moon01-crescent_moon_public-domain4º Leo New Moon I
3:42pm PT on July 26, 2014


This Leo New Moon brings you a stellar opportunity to Connect with Your Inner Child to birth a new 12 year cycle for creative projects and to release any blockages to manifesting your deepest heartfelt passions and desires.

Use this Leo New Moon Inner Child Ritual to prepare your mind and heart for what’s about to be birthed into your life. The first birthing may occur as early as the Aquarius Full Moon in 2 weeks time to six months at the Leo Full Moon and up to 12 years from now.

The more consciousness you bring to your life experience the richer and more rewarding your experiences and feeling of fulfillment!

Mars has just left the sign of Libra and headed into the passionate sign of Scorpio. Mars is the old ruler of Scorpio and loves being in Scorpio for the next two months. After more than 8 long months of back and forth Direct, Retrograde and Direct motions in Libra your Mars (representing your Desire Body) can fully express its nature and explodes with fresh desires from your heart. You feel re-energized and alive. Any confusion or mix up you may have experienced through the process of reviewing and upgrading your behavior patterns in relationships since the end of 2013 now melts away.

Once aware of what’s been holding you back in your relationships you can choose to release any self sabotaging habit patterns and move on.

With all the inner healing work you’ve done the quality of your relationships is set to change BIG time!

Mars will square the Leo New Moon. The Leo New Moon is all about creativity, romance, drama, childlike innocence, taking risks, opening and following your heart. This square will certainly help you breakthrough and release any final vestiges of the old ways of relating and open your heart to new opportunities for passion and childlike play and wonder with true soul mates and kindred spirits.

A New Moon always offers you an opportunity for new beginnings, especially in the area of your life where the new moon is located. Also, look to where Mars is located as the Martian energy is very tied into the Leo New Moon, as is Saturn, the planet which gives form and structure, now Direct in Scorpio.

With Jupiter conjunct the Leo Sun and New Moon trine to the planet Uranus (the Awakener) now Retrograde in Aries ruled by Mars. There’s a whole lot of change, renewal and passion being unleashed. So…make the most of it with the Inner Child New Moon Ritual.

I’ll post a new Astrology Video for you about the Leo New Moon energies, as well as upcoming astrology trends for August very soon!

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Enjoy celebrating the Leo New Moon and Good Luck!


4º Leo New Moon I
3:42pm PT on July 26, 2014
Moon void of course 5:38pm PT on August 27th


burning white candle surrounded by yellow daisies with blue groundFor the Leo New Moon Ritual you will need a white candle. Make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Light your white candle. Gaze into the candle flame as you begin to breathe in fully and deeply and exhale any tension.

Now call upon Archangel Raziel to assist you with your ritual. Raziel is one of the Angels associated with the Sign of Leo.

Archangel Raziel means “Secret of God.” Raziel helps heal your karma and karmic relationships, as well as past life issues.

Raziel helps you develop your psychic abilities and open your heart to see the underlying mysteries at work in your life.

You’re going to focus on feeling the powerful emotion of LOVE from your Inner Child. What does Love feel like to your Inner Child.

Think of a person, place or an object that when you think of them or it you experience the powerful emotion of LOVE. Engage your body sensations fully in your experience. Use all your five senses – hold, taste, see, hear AND feel.

Now allow yourself to bask in the glow of feeling LOVE. Turn up the intensify of your feeling. Elevate your feeling of LOVE to the highest octave and frequency of LOVE energy.

Allow the experience of PURE LOVE to vibrate within your cell tissues. Feel it oozing throughout your entire being.

Now starting at the crown of your head feel the power of LOVE cascading down inside of you flooding you with good vibrations, Allow LOVE to stream through your body and out the tips of your fingers and toes.

Continue breathing as you feel the intensity of your LOVE feelings.

Now think of something you would absolutely LOVE to create and experience in your life.

Feel the powerful feeling of LOVE as you think of what you most desire to experience in life. It may be anything at all you truly desire for yourself.

You are imprinting the super charged high frequency of LOVE onto your desired outcome and experiencing it as if it is happening now.

Now allow yourself to free associate as images naturally surface and spin into your awareness. Let the visioning process unfold naturally at its own pace and culminate naturally for you.

Over the coming days, weeks, months and even years your subconscious and superconscious minds will collaborate to bring you opportunities to realize your dreams, as will the angels and your guides. In fact all of life will conspire to help you realize your dreams.

Your task is to summon the courage to consistently keep showing up and take action as guided.

What do you see coming into being for you? Are there images of places or situations that surface for you or people who will aid you in realizing your dreams?

You may wish to write down any images that arise for you at the conclusion of your Inner Child Ritual.

Do you feel any resistance, fear or anxiety about your dreams, or does your way forward feel clear and open

If you feel any blockage or obstacles in your path simply use your cleansing and healing breath to gently breathe them away.

Affirm, “I am the powerful Creator of my reality. My way forward is clear and open. All I need is within me now.”

Breathe in and feel the power of LOVE resonating and pulsing throughout your body, mind, spirit and emotions.

You can call upon Zadikiel frequently to assist you in cultivating alignment with the mysteries of life to realize your desires.

When you feel complete wiggle your fingers and toes. Stretch your body gently. Breathe in deeply once more and exhale as you open your eyes.

Thank Archangel Zadkiel for assisting you with your Inner Child Ritual.

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Thanks for joining me!

Until next time…relax, enjoy your life and stay connected.