Libra New Moon Astrology New Relationships Oct 5, 2013

illustrated map of the constellation libra11º Libra New Moon
October 5th at 5:34pm PT

Keywords: Impulse for New Evolutionary Relationship Potential.

We’re on the threshold of our next Eclipse season and events are now accelerating and picking up pace.

You are feeling pressure to conclude projects and bring things to completion that you initiated perhaps as long ago as the Eclipse season that occurred at the end of 2012.

On October 2nd the Sun at 9º Libra exactly squares Pluto 9º Capricorn.

On October 3rd the Sun at 10º Libra opposes Uranus at 10º Aries.

This T-Square between the Sun, Pluto and Uranus all stationed in Cardinal signs is driving the Libra New Moon.

A big emotional and psychic acceleration and intensity may precede a feeling of crashing as the Libra New Moon goes dark.

The pressure to let go and purge the old is most powerful just before the Libra New Moon is exact.

This Cardinal T-Square between the Sun, Pluto and Uranus in Cardinal signs indicates tremendous pressure on the collective psyche.

Just hours before the Libra New Moon is exact the Moon squares Pluto at 9º Scorpio at 12:27pm PT and then about two hours later the Libra New Moon exactly opposes Uranus at 10º Aries at 2:57pm PT.

Then exactly at 5:34pm PT we have the Libra New Moon at 11º Libra. The Sun and Moon kiss and seed the beginning of a new cycle in Libra the sign of relationships ruled by the planet Venus the planet of love.

Libra’s interests include beauty, truth, nature, music, art, dance, theatre, poetry, balance, fairness, justice, peace, negotiating, and diplomacy. All of these areas of interest will experience renewal and enter a new cycle of growth and development for you as an individual and for the collective world at large.

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You will be integrating this new relationship impulse over the coming 12 months. Given the astrological set-up at the Libra New Moon you now have an opportunity to awaken to new evolutionary octaves of relationship potential in your individual, as well as in your collective psyche.

For individuals with personal planets or points – your Sun, Moon, ASC and MC, as well as Venus, Mercury and Mars within 7 degrees of 8-10 degrees of the Cardinal signs Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn – you will have some physical manifestation of this energy occur in your personal life.

The Libra New Moon is a Major breakthrough point and things will unfold even more quickly after the release of the pent-up resistance represented by the Cardinal T-Square.

The resistance to the imminent change that’s taking place represents a great purge of the collective psyche resulting in the release of old attitudes, judgments, habits and previous forms of relating in our established systems and organizations.

Deeply buried feelings and emotions may surface for release. There is a breakthrough point that will occur at the time of the Libra New Moon.

The intensity of this threshold of breakthrough will begin to subside when the Moon goes void of course on October 5th at 3:28pm. This is when the Moon’s sextile to Mars – representing a forceful release of old pent up energies – begins to ease and you start the process of integrating the breakthrough change you’ve experienced.

At the time of the Libra New Moon Mercury conjuncts the North Node at 7º Scorpio (exact on October 5th).

A contract or agreement that has a feeling of destiny about is concluded at this time.

As the North Node and Mercury are stationed in mysterious and passionate Scorpio there is depth to this commitment or meeting of minds.

Then on October 6th Mercury at 9º Scorpio exactly sextiles Pluto at 9º Capricorn which means of course Pluto is sextile to the North Node.

This sextile between Mercury conjunct the North Node and sextile to Pluto gives transformative healing power and depth to the contract or agreement that has some feeling of destiny about it.

The Libra New Moon has a feeling of decisiveness about it when a clean break is made from the past. This seems ironic as Libra is known for being the sign that is ‘indecisive.’ Libra enjoys seeing both sides and wants to be inclusive, fair and just to all.

I will be posting a Libra New Moon Meditation soon.

Was this Libra New Moon astrology report helpful to you? Please leave your comments and let me know how things are going for you.

“Opportunities surround the one who does not judge a situation as good or bad but simply remains open, trusting and persistent in effort and approach.” -Jackson Kiddard

Enjoy Your New Relationship Possibilities at the Libra New Moon!

-KG :)

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