Leo Full Moon
Lunar Eclipse Meditation
February 4 – 10, 2017

lions-pixabay-public-domainThis Week’s General Astrology Forecast

The week starts off on an easy, flowing trine between the Moon, Pluto and Mercury. The week’s intensity settles down.

I’ve posted a Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation for you below this post. Enjoy!

Later today the Moon enters the sign of Gemini and Sextiles Venus which is a great aspect for being social and social gatherings.

BEST MONEY DAY this week are on the 4th and the 10th, the day of the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Best Money Days are days when the collective celestial events bring greater than usual opportunities. This may not translate into direct and immediate cash in your pocket, but potential for increase in your future prospects. Of course when these days are talking harmoniously with your personal stars the increase multiplies exponentially.   

Find out more in today’s Astro Energy Report (AER).

Be sure to check the Void of Course Moon Phases (below).

Astro Energy Report Highlights

WORLD CLOCK TIME ZONE CONVERTER find out what time celestial events are happening in your part of the world. 

On February 5th Jupiter at 23º Libra Stations Retrograde until June 10th. Things slow down in this area of your life. Symbolized by the scales of Justice Libra governs relationships of all kinds, contracts and agreements are in the domain of Libra. Now you review where things are at concerning these matters and consider making changes. You’re preparing for ew opportunities on a psychic and intuitive level.

On February 7th Mercury enters the sign of Aquarius. Mercury enjoys being in Aquarius which is a fellow air sign, matching elements. Communications will flow much easier over the remainder of the month until Mercury enters Pisces on the 25th. Mercury will make several harmonious aspects with other planets over the month I’ll tell you about. Mercury is a lucky and magical energy, yet can also play the trickster and mischief maker, depending…

On February 9th the Sun at 21º Aquarius Sextiles Uranus in Aries. A sudden opportunity may present itself for creative expression. The freedom to express yourself is available in some way. A very electric day when you feel alive with energy.

On February 10th the Spring Eclipse Season starts with the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 22º Leo, exact at 4:33pm PT. The Leo Full Moon is trine to Uranus in Aries, Sextile to Jupiter in Libra and Trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. These are all very fortunate aspects! There’s freedom and good fortune available, along with the structure needed to ground the energies for lasting results.

lavender-pixabay-public-domainThis same day the planet of communication Mercury at 6º Aquarius is Sextile to Venus (the planet of love) in Aries. This signifies lucky connections.

There is a touch of magic and a feeling of destiny about this day of the Leo Full Moon.

Usually at a Lunar Eclipse some significant parting of ways is met when there is a culmination of a way of life that ends. There is a strong sense of closure and finality now, especially if the 22º Leo Full Moon conjuncts (the strongest aspect) or forms an aspect (trine, sextile, square, etc.), with another personal planet of yours. 

With the Lunar eclipse, the earth comes between the Sun and the moon and the earth casts a shadow upon the face of the moon.

BEST ESSENTIAL OILS to use this week and at the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse are sweet orange, bergamot, sweet marjoram, geranium.


photo of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The moon represents your emotional needs. Your emotions fluctuate with the moon as it moves through its 28-day cycle around the zodiac from new moon to full and back to new. Notice how the moon’s placement in the zodiac affects your mood and emotions. Essential oils can help stabilize your mind and emotions. Generally earthy scents have the most harmonizing and stabilizing effects on the emotions.

These are great periods for taking it easy and going with the flow of events and completing projects. During Void of Course Moons your emotional body is going through a period of processing and integrating your recent experiences. You naturally clear out your emotions during these periods. Doing things that helps with this natural process are especially helpful now, i.e. relaxation, yoga, movement, hot baths with sea salts and essential oils, focused breathing.

Void of Course Moon periods are not good for starting new projects, or launching new ventures, or having meetings (if you want to achieve anything), or signing contracts and making agreements as it’s less likely anything will come of any agreement, or it will be sluggish and slow to start.

For your New and Full Moon Rituals make sure the Moon is not Void of Course and in aspect to another celestial body when doing your ritual for best results.

  1. On February 4th we have a 6 hour Void of Course Moon from 2:42pm PT to 8:44pm PT when the Taurus Moon moves into the sign of Gemini.
  2. On February 6h we have an 8 hour Void of Course Moon from 2:53pm PT to 11:03pm PT when the Gemini Moon enters the sign of Cancer.
  3. On February 8th we have a 12 hour Void of Course Moon from 2:00pm PT to 1:41am PT when the Leo Full Moon enters the sign of Virgo.
  4. On February 10th we have an 8 hour Void of Course Moon from 9:52pm PT until 5:52am PT on February 11th.

Look to where a planet is located in your own astrology chart to find out what area of your life things are happening.

