pluto_nasaIt’s intense on planet Earth as we go through the multiple shifts and changes in our individual lives. No sooner does it seem things are headed one way when they suddenly do an about face and head another way.

I hear this repeated scenario from everyone I speak with. Nothing is certain and life events are fast changing. Though that can be good as if you don’t like what’s happening wait a bit and things will have moved on.

Making clear decisions may seem more challenging though more necessary than ever.

It’s easier to make a change once in motion than from a standing position. Traveling lightly is recommended for those quick and suddent turns. That brings us to the topic of today’s video blog.

Pluto’s stationing Direct at 11º Capricorn really got events moving forward that may have felt stuck. The 11º is the number of self mastery and the energies are further intensified as Pluto is intent upon getting to the root to heal and regenerate the lost shadow parts of yourself and humanity.

With Pluto’s stations Direct the square it’s making to Uranus heats up the tension and friction, pressuring you to LET GO and make that CHANGE.

As Saturn completes its transit through Scorpio (co-ruled by Pluto) you are in the final stages of restructuring your life in this area where Saturn has been hanging out for the past two years.

Mercury will retrograde this week on October 4th at 2º Scorpio. Again engaging the Plutonian force within and challenging you to let go of past mind patterns that have trapped you in unfulfilling relationship patterns.

All the elements are activated to an extreme pitch with increasing need to SHIFT from now until next spring.

ALL of the elements of nature continually operate to manifest your physical body mind vessel and ALL of physical reality. It is the harmonious integration of the elements that results in harmony within you and in our world. Harmonious integration of the elements manifests as health, peace and prosperity.

  • Fire element is activated by Uranus and South Node in Aries.
  • Saturn in Scorpio (water) and Pluto in Capricorn (earth).
  • Mercury Retrograde Scorpio (water) and Libra (air).

All this requires you (and everyone on planet) to integrate your shadow which is a collection of your repressed negative emotions and the pain of your past.

Your shadow is your unprocessed negative stories and emotions that send out silent signals to attract or repel positive circumstances for you.

Through each individual the collective shadow of humanity is being purged, healed and transformed. Whatever work you do to heal your emotions and let go of your past pain helps the collective condition of our world and humanity.

We will move forward together into the future of our world.

We are coming up to the Lunar Eclipse in Aries conjunct the South Node on October 8th. I’ll be posting a video blog about it. It’s the second in a rare triad of ‘red’ moons and will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere.

I’ll also be posting a video blog about the Grand Fire Trine that is forming between Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius. The fire trine between Jupiter and Uranus will be active until July of 2015.

The Grand Fire Trine between Jupiter, Uranus and Mars is also forming a Kite Pattern with the Sun and Mercury in Libra during the month of October.

The Grand Fire Trine and Kite Pattern offer much magic and miracles to create extraordinary outcomes if you’re willing to rise to the occasion, be your best self and own your power.

I’ll leave you with a video I recorded with my Aussie Astrologer friend Yasmin Boland about ‘Pluto transit in Capricorn by Sign.’

I’ll be posting an interview with Yasmin soon about her newest book, co-authored with Doreen Virtue, Angel Astrology 101: Discover the Angels Connected with Your Birth Chart


Interview with Aussie Astrologer Yasmin Boland

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