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Learn the must-have information you need for:

  • Individual support for how to use essential oils
  • Aromatherapy custom product formulations for yourself, or your business. Find out more about what kinds of signature blends I can custom formulate for you.
  • Expert coaching and support to implement your healthy lifestyle choices using essential oils and more…


I’m an earth-loving aromatherapist and consultant and, for more than three decades, my advice and services have been sought out by internationally famous celebrities and athletes, as well as entrepreneurs and top executives, individuals, small business owners spa therapists, hospitals and medical centers.

I developed my PurePlant Essentials brand of Custom, Hand-crafted GC/MS Tested 100% Purity Guaranteed Aromatherapy Products out of my own need to find solutions for my own personal health problems, as well as to help customers solve their health concerns.

It all started when, at a very young age when I discovered I had a genuine interest in helping people feel better.

I realized early on it was the way people were thinking that caused most, if not all, of their problems. I became passionate about changing the way people think about their life situation.

I became a lifelong student of fitness, wellness, nutrition, philosophy, metaphysics, astrology and psychology.

After being introduced to essential oils, I realized that I had found what I had been looking for my entire life. One sniff of pure plant essences can instantly shift a person’s thinking and mental attitude.

I’ve used essential oils in conjunction with a few other holistic healing methods to recover from early childhood issues of abuse, as well as suffering with a ten-year physical disability that included chronic fatigue, chronic patterns of pain, heavy metal toxicity, Candida and allergies. During that time, I relentlessly spent tens of thousands of dollars searching and trying dozens of allopathic and alternative treatments, none of which ever helped. As a matter of fact, my symptoms of pain and dysfunction just kept getting worse.

In my search for healing and through my own personal research I found that using only the purist and best treatments and products gave me the results I desired. The only way to guarantee purity was to source and manufacture my own products whenever possible.

After years of research and finding what worked with myself and for my clients I launched the PurePlant Essentials brand label.

Committed to producing the highest quality aromatherapy products available and armed with nothing more than a rickety old computer, and a passion for essential oils and writing, it was my willingness to adapt and persevere with my dream that were my greatest assets.

I’m happy to have created a socially conscious online presence that positively touches hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.

My aromatherapy consulting services help people live true to themselves, free to take meaningful action and create a life they love.

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  15 Minute Consult with KG (no recording)

  30 Minute Consult with KG (LIVE or RECORDED ONLY)

  1 Hour Consult with KG (LIVE or RECORDED ONLY)

Many of the recipes, formulas, programs and methods I used to overcome a 10-year physical disability are outlined in my book. KG’s new book, The Essential Oils Complete Reference Guide.

Featured in Locals Guide Interview with KG and Sneak Preview’s Names and Faces.