Miscellaneous Conditions – Client Case Histories
KG Stiles Holistic Health Coach Since 1980


Insecticidal Poisoning
(Client was exposed to an insecticidal poison that was sprayed directly into her face with severe “heart attack-like” symptoms. It took the doctors a year to diagnose her condition. She’s continually been on oxygen treatments for more than a year to help her breathe and oxygenate her blood. She lives many hours away from me and as soon as she was up to it physically she came in for a treatment to support her healing. She reported her results after her first treatment, this is the second note I received from her. My client’s name has been kept anonymous to protect her privacy.)
“I continue to feel even better today. I have not been on my oxygen during the day both yesterday and today. (My husband) noticed right away over lunch on Tuesday (just after her treatment) how much more “relaxed” my face looked. He also made a point of saying how much better I look this afternoon (more “peppy”, animated and energetic like my old self). I have to agree! I can not thank you enough. Blessings to you for your touch of healing! I am looking forward to my visit in May as well. If I find I need you sooner, I will schedule a distance appointment. I definitely want to stay on this now that I see such a marked improvement. I knew I needed a “hands on” for the first visit; I just needed to gather up the strength to make it there. Now I am on the road closer every day to that full recovery. I used the oils twice yesterday and three times today. I can only use the lemon very briefly for 15 seconds. It is too strong to take it any longer than that. The Ledum I can use for a full minute with no problems. I am using the technique you showed me on the quick breaths in. It is more effective. Thank you for the affirmation on the water purifier choice. I know (my husband) initially preferred the easy installation of a cheap faucet mounted water purifier, but when he read what the limitations were on the reduced contamination clean up he quickly agreed to the more expensive and difficult under sink installation model. He was even happier when he heard that you said it was “a wise choice”. (My husband) is willing to do whatever it takes to help me to my full recovery.” ~Anonymous

Epstein Barr/Chronic Fatigue/Parasites/Bacterial Dyspyosis/Depression/Shock/Insomnia/Chronic neck pain
Susan (not her real name) had experienced the loss of several loved ones over a two year period and was suffering from depression and shock at the time of our first session. She was continually sick and ran a low grade fever most days. She had been diagnosed with Epstein Barr, Chronic Fatigue, Bacterial Dyspyosis and Parasites. She also had trouble sleeping and suffered from chronic neck pain. She’d sought care with different allopathic and alternative health care practitioners with no relief and was taking medication for her depression and to help her sleep.

I saw Susan initially once a week for about 6 weeks, then bi-weekly for a couple of months, then once a month to every six weeks to fine tune and give her energy system a boost. After her first session she began taking a personal blend of organic essential oils to help her sleep and lift her spirits. She and her son also began taking Thieves oil Plus. She reports that her son hasn’t had a cold, or the flu since beginning using it. Over several months Susan dramatically changed. Her energy and spirits improved as did her sleep. We performed the Body Chemistry protocol for virus, bacteria and parasites several times over the course of her treatments with good success. Seldom now does she feel feverish, or have any of her previous symptoms. Her body continues to heal and she continues to feel good improvement.

Crohn’s Disease/Allergies/TMJ/Chronic shoulder & neck pain/Headache/Depression
Deborah (not her real name) came in initially for relief from an injury to her shoulder and neck. She’d sought care from several other health care practitioners with little relief. I performed the Body Chemistry protocol for food intolerances, allergies and parasites on different occasions with good result. She began taking a personal blend of organic essential oils to lift her spirits, help her sleep better, as well as help relieve her gastrointestinal discomfort. Her symptoms steadily improved. She was able to breathe more deeply, had full range of motion in her shoulder, and was no longer depressed. I saw her weekly for 6 visits and then for periodic sessions over a 3 month period.

High Blood Pressure/Homesick, difficulty feeling at home and making new friends
Jennifer (not her real name) was diagnosed with high blood pressure. She came in feeling anxious and depressed, missing her home. She had relocated to the area more than three years previous and was unable to feel at home, or make new friends. Immediately after her initial session in which the environmental vivaxis protocol was performed Jennifer felt at home. She began easily making connections with people and developing new friendships. She hasn’t suffered from homesickness since. After two sessions her blood pressure normalized and has remained so.

Edward suffered terribly from allergies and sinus congestion. He had chronic pain with stiff joints and had been diagnosed with arthritis some years previous. He also slept very little. I gave him an essential oil blend known to aid digestion and help him sleep. After his first visit his allergies cleared significantly, and he was able to breathe easier, and sleep better. After a few more sessions in which Edward was balanced for hydration, among other links being made for the organs and 5 element concordances for taste, his digestion also improved and he was experiencing freer, easier movement with less pain.

