Chronic Pain Relief – Client Case Histories
KG Stiles Holistic Health Coach Since 1980


Epstein Barr/Chronic Fatigue/Parasites/Bacterial Dyspyosis/Depression/Shock/Insomnia/Chronic neck pain
Susan (not her real name) had experienced the loss of several loved ones over a two year period and was suffering from depression and shock at the time of our first session. She was continually sick and ran a low grade fever most days. She had been diagnosed with Epstein Barr, Chronic Fatigue, Bacterial Dyspyosis and Parasites. She also had trouble sleeping and suffered from chronic neck pain. She’d sought care with different allopathic and alternative health care practitioners with no relief and was taking medication for her depression and to help her sleep.

I saw Susan initially once a week for about 6 weeks, then biweekly for a couple of months, then once a month to every six weeks to fine tune and give her energy system a boost. After her first session she began taking a personal blend of organic essential oils to help her sleep and lift her spirits. She and her son also began taking Thieves oil Plus. She reports that her son hasn’t had a cold, or the flu since beginning using it. Over several months Susan dramatically changed. Her energy and spirits improved as did her sleep. We performed the Body Chemistry protocol for virus, bacteria and parasites several times over the course of her treatments with good success. Seldom now does she feel feverish, or have any of her previous symptoms. Her body continues to heal and she continues to feel good improvement.

Crohn’s Disease/Allergies/TMJ/Chronic shoulder & neck pain/Headache/Depression
Deborah (not her real name) came in initially for relief from an injury to her shoulder and neck. She’d sought care from several other health care practitioners with little relief. I performed the Body Chemistry protocol for food intolerances, allergies and parasites on different occasions with good result. She began taking a personal blend of organic essential oils to lift her spirits, help her sleep better, as well as help relieve her gastrointestinal discomfort. Her symptoms steadily improved. She was able to breathe more deeply, had full range of motion in her shoulder, and was no longer depressed. I saw her weekly for 6 visits and then for periodic sessions over a 3 month period.

Edward suffered terribly from allergies and sinus congestion. He had chronic pain with stiff joints and had been diagnosed with arthritis some years previous. He also slept very little. I gave him an essential oil blend known to aid digestion and help him sleep. After his first visit his allergies cleared significantly, and he was able to breathe easier, and sleep better. After a few more sessions in which Edward was balanced for hydration, among other links being made for the organs and 5 element concordances for taste, his digestion also improved and he was experiencing freer, easier movement with less pain.

Allergies/Chronic pain in shoulder, ankle and thumbs
Robert (not his real name) came in desperate about the chronic pain in his thumbs. He’d been diagnosed with repetitive strain injury and all the health care he’d received to date had been of no help. He needed the use of his hands for his work and was understandably concerned. A week previous he’d also injured his shoulder and ankle in a fall. Also, he was suffering from allergies. After his first session his shoulder and ankle were much better, almost100%. His allergies had also cleared significantly, but his thumbs still bothered him. At our next session a week later he reported feeling a shift in the pain in his thumbs, there was less discomfort and the area of pain had moved. By the fourth session the pain had almost entirely resolved in his thumbs. Robert expressed his having habitual fears around his thumbs and asked if an essential oil blend might be helpful. I created a formula for him to begin taking. When I saw him in a month’s time he reported continuing improvement with only a slight twinge in his thumbs. When I saw him again for a month follow-up visit he reported that his thumbs had made a complete recovery. Robert comes in periodically for routine health maintenance.

Migraine/Allergies/Plantar Wart/Shoulder pain
Mary (not her real name) had suffered with chronic migraines almost daily since adolescence. They were disabling, sending her to bed for lengthy periods. She also suffered from food intolerances, especially nuts and chocolate would trigger a migraine. She also had a large quarter-sized plantar wart which nothing had seemed to help. I balanced her cortices, performed the hydration protocol and other neuromuscular techniques as indicated. Several essential oils were indicated for her plantar wart, all known to have properties for combating fungal and viral infections.

When Mary came in for a follow-up she was delighted to report that she had not had a single headache since her treatment. She’d injured her shoulder a few days previous. Body Chemistry for food intolerances was indicated, along with viral infections. I balanced her shoulder girdle and performed the TMJ procedure for migraine and food intolerances. She was instructed to follow-up at the first signs of a headache.

Mary returned in 6 months time and reported that her shoulder had fully healed, her plantar wart no longer bothered her and had shrunk to the size of a pea. She’d had slight visual sensations that a headache might be coming on, so she had come in for a session as a preventative measure. I performed cortices and other balancing techniques, along with Body Chemistry for several food intolerances and instructed her to follow-up with me as needed. Mary comes in every few months, or so for a tune-up, but has yet to experience a headache since her first treatment. Her plantar wart has entirely disappeared.

Chronic shoulder girdle, upper back, neck pain, radiating into arms and hands/TMJ/Fearful
April (not her real name) was an artist and also cleaned houses for a living. She performed excessive repetitive movements with her upper torso, arms and hands. She was in excruciating pain and was extremely sensitive. Even the slightest touch would create waves of uncontrollable shaking in her upper back and arms. No one had been able to help her and she was desperate. She had come from an abusive household as a child and had a pattern of attracting abusive relationships with men. April didn’t trust her own judgment and was fearful of trusting anyone when we first met. Slowly we began to work. At her first visit I balanced her cortices and performed the hydration protocol, as well as consciousness issues as indicated. I also balanced several neuromuscular segments of her shoulder and arms and gave her exercises to do.

A week later when I saw her she was showing signs of improvement, but was still in pain. I did active memory links for issues around being loved and again did neuromuscular balancing for her shoulder, arms and hands as indicated. She began taking an essential oil formula for releasing trauma and to help her heal.

I worked weekly with April over a 6 week period and she steadily improved and was no longer in pain. She had entered a relationship with a man that she said was the healthiest she’d ever had. Two months passed before I saw April again. Her shoulder girdle pain had flared up. She was in the process of selling her home and moving to another town to begin a live-in relationship with the man she’d been seeing. She was feeling very vulnerable. I balanced her shoulders, arms and hands, along with balancing active memory and consciousness aspects as indicated. I gave her a new essential oil formula for helping with her transition and trusting herself.

Two months passed when I saw April again. She commented that every time she went through some major change her shoulders always seemed to act up. I balanced the neuromuscular segments indicated, along with cortices, and created an essential oil formula for enhancing spiritual awakening. I’ve not seen her since, that was 7 months ago.

Allergies/Chronic neck and shoulder pain
Sara (not her real name) came to see me for a painful anterior deltoid muscle and restricted range of motion in her shoulder. She had radiating pain into her elbow and hand. She was in excruciating pain and had seen a number of health care practitioners with no improvement. I balanced neