Leo New Moon Astrology
August – September 2015 Highlights
Pisces Full Moon &
Virgo Solar Eclipse

manifesting-moonThanks for joining me for a look at highlights for August & September AND the Astrology of the Leo New Moon.

The Leo New Moon begins to bring to light key areas of transformation and change that have been percolating beneath the surface in the sign of Leo.

Leo themes include romance, creativity, children. This energy is very much about birthing and giving birth to things you love and feel passionate about.

The Leo New Moon’s fire is well aspected and makes aspects that bring surprising events, as well as ensures success in new ventures.

The renewal of self love and attracting love into your life is beginning to give you early glimpses of what’s possible for you now.

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Confidence/vitality – yellow
Action/forced action – red
Harmony/communication – blue
Spiritual/fate – purple
Love relationships – pink
Career/money – green

The Leo New Moon is exact on August 14th at 7:53am PT at 21º 31′ in the sign of Leo. This is a stable new moon, you’ll have more than 12 hours to set your new moon intentions. The Leo New Moon goes void of course later this same day at 9:36pm PT.

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The Leo New Moon is conjunct Mars and Venus (Mars and Venus exactly conjunct one another on August 31) and trine to Uranus in Aries and square to Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is at 29º Scorpio and is starting to bestow rewards for your hard work if you’ve been showing up consistently and doing the work of Saturn rewards should start flowing in for you.

Mercury in Virgo is opposing Neptune in Pisces.

Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo are trine to Pluto in Capricorn.

There’s potency for creative projects to find fulfillment and powerful illumination of mental patterns and self and self deceptions that will play out over the coming two weeks as the moon waxes to full at 6º 6′ Pisces conjunct to Neptune on August 29th. You’re doing the hard diligent work of making it real.

The area of your life where the Leo New Moon and the Pisces Full Moon are highlighted and where the Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse at 20º 10′ is located will get a new beginning and fresh start.

Jupiter just moved into Virgo on August 11th @ 4:31am PT and will be conjunct the Virgo Solar Eclipse greatly expanding the new gifts and abundance set to manifest with the Virgo new moon.

Jupiter in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces helping illuminate any self deception or illusions. This is the axis for the Pisces full moon and Virgo New Moon that’s being set into motion now.

Virgo rules the 6th house and Pisces the 12th house.This is the body mind axis. 6th house is the practical details of your life, your lifestyle, your reputation with yourself, integrity, health and service to others are all themes of Virgo. You must gain mastery at this level to manifest your goals and dreams represented by Pisces in the 12th house.

When you lack integrity and standing in your truth and manifesting the details of taking of your own animal body then your manifestations lack synchrony with the whole.

The pre-programmed and inherited conditions of the 12th house hold dominance until you gain this self mastery of yourself.

The Virgo Solar Eclipse conjunct Jupiter now stationed for the next 13 months in Virgo helps you see the details for what needs to change. How you’re out of integrity and how the past and karmic recurring patterns from your family and society need to be released so you can birth your authentic self.

Potentially with Jupiter’s station in Virgo opposite Neptune and Chiron in Pisces over the next month much illumination and healing in the unconscious and collective inherited conditions can be released and healed.

Jupiter moving through Virgo over the next 13 months is helping you to get to the truth and gain mastery in the area of your life where Virgo is located in your chart.

Venus will have stationed direct in Leo the necessary renewal of self love has happened and your love interests and pleasures you truly desire in life are forthcoming now.

Mercury is in its shadow though not retrograde as yet. I think this Mercury retrograde in Libra will be very auspicious as it’s in a nice sextile dance with Venus in Leo at the Virgo Solar Eclipse and as it begins its retrograde.

Mercury will square Pluto during it’s retrograde in Libra helping you break through restrictions in your mind set that have previously sabotaged your best efforts. Potentially you’re positioned for strengthening your mind to work for you.

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