The 12 Houses Reference Guide

  • 1st house (ruled by Aries) – physical persona, personality, how others see you
  • 2nd house (ruled by Taurus) – personal possessions, self worth, net worth
  • 3rd house (ruled by Gemini) – communication, neighborhood, siblings
  • 4th house (ruled by Cancer) – home, family, early childhood, roots
  • 5th house (ruled by Leo) – children, creativity, fun, romance, investments
  • 6th house (ruled by Virgo) – service, work, habits, routines, lifestyle
  • 7th house (ruled by Libra) – relationships, contacts, agreements
  • 8th house (ruled by Scorpio) – death, rebirth, inheritance, how others value you
  • 9th house (ruled by Sagittarius) – higher education, travel, higher mind
  • 10th house (ruled by Capricorn) – profession, status, awards, recognition
  • 11th house (ruled by Aquarius) – friendship, community, rainbow bridge
  • 12th house (ruled by Pisces) – unconscious, karmic patterns, family lineage

Leo New Moon Lunar Eclipse

candles--white-tea-pixabay-public-domainFor the Ho’ponopono meditation you will need:

A white candle

Calm your mind and sit quietly. Allow yourself to be quietly present with your Self. Within you is a sacred inner space where the creative spark of life dwells and animates your being. This is your own personal pilot light that you can turn to as needed for guidance. Now is the time to go within your sacred inner space and be still.

Light your white candle and focus on the flame. The candle’s light is a reflection of the Divine spark of light within you.

Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation:

Here’s my own version of Ho’oponopono for healing yourself of any uncomfortable feelings within yourself, and between yourself and others.

Remember that what you see in another is a reflection, a mirror, of something within you. All healing is self-healing. The Course in Miracles says, “What you perceive in another you are strengthening in yourself.”

No one else has to do this meditation for you to experience the desired results. Do Ho’oponopono with every person in your life with whom you feel misaligned, including conflicting parts within yourself.

You may repeat the Ho’oponopono Meditation as needed to cleanse all negative emotional blockages.

  1. See the person with whom you feel discomfort within a healing circle of light. See yourself within this same healing circle of light.
  2. See a beautiful cord of golden light above your head connecting you with your greater self, or guardian angel.
  3. See a golden cord above the other person’s head to their greater self, or guardian angel.
  4. Then see a golden cord of light between your greater self and the other person’s greater self.
  5. Now see a golden cord of light from your heart to the other person’s heart.
  6. Feel the free flow of love moving through the golden cord of light connecting you with the other person.
  7. To heal any split or feeling of separation within yourself, or between you and another person, first say with genuine feeling, “I apologize,” and then, “Please forgive me.”You say this to focus your awareness on any thought, feeling, attitude, or behavior that has gotten into your bodymind system, like a virus, and is disrupting your peace of mind and heart based love energies. You don’t need to know why or understand why you think, feel or have certain behaviors.By saying “I apologize,” you are asking for forgiveness inside yourself in order to release and let go of the bad feelings of discomfort like guilt, and shame inside of you.

    Forgiveness does not mean you are condoning anyone’s behavior. Forgiveness simply means you no longer wish to suffer from a past issue.

  8. End by saying with genuine feeling, “I love you,” followed by, “Thank you.” Continue repeating, “I love you,” and, “Thank you,” for as long as needed until you feel completely free. You may return as needed until you feel complete resolution at the core of your being. Remember to breathe deeply and exhale as you let go of any toxic emotions and stagnant energy.The sound of the words, “I love you,” acts to transmute the vibration of life force energy from stuck to flowing. “I love you,” reconnects you to your wholeness (Holi-ness). Since the ‘Zero Point’ field or Akasha is absolute pure love, and has ‘zero’ limits, when you express genuine feeling of love you automatically begin to resonate and harmonize with a state of ever flowing grace.
  9. Conclude your Ho’oponopono meditation with, “Thank you,” to express your gratitude that harmony has been restored.
  10. End your Ho’oponono meditation by looking into the flame of your white candle and saying aloud:

God/Goddess and all that is,
Angels, guides, ancestors, teachers, and friends,
I call upon all who love me to witness for me now,
In deep appreciation for my soul’s journey
I acknowledge my unfoldment,
Bless my path as I release struggles,
and any burdens from my life.
And so it is.

After completing your Full Moon Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation feel yourself joined with others in a circle of compassion sharing this awesome experience of conscious evolution.

You may feel inspired to take some action if so, listen to your wise heart and take action immediately, no matter how tiny the action step, take it!

Ultimately Forgiveness is a mystical revelation and experience; by performing Ho’oponopono the Law of Grace is activated to free you from your karmic (cause and effect) entanglements.

Well, there you have the key Astro Energy Highlights I see happening for you this week.

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Until next time…relax, enjoy your life and stay connected.

XO Love -KG

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