Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Video
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November 26th

WATCH MY MERCURY RETROGRADE VIDEO – Deeper Wisdom about Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and How You Can Benefit (video appears below).


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During the Mercury Retrograde cycle you’ll review and re-evaluate how you’re connecting with others and getting on in the area of your life where Mercury is located. When Mercury goes Direct On November 10th you’ll begin to implement changes and make progress in this area of your life.

With Mercury in Scorpio you enjoy digging for the gold and mining the truth in the details of your life. You’ll be intent upon getting to the heart of the matter, especially where your emotions are concerned as Scorpio is an intensely emotional sign. You’ll want all the intimate details revealed to you, so you can make necessary improvements.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is an opportunity to re-think and re-visit how you commit yourself in the area of you life where Mercury is located. Are you over committed, over giving or do you need to persevere longer for desired results?

Mercury is conjunct Saturn and the North Node at times throughout its Retrograde phase, as well as dances in a nice Sextile to Pluto and Mars and
Trine to Neptune and Chiron and Jupiter and Lilith.

So, there is a tremendous amount of territory in your human psyche that is being unearthed. Your mind is digging for gold and being supported by some Major players in the Zodiac to help you achieve your aims at this time.

Also during Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio the planet Mercury will quincunx to the planet Uranus (The Awakener) also in Retrograde. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. Both planets govern the electro-magnetic flow in your physical body.

So, there could be extreme fluctuations in your electromagnetic flow and your emotions. Don’t worry this is ALL good for making adjustments in your thinking and internal alignment.

As I said Mercury in Retrograde is sextile to Mars and forms the base of a finger of fate or destiny with the apex being in Uranus in Aries. The area of your life where Uranus in Aries is located may suddenly be opened to a positive turn of events out of the blue. This feels destined and life altering!

Mercury ruler of Virgo where Mars is currently located is the magician and can transform situations in your life through mental focus. Mercury’s Retrograde in Scorpio will uncover blocks that may have prevented you from using your power of thought to transform life situations in the past.

Mercury is the ruler of your throat chakra and supports you to communicate your truth effectively sending a clear signal about who you are and your intentions into the world.

Having a clear strong signal about who you are and what you intend to create is essential. There are always people who have their own agendas who wish you to serve their agenda which can disrupt your manifesting potential.

Mercury’s Retrograde in Scorpio will help you to correct this if it has been an issue for you in the past.

Be willing to go deep and persevere through the deepest, darkest and most passionate regions of your soul will bear great fruit. The results of your excavation will be priceless!

OF COURSE HOW Mercury Retrograde will affect and benefit you is always individual to you and a personal reading to review your astrology chart can be helpful.

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