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Professional Services Since 1980

WITH MORE THAN of 3 decades of practical training and experience as a professional holistic health practitioner and educator  KG has helped tens of thousands of people from all walks of life to overcome challenges and realize their dreams.

KG has worked with many celebrities and has been called the, “Aromatherapist to the Stars!” Her holistic health services, books and trainings have included entrepreneurs and top executives, and her advice and services have been used not only by internationally famous celebrities and athletes, but also by individuals, small business owners, spa therapists, hospitals and medical centers.

Blessed to overcome many personal life challenges of her own KG understands the extraordinary difficulties most people face to live truly satisfying and rewarding lives. She has dedicated her life to helping individuals and organizations to connect with what they love and make their own unique contribution to the world.

What Clients Are Saying!

Inspiring Motivational Healer

KG is a very inspiring and motivational healer. After about a month I am not only 90% healed physically, but am back on track with good spiritual habits that had fallen by the wayside – an excellent side benefit that will keep me healthy! I consider KG a great resource. She has tremendous knowledge and is very generous in sharing it. Her recommendations were right on target, just what my body needed to heal and rejuvenate. I have explored and used many different health modalities in my lifetime and KG is definitely one of the best, most effective healers I’ve ever met.

Laura Schaeffer, Chicago, IL

No One Gives the Results KG Does

No one gives me the results KG does. I feel overall healthier– calmer and more centered, able to deal with life better. She is one of the most intuitive people I know. When I am going through something challenging in my life, she picks up on the key issues instantly and helps me maneuver, ranging from assisting me with business decisions, to health, relationship and family issues. I know I can trust her opinions, based on working with her for almost four years. I find the oils to be beneficial too, something I can use to assist either a health issue or a mood issue. I love her oils; the aromas are so strong and pure—high quality.

Willow Cordain, Medical Consultant, Ashland, Oregon, USA

I Cannot Thank You Enough

I cannot thank you enough for your advice and generosity in devoting your time in order to assist me. I am really touched by your action and I feel grateful. I am also surprised by the details you know about me. I am planning to stop smoking in two months time after finishing University. I will also try the oil you have suggested. I haven’t been amazed for a long time now and you have achieved that.

Katerina Savva, Preston UK

Very Pleased and Impressed

I was very pleased and impressed with my holistic health consulting session with KG Stiles. The session was helpful and beneficial and KG was 100 percent accurate. Thank you KG!!!

Cindy Sanders, Gold Beach, OR USA

Immediate Relief of My Symptoms

I’ve suffered from Crohn’s Disease for many years. KG’s holistic health education has been a real blessing in helping me to heal. My symptoms have included severe attacks that can last for 12 or more hours with extremely painful intestinal spasms (like labor pains of the intestines) with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. I experience NO pain relief from vicodin or percocet, or any other prescription pain medication I’ve taken. Whereas, I experience immediate relief of my symptoms when working with KG and following her educational advise.

Brenda Devine, Cave Junction, OR USA

You can place your order conveniently online now. You’ll receive an email confirmation with instructions for sending me information, including your birth data, as well as a link to schedule your private one-on-one session with me immediately after purchase.

Sessions are by Phone.


  15 Minute Consult with KG (no recording)

  30 Minute Consult with KG (LIVE or RECORDED ONLY)

  1 Hour Consult with KG (LIVE or RECORDED ONLY)


KG has a B.A. degree from UNC-Wilmington in Philosophy with a background in Jungian archetypal psychology, metaphysics and social work. As a visionary and pioneer of metaphysical healing KG was introduced to “transformational” healing arts when at Findhorn, Scotland in 1979 and in 1980 completed diploma coursework at Mueller College of Holistic Studies in San Diego and an internship in Ida Rolf’s 10-sessions of structural integration at the Institute of Psycho-structural Balancing. She is a licensed massage therapist in both Oregon #2313 (retired) and Hawaii #6351.
KG is the Founder of the PurePlant Essentials brand of custom, hand-crafted aromatherapy products and has blended a variety of health and beauty related treatments for the global marketplace, as well as in her aromatherapy consulting practice.As a life long learner KG is continually getting upgrading her skills and receives ongoing education.She has received Advanced Training and Certification in many modalities, including Bowen Therapy, the BodyTalk System of energy medicine and Reiki (2nd degree).KG has assisted with the transformation of conventional medicine based  hospitals to an integrated health care system and is the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) Oregon (South) Director.KG has helped with the development of holistic health training programs for individuals, the spa industry, resorts, schools, health clubs, clinics and hospitals, including the aromatherapy certification programs.Her certification trainings have included integrative health professionals, doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, hospice care workers, and chiropractors, as well as business owners, students and lay people.KG has published hundreds of articles and 10s of thousands of holistic health and aromatherapy ebooks sold online through vendors like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iBooks. Her articles have appeared in national and industry trade magazines like Massage Therapy Journal, Massage Today, Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, Aromatherapy Today (Australia) and NAHA Aromatherapy Journal.

KG hosted the educational YouTube, ‘Aromatherapy Library,’ as well as ‘Conversations to Enlighten and Heal,’ and ‘Heal and Transform & Heal Your Life,’ featured on CBS radio. Her guests have included internationally renowned thought leaders and holistic health experts including, New York Times best-selling authors, Bruce Lipton PhD, Gregg Braden, Eldon Taylor PhD, Neale Donald Walsch, Judith Orloff MD and many more.

For many years KG has been the trusted go-to adviser for many successful entrepreneurs, companies and celebrities in the world, as well as individuals and small business owners who want relevant insights, strategies and solutions to create major breakthrough experiences in life.