the planets act to deepen your awareness as a soul on your journey to wholeness (holi-ness) and integration.

The Direct and Retrograde phases of the planets unlock the powers of your own Divine wisdom. They’re like the code that unlocks the Divine mystery that is you.

Eventually through this mystical dance of the planetary Direct and Retrograde phases you become enlightened and realize the freedom to be your authentic Self.

So, back to the question, What does Mercury Retrograde mean for you and specifically how will Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio affect your life?

When Mercury is Direct you cover new territory in the areas of you life where Mercury is located.

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Generally during Mercury’s Direct phase you make new acquaintences more easily and the way is open to connect and network with others. Especially if you’re a more extroverted type thinker this is true. If you tend to hold back and are reserved, shy about connecting with others you may actually feel more comfortable to actively connect with others when Mercury is Retrograde and in its internal intuitive phase.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio will have you doing the necessary detective work to shift your attitudes and old outmoded ways of thinking.

Research is an excellent way to focus you conscious mind at this time. It’s a great time to reassess what’s working and what’s not working for you in your perceptual system. How you’re connecting with other is up for re-evaluation and renewal.

With Mercury in Scorpio you enjoy digging for gold and uncovering the details to get to the heart of any matter, especially where your emotions are concerned.

It’s an opportunity to re-think and re-visit how you’re commiting youself in the area of you life where Mercury is located.

After November 10th when Mercury Stations Direct at 2º Scorpio you will start to implement all of the “golden” ideas that surfaced for you during the retrograde phase.

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