Migraine/Allergies/Plantar Wart/Shoulder pain
Mary (not her real name) had suffered with chronic migraines almost daily since adolescence. They were disabling, sending her to bed for lengthy periods. She also suffered from food intolerances, especially nuts and chocolate would trigger a migraine. She also had a large quarter-sized plantar wart which nothing had seemed to help. I balanced her cortices, performed the hydration protocol and other neuromuscular techniques as indicated. Several essential oils were indicated for her plantar wart, all known to have properties for combating fungal and viral infections.

When Mary came in for a follow-up she was delighted to report that she had not had a single headache since her treatment. She’d injured her shoulder a few days previous. Body Chemistry for food intolerances was indicated, along with viral infections. I balanced her shoulder girdle and performed the TMJ procedure for migraine and food intolerances. She was instructed to follow-up at the first signs of a headache.

Mary returned in 6 months time and reported that her shoulder had fully healed, her plantar wart no longer bothered her and had shrunk to the size of a pea. She’d had slight visual sensations that a headache might be coming on, so she had come in for a session as a preventative measure. I performed cortices and other balancing techniques, along with Body Chemistry for several food intolerances and instructed her to follow-up with me as needed. Mary comes in every few months, or so for a tune-up, but has yet to experience a headache since her first treatment. Her plantar wart has entirely disappeared.

Back and hip pain/Parasites
Mark (not his real name) came to see me for chronic back pain. He’d seen several other health care practitioners with little relief. I balanced his cortices, performed the hydration protocol and Body Chemistry for several allergies (which he confirmed he indeed had) and parasites. I also balanced neuromuscular segments related to the lowback and kidneys.

When Mark returned a week later he reported feeling improvement and had experienced some unusual unwinding sensations in his hips for a few days. His hip pain was now gone, but his mid-back continued to bother him. I balanced consciousness aspects as indicated and performed the pancreas reflex point and lymph circulation techniques. I gave him some exercises to help his recovery. I told him to follow-up with me should his symptoms not clear. A month later I saw Mark. His back pain had resolved. He’d been checked for parasites and was now clear.

Skin rash/headache
Margaret (not her real name) had fallen two weeks previous and had suffered a frontal headache since. She’d seen a doctor and been diagnosed with a slight concussion. She also complained of a rash that would not go away on her abdomen. She’d had it for many years. The cortices and hydration protocols were indicated among others. After her first treatment she was given an essential oil formula to help with headache and one for her rash. On her return a week later she reported that her headache had cleared immediately after her session and that she had felt like herself again. The skin rash had also cleared.

Chronic Bladder infections/insecurity/hemorrhoids
Mary Ann (not her real name) initially sought care for a chronic bladder infection. At her intake interview I learned that she suffered from constant nagging feelings of insecurity, not being good enough which she masked with exaggerated boasting and liking to be the center of attention. Mary Ann also had painful hemorrhoids. She was balanced for Body Chemistry during her first session, as well as a procedure known to help hemorrhoids. I blended an essential oil formula for her to help with feelings of low self worth. At her follow-up session a week later she reported that her hemorrhoids had disappeared overnight. She had had a slight fever for a few days after the session after which her bladder infection cleared up, along with a nagging burning sensation when she urinated. She really enjoyed using the essential oils and felt more confident and less needy for attention. I saw Mary Ann for a follow-up session 2 months later and none of her symptoms had returned. She was feeling happy and more relaxed about her life.

Chronic pain/Chronic Fatigue/Digestive complaints/Photo sensitivity
Julie ( not her real name) came to see me for chronic pain. She’d been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She was taking large doses of morphine to help her tolerate the pain. She felt exhausted all the time and her digestion was weak. The sun’s light exacerbated her pain. I balanced her cortices and performed the hydration technique. I also balanced the subtle 5 senses and performed neuromuscular balancing as indicated. I made an essential oil formula known for aiding pain, fatigue and digestion. She scheduled a one week follow-up visit.

Julie didn’t notice any improvement in her pain, but had felt especially achy and tired for a few days after the session. She had stopped taking morphine and was now taking codeine and tylenol, as well as guafenesin for pain. I balanced her Body Chemistry for parasites and performed matrix repair. Several neuromuscular balancing techniques were indicated. During the session she began to experience unwinding sensations and yawned frequently. She scheduled for a follow-up in 3 days as indicated.

When I saw Julie she reported feeling less pain. I balanced her normal and subtle 5 senses, performed hydration for her organs, Body Chemistry for toxins and active memory around the issue of disliking work. She associated physical pain with any kind of physical activity. Julie scheduled for a follow-up in 4 days as indicated.

