New Moon Meditation Libra New Love Relationships 10-4-13

Virgin_Mary_-_Diego_Velazquez-WIKI-PUBLIC-DOMAIN211º Libra New Moon
October 4th at 5:34pm PT

Keywords: Impulse Potential for New Evolutionary Love Relationships

Healing Meditation: Divine Love

We’re on the threshold of our next Eclipse season and events are now accelerating and picking up pace.

Just hours before the Libra New Moon is exact the Moon squares Pluto at 9º Scorpio at 12:27pm PT and then about two hours later the Libra New Moon exactly opposes Uranus at 10º Aries at 2:57pm PT.

Then exactly at 5:34pm PT on October 5th we have the Libra New Moon at 11º Libra. The Sun and Moon kiss and seed the beginning of a new cycle in Libra the sign of relationships, ruled by the planet Venus the planet of love.

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This T-Square breaks up any resistance or old emotional blockage to giving and receiving on a whole new level. Effectively clearing the way for the powerful shift in consciousness that is being seeded now! This is very exciting.

If you are a sensitive you most likely have been feeling this tremendous shift in energy gaining pace as your consciousness is flooded with new images and evolutionary ideas most especially about your connection with all of life. You may experience these energies generally as feeling more at peace within yourself.

The Sun has already begun shifting its magnetic poles which it does every 11 years and not surprisingly the number 11 (the master number) repeats itself numerous times throughout this period of time we are now traversing that was ushered in by the Pisces Full Moon.

Notice for instance that the Libra New Moon is at 11º. It is now time for you and I to accept complete responsibility for our life experience. We are each shifting from victim consciousness and suffering over our suffering to being fully empowered human beings.

Activating the frequency of Mastery within yourself means no longer being intimidated by life, or feeling afraid to embrace and emobdy your life fully. No longer living from a place of fear within yourself. Trusting that life has your back and completely loves and supports you to be your authentic self at all times and in all ways.

On October 5th exactly at 5:34pm PT we have the Libra New Moon at 11º Libra. The Sun and Moon kiss and seed the beginning of a new cycle in Libra the sign of relationships, ruled by the planet Venus the planet of love.

Libra’s interests include: beauty, truth, nature, music, art, dance, theatre, poetry, balance, fairness, justice, peace, negotiating, and diplomacy.

All of these areas of interest will experience renewal and enter a new cycle of growth and development for you as an individual and for the collective world at large.

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You will be integrating this new relationship impulse over the coming 12 months.

Given the astrological set-up at the Libra New Moon you now have an opportunity to awaken to new evolutionary octaves of relationship potential in your individual life, as well as in your collective psyche.


Seeding New Love Relationship Potentials

burning white candle surrounded by yellow daisies with blue groundWhat you will need:

A White Candle

Aloha and welcome!

Call upon the Divine Mother, the Queen of Heaven, to over light and guide you.

Take a BIG breath in and breathe out any tension.

Focus your awareness at your Universal Heart (8th chakra), located halfway between your throat and heart. Imagine a beautiful golden thread of light opening up like a golden lotus blossom and connecting you with your soul energy field.

Think of your soul energy field as a protective cocoon surrounding you tenderly. Like a lover’s embrace you are perfectly cradled in the arms of the Divine Mother.

Today’s Libra New Moon is a potent mistress and presents you with a stellar opportunity for seeding a new beginning for your love relationships. New evolutionary levels of possibility for giving and receiving love now open to you.

You may have experienced intense emotions surface for release during the time preceding the Libra New Moon, or felt internal resistance or perhaps experienced strong reactions to or from others to something you said or did.

Sometimes we act out our own feelings to become aware of them, or someone else triggers us so that we can become aware of our feelings.

The Libra New Moon absorbs these emotions and transmutes them in her still and womb-like presence of love, beauty and truth. Breathe in Mistress Moon’s loving acceptance and exhale any judgment about yourself or another.

Continue breathing as you welcome a sense of relief from the intensity you’ve been feeling. Allow yourself to rest and recover fully from any earlier tensions you may have experienced prior to the Libra New Moon.

Venus, the Goddess of Love, rules the sign of Libra and Libra’s deepest desire is to harmonize and relate in a balanced way with others.

Allow the Libra New Moon’s gift of peace to prevail within your own mind and heart and with others.

Use your breath to absorb the silence radiating from the darkened face of the Libra New Moon.

Feel your heart open like a golden flower absorbing the healing light of Divine Love,

Continue breathing as you focus your awareness at your Universal Heart (8th chakra) and absorb the healing light of Divine Love (suggested length of time 11:11 minutes or as feels right for you).

As you journey in the universal heart you feel peace, deep healing, comfort and solace.

Your willingness to connect in love is strengthened and completely restored.

Was this Libra New Moon Love Relationships Meditation helpful to you? Please leave your comments and let me know how things are going for you.

Enjoy Seeding New Love Relationships at the Libra New Moon!


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