Mars Retrograde 2014 Predictions
March 1 – May 19
Let Go & Flow into Destiny

KG Stiles, Metaphysican & Intuitive Astrologer

Mars station retrograde conjunct the North Node, Spica and Arcturus represents strong activation of your life purpose and receiving internal guidance for your way forward.

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ALOHA AND WELCOME to Moonscopes Astrology Forecast for Mars Retrograde in Libra. These are general horoscope predictions about astrological alignments Mars will be making during its retrograde phase that will be affecting everyone. If you have personal planets within 1-3º orb of an alignment then you will have a more direct personal experience of the celestial event.

Since the start of 2014 all of your personal and social planets have been slowed down either retrograde, preparing to go retrograde or preparing to go direct. This slowing down effect of the planets is beneficial for seeing beneath the surface and clearing out clutter.

On December 25th Christmas day Mars at 9º Libra entered its shadow phase the degree to which it will retrograde back to. On December 25th Mars was in a Grand Cardinal Cross with Jupiter conjunct Lilith in the sign of Cancer and Venus conjunct Pluto in the sign of Capricorn and Uranus in the sign of Aries.

This Cardinal Grand Cross with intersecting Squares and Oppositions supports you to breakthrough your relationship patterns and get to the heart of what matter most to you. You’re being opened to expressing your authentic power and authority.

These key themes for releasing patterns, self empowerment and embodiment have been operating all year for you. Mars retrograde will support you to continue reviewing your relationship patterns even more deeply and make necessary changes.

On March 1st Mars Stations Retrograde at 27º Libra. Your personal planet Mars represents your ego drive and your desire for taking action.

Mars is said to be in its detriment in Libra which can be a good thing as it will be less aggressive and more open to negotiating with others for peaceful win-win outcomes.

If however you’re overly identified with your ego and need to be in control of situations then Mars somewhat muted energy can feel uncomfortable and you may feel insecure and a lack of confidence.

Given this I think it’s interesting to note that since Mars entered its retrograde shadow phase at Christmas there have been a rash of suicides by high ranking bankers in the world that has increased over this past month as we near Mars station retrograde on March 1st. With headlines that read: Bankers have never been so insecure, sounds like a Mars retrograde effect to me.

When your natural Martian drive is in balance you will feel motivated to look more within yourself to access your intuition about how best to act and bring more harmony into your life situation and relationships.

Mars is conjunct the North Node and two – First Degree Magnitude Stars Spica and Arcturus.

Both Stars are associated with wealth, riches and fame and the physical action and drive of Mars is highly favored by these Stars!

Mars station retrograde conjunct the North Node, Spica and Arcturus represents strong activation of your life purpose and receiving internal guidance for your way forward.

When a planet is retrograde it is closer to the earth and its influence magnified. During Mars Retrograde your desire for action takes on an internal focus.

It’s an excellent time for Active listening. Check in with yourself about what you truly desire in situations and in your relationships. You can now burn and release relationships and relationship patterns that are not genuinely supportive of you. And you will now know the difference.

Being intuitive and reflective before taking action meets with success during Mars Retrograde in Libra. While driving ahead despite signals that tell you to slow down and consider matters in a fair balanced way will meet with more resistance than usual.

Saturn the ruler of your perception of Time is stationed in Scorpio a water sign. The water element has a disorienting effect on your usual experience of time.

On March 2nd Saturn stations retrograde further exacerbating the effect of your disorientation to time. Additionally Scorpio’s old ruler is the planet Mars. Mars station retrograde in Libra the sign just before Scorpio further disorients you. Saturn in Scorpio is also trine to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer both water signs. You may feel like you’re wading waist deep in water as you try to orient to your usual sense of time.

Your disorientation is helpful as it opens you to shifts in your behavior patterns and making necessary changes.

On April 14th the day before our First Eclipse of 2014 the planet Pluto at 13º Capricorn stations Retrograde adding intensity to the Lunar Eclipse a few hours later on April 15th.

On April 15th The Total Lunar Eclipse at 25º Libra is conjunct Mars Retrograde exact at 12:42am PT.  This is a total Lunar Eclipse (and gives the appearance of a Blood Red Moon) and occurs on the day of Passover.

On April 15th, the day of the Lunar Eclipse we have our most exact Cardinal Grand Cross yet. The Cardinal Grand Cross is made up of four intersecting 90º angles formed by several planets in the sky. And two Oppositions. Uranus, Mercury and the Sun in Aries opposes the Moon conjunct Mars in Libra. And Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. These oppositions bring opportunity for illumination and clarity.

The planets making up the Grand Cross are in the Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer). Those with personal planets and points (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, ASC or MC in a Cardinal sign from about 10 – 27º will feel this Cardinal Grand Cross the most strongly.

On April 15th there are numerous planetary alignments influencing how the energies constellated will play out. Generally though there’s strong activation for collective awakening and change that is supported by harmonious alignments between planets. For more insights about the celestial events occurring on this day watch my Libra Lunar Eclipse video.

On May 19th Mars stations Direct at 9º Libra. There could be a bit of a whip on the tail of this Mars Retrograde with sudden or erratic energy being released. It’s great for clearing out cellular debris and toxins from your physical and emotional bodies though you could feel strong unexplained impulses or sense of urgency.

Well those are my horoscope predictions for Mars Retrograde in Libra.

KG Stiles photo David Gibb photographerMy next Bi-weekly Moonscopes Astrology Video will be for the 26º Virgo Full Moon on March 16th through the 9º Aries New Moon on March 30th. The Aries New Moon will be exactly opposite the point where Mars will station Direct in Libra on May 19th. This means that what you start at the Aries New Moon on March 30th will get a tremendous boost when Mars goes Direct. So you’ll want to take advantage of that and make plans for it.

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March 1 – May 19
Let Go & Flow into Destiny
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