Julie reported being off all pain medication when I saw her. She was doing the essential oils for her pain. I balanced her Body Chemistry for Epstein Barr virus, toxins, and environmental allergens. Consciousness balancing around time, separation, guilt and fear and individuation were indicated, along with the normal and subtle 5 senses. When she left after what was to be our last session, as she was moving out of the area, she told me that she had absolutely no pain. When I saw her father a week later for a session he reported that she was doing incredibly well and still had no pain.

Heart fibrillations/High Blood Pressure/Skin eruptions/Tennis elbow/Self dislike, feelings of being unlovable
Gary (not his real name) sought care for a chronically painful tennis elbow. He’d had it for several years and had sought care for it from many different health care practitioners, none of whom were able to help him. He was very skeptical that I could help his condition. He also had high blood pressure and large skin boils on his back. After his first session he reported no noticeable change, but thought he’d try one more follow-up session as had been indicated.

Several months later I heard from his son, who was a client, that his father’s tennis elbow had cleared-up shortly after his father’s last session and had not returned. His skin had cleared some, too, and his blood pressure had lowered slightly.

A year later I saw Gary again when he was in town for a family visit. This time we focused on balancing his skin. The hydration protocol was indicated, along with circulation of lymph and active memory for self love. It was a few months after his visit that I got a call from his son. His father’s skin rash had completely cleared and his high blood pressure had normalized for the first time in years. However, he had started having heart fibrillations on the anniversary of his mother’s death this year. Gary had requested his son to go see me to act as a surrogate and receive a session for him.

I spoke with Gary shortly after the session with his son as his surrogate. He reported feeling very energized after the session. I did a follow-up session with Gary’s son as surrogate the following week. He reported that his father had been in good spirits all week and was having revelations about his need to forgive his mother. He also reported that his father hadn’t had a heart fibrillation since our surrogate session.

During our second surrogate session I balanced emotional issues surrounding Gary and his mother. Organic essential oils were indicated for him, most of them work with the spiritual forces and had to do with trauma and forgiveness. Gary was to schedule another session when he felt like it.

I spoke with Gary shortly after our last session. Again he had felt energized after the treatment. He spoke about the heart opening he was experiencing around his mother and being in touch with deep feelings of self disgust he had harbored coming to the surface. He said he would be in touch when he felt like having another session.

Loss of Memory after a very slight stroke
Jessica (not her real name) came to see me after finding out from her doctor that she’d suffered a very slight stroke. She was experiencing a loss of her memory, there were “holes” in her memory and she didn’t feel like herself. I’d seen Jessica previously for a chronic shoulder girdle problem which no one seemed to be able to help her with. After three sessions it had completely resolved. I’d also seen other of her family members for various ailments with good success. Jessica felt confident that I would be able to help her. I performed the balancing protocol for her cortices, along with a few other general balancing techniques, and told her to follow-up if she felt the need. Several weeks later I saw her and she reported that her memory had completely returned soon after her session. She was feeling quite well and like her old self again.

Chronic Pain/Manic Depression/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Obesity/Feelings of low self worth/anxiety
Linda (not her real name) initially sought care for chronic back pain. I balanced Linda’s cortices, endocrines, and performed general neuromuscular techniques, along with the hydration protocol. Over several sessions Linda gradually improved and began to feel better. After her fifth session she reported being physically free of pain. I saw her several more time. She loved the essential oils and I created personal blends for her as indicated to help with her depression, feelings of low self worth and to engender feelings of self love.

Diabetes/Lymes Disease/Scleroderma/Allergies
At our initial session Steve (not his real name) complained of long-standing pain. He’d undergone treatment for Lymes disease and other viral, bacterial and fungal infections, and was on a protocol for scleroderma. He was on regular insulin injections, having Type I diabetes. He’d just begun working again after having been on temporary disability for more than a year and was concerned that he might not be able to keep up with his work commitments. Life seemed overwhelming.

I saw Steve over several months time, working to balance his internal and external environment. We balanced his Body Chemistry numerous times for different virus, bacterial and fungal infections, as well as for parasites, toxins and food intolerances. He had half a dozen, or so low grade fevers after each Body Chemistry protocol. He worked diligently to keep his attitude positive. Various scenarios involving the endocrine system and its relationship to body organs and other systems were indicated for balancing. Also family issues were balanced, along with cell repair for inherited conditions.

At first Steve felt like he was on a roller coaster as his body came into balance and healed. After two months he was able to start an exercise routine for the first time in many years. His health began to normalize and he was feeling much better. The time between our sessions lengthened and his symptoms, one by one, began to steadily clear. Steve began using organic essential oil formulas I blended for him with good success. His energy improved as did his digestion and sleep. The chronic pain he’d experienced for many years greatly diminished and he felt happy to be alive, looking forward with confidence to the eventual complete recovery of his health.