astrology-aquarius-helix-nebula-pixabay-public-domainThis Week’s General Astrology Forecast

The week starts off on an intensely passionate note as the Scorpio Moon Sextiles Pluto and Trines Venus and Mars.

I’ve included an Aquarius New Moon Ritual for you at the bottom of today’s post. Enjoy!

BEST MONEY DAY this week are on January 21st when the Moon Sextiles Pluto and trines Venus and Mars. This combo spells making harmonious and powerful connections.

Also, January 25th when the moon is conjunct Mercury and Sextile Venus can bring lucky and harmonious connections. All bounty comes from making harmonious connections!

Best Money Days are days when the collective celestial events bring greater than usual opportunities. This may not translate into direct and immediate cash in your pocket, but potential for increase in your future prospects. Of course when these days are talking harmoniously with your personal stars the increase multiplies exponentially.   

Find out more in today’s Astro Energy Report (AER).

Be sure to check the Void of Course Moon Phases.

Astro Energy Report Highlights

WORLD CLOCK TIME ZONE CONVERTER find out what time celestial events are happening in your part of the world. 

On January 23rd Mercury at 10º Capricorn Sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Moon is Square to Venus today, so though this is a lucky break, something can happen to cross signals and slow its manifestation. Best stay relaxed, detach from drams and allow things to unfold naturally.

On January 27th we have the Aquarius New Moon at 8º Aquarius, exact at 4:27pm PT. The Aquarius Moon doesn’t go Void of Course until 4:07pm PT.

At the Aquarius New Moon Venus is Square to Saturn. What’s your pleasure can bump into the powers that be, maybe threatening your parade, Detach from any drama that may be surfacing now. Stay in your heart and do not allow yourself to feel intimidated. Saturn can represent your own mind playing the bully.

On January 27th Mars enters the sign of Aries which is his natural ruler. After being in the watery depths of Pisces for 6 weeks Mars is ready to get his fire back on. There can be short temperedness now, so be mindful of other’s disposition and stay peaceful and quiet through the initial few days of Mars in Aries. He’ll settle down and get his groove on by next week helping you build momentum and move forward. It’s a great time for getting physical at the gym, or taking long walks in nature.

BEST ESSENTIAL OILS to use at this Aquarius new moon are lemongrass, myrrh, lemon and frankincense.


moon-new-day-pixabay-public-domainThe moon represents your emotional needs. Your emotions fluctuate with the moon as it moves through its 28-day cycle around the zodiac from new moon to full and back to new. Notice how the moon’s placement in the zodiac affects your mood and emotions. Essential oils can help stabilize your mind and emotions. Generally earthy scents have the most harmonizing and stabilizing effects on the emotions.

These are great periods for taking it easy and going with the flow of events and completing projects. During Void of Course Moons your emotional body is going through a period of processing and integrating your recent experiences. You naturally clear out your emotions during these periods. Doing things that helps with this natural process are especially helpful now, i.e. relaxation, yoga, movement, hot baths with sea salts and essential oils, focused breathing.

Void of Course Moon periods are not good for starting new projects, or launching new ventures, or having meetings (if you want to achieve anything), or signing contracts and making agreements as it’s less likely anything will come of any agreement, or it will be sluggish and slow to start.

For your New and Full Moon Rituals make sure the Moon is not Void of Course and in aspect to another celestial body when doing your ritual for best results.

  1. On January 21st we have a 10 hour Void of Course Moon from 5:24pm PT to 2:45am PT when the Scorpio Moon moves into the sign of Sagittarius.
  2. On January 24h we have a 5 hour Void of Course Moon from 9:33am PT to 2:43pm PT when the Sagittarius Moon enters the sign of Capricorn. Day of the Capricorn.
  3. On January 26th we have a little less than 1 hour Void of Course Moon from 11:18pm PT to :37am PT when the Capricorn Moon enters the sign of Aquarius. Day of Aquarius New Moon.

Look to where a planet is located in your own astrology chart to find out what area of your life things are happening.

The 12 Houses Reference Guide

  • 1st house (ruled by Aries) – physical persona, personality, how others see you
  • 2nd house (ruled by Taurus) – personal possessions, self worth, net worth
  • 3rd house (ruled by Gemini) – communication, neighborhood, siblings
  • 4th house (ruled by Cancer) – home, family, early childhood, roots
  • 5th house (ruled by Leo) – children, creativity, fun, romance, investments
  • 6th house (ruled by Virgo) – service, work, habits, routines, lifestyle
  • 7th house (ruled by Libra) – relationships, contacts, agreements
  • 8th house (ruled by Scorpio) – death, rebirth, inheritance, how others value you
  • 9th house (ruled by Sagittarius) – higher education, travel, higher mind
  • 10th house (ruled by Capricorn) – profession, status, awards, recognition
  • 11th house (ruled by Aquarius) – friendship, community, rainbow bridge
  • 12th house (ruled by Pisces) – unconscious, karmic patterns, family lineage

Aquarius New Moon Ritual

candle-hands-pixabay-public-domainFor this meditation you will need:
Clean sheet of paper
A white candle

Calm your mind and sit quietly. There is nothing you need do now. Go within to your sacred inner space and be still.

Light your candle and focus on the flame. Remember that the light you see is a reflection of the light within you. Think of all that you would love most to experience in your life. See the light of your love renewed as your life overflows with fresh, new, vibrant energy. Feel your true heart’s desire as if it has already happened. Savor this full rich space as you light your candle.

Take your piece of paper and write
your most cherished ideal dream for yourself. Allow yourself to pour your passion for yourself onto the paper.

After writing your most cherished heart’s desire write down the qualities within your self that will help you to accomplish your dream. Your character qualities in action are what elevate your dream to a goal. List everything you have accomplished recently both large and small. It is important that you recognize, and appreciate your accomplishments as this helps build your confidence for creating the circumstances needed to manifest your heart’s desire.

After you have taken time to write your list of accomplishments, fold your paper, see yourself communing with your heart’s desire, see your dream as if it has already been accomplished. Open your mind to receive!

Allow the process of creation to take you where it will. If at the end of your ritual you feel inspired to take some action, listen to your wise heart, and take action immediately!

You may conclude your meditation with this benediction:

God/Goddess and all that is,
Angels, guides, ancestors, teachers, and friends,
I call upon all who love me to witness
My deep appreciation for my soul’s journey,
Bless my unfolding as I plant my seeds of intention
May my true heart’s desires be manifest,
And so it is.

Keep your new moon ritual with your list of accomplishments in a special place, and plan to review it at the next full moon.

Please feel free to share this New Moon ritual with your friends!

Well, there you have this week’s key Astro Energy Highlights I see happening for you.

Thanks so much for being here and being part of our community!

Until next time…relax, enjoy your life and stay connected.

XO Love -KG