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Path to Enlightenment

MANDALA-598px-KalachakraSera-wiki-public-domainI wanted to introduce you to a spiritual practice of mandala contemplation as a prelude to the Sagittarius New Moon Meditation I’ll be posting for you soon.

A mandala contemplative practice has the effect of calming your mind and slaying the demons (damaging mis-perceptions you have about people, places and things) that may possess it.

Mandala practice effectively clears your mind and assists you in focusing upon the spiritual qualities of integration, healing, strength, purpose, feminine receptivity and creative awareness.

You may wish to take a few moments to contemplate upon the Kālachakra Mandala (lead photo image above) now to experience what effect it might have upon you.

The Kālachakra tradition revolves around the concept of time (kāla) and cycles (chakra). Everything in creation evolves through cycles or spirals of time from planetary cycles, to cycles of human breathing.

A contemplative mandala practice innately teaches you to work with and integrate the subtle energies within your body as a path to enlightenment in which you realize your oneness with all that is – as within, so without.

You may also wish to create a mandala of your own before or after your Universal Heart Meditation at the time of the Sagittarius New Moon to deepen your spiritual experience during the meditation.

The Sagittarius New Moon is THE best New Moon for setting your intentions for the 2014 New Year.

As a matter of fact NOW is the best time for starting new projects available to you for awhile as Venus is about to station retrograde on December 20th.

Venus Retrograde will impede your launching any new business ventures or romantic pursuits until it Stations Direct on February 1st. Venus leaves its Retrograde Shadow the first week of March soon after the Pisces New Moon 3 months from now which is your next best new moon for starting new ventures.

Venus Retrograde will be excellent for recovery and return of lost love and opportunities from your past may likely resurface. I’ll talk more about the benefits and opportunities available to you during the Venus Retrograde cycle very soon.

So, take this opportunity at the Sagittarius New Moon to set and activate your intentions for the 2014 New Year as the energies at the end of 2013 are very disruptive and not at all conducive for new beginnings.

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