Headache Relief – Client Case Histories
KG Stiles Holistic Health Coach Since 1980


Crohn’s Disease/Allergies/TMJ/Chronic shoulder & neck pain/Headache/Depression
Deborah (not her real name) came in initially for relief from an injury to her shoulder and neck. She’d sought care from several other health care practitioners with little relief. I performed the Body Chemistry protocol for food intolerances, allergies and parasites on different occasions with good result. She began taking a personal blend of organic essential oils to lift her spirits, help her sleep better, as well as help relieve her gastrointestinal discomfort. Her symptoms steadily improved. She was able to breathe more deeply, had full range of motion in her shoulder, and was no longer depressed. I saw her weekly for 6 visits and then for periodic sessions over a 3 month period.

Migraine/Allergies/Plantar Wart/Shoulder pain
Mary (not her real name) had suffered with chronic migraines almost daily since adolescence. They were disabling, sending her to bed for lengthy periods. She also suffered from food intolerances, especially nuts and chocolate would trigger a migraine. She also had a large quarter-sized plantar wart which nothing had seemed to help. I balanced her cortices, performed the hydration protocol and other neuromuscular techniques as indicated. Several essential oils were indicated for her plantar wart, all known to have properties for combating fungal and viral infections.

When Mary came in for a follow-up she was delighted to report that she had not had a single headache since her treatment. She’d injured her shoulder a few days previous. Body Chemistry for food intolerances was indicated, along with viral infections. I balanced her shoulder girdle and performed the TMJ procedure for migraine and food intolerances. She was instructed to follow-up at the first signs of a headache.

Mary returned in 6 months time and reported that her shoulder had fully healed, her plantar wart no longer bothered her and had shrunk to the size of a pea. She’d had slight visual sensations that a headache might be coming on, so she had come in for a session as a preventative measure. I performed cortices and other balancing techniques, along with Body Chemistry for several food intolerances and instructed her to follow-up with me as needed. Mary comes in every few months, or so for a tune-up, but has yet to experience a headache since her first treatment. Her plantar wart has entirely disappeared.

Skin rash/headache
Margaret (not her real name) had fallen two weeks previous and had suffered a frontal headache since. She’d seen a doctor and been diagnosed with a slight concussion. She also complained of a rash that would not go away on her abdomen. She’d had it for many years. The cortices and hydration protocols were indicated among others. After her first treatment she was given an essential oil formula to help with headache and one for her rash. On her return a week later she reported that her headache had cleared immediately after her session and that she had felt like herself again. The skin rash had also cleared.

Chronic neck, back and shoulder pain/headache/tennis elbow/insomnia/stress
Jim (not his real name) was a high profile, successful business man. He suffered with regular headaches, chronic pain, insomnia, and tennis elbow. He was under continual stress from his work. He enjoyed playing tennis; it was a way for him to work off stress and provided him with social time.

Jim responded well to his initial session of BodyTalk and Bowen Therapy. He needed his cortices balanced, as well as links for the endocrines and organs. Shoulder, elbow and wrist work was also indicated, to help him relax and free up his elbows. At his next visit he reported feeling great for several days after his session. He had begun taking an organic essential oil formula and felt it helped him tremendously with stress and sleep. Jim consistently improved with regular weekly sessions. After four weeks all of his symptoms had cleared. Jim now comes in for a monthly tune-up as preventative maintenance, or more frequently whenever he’s under more than usual stress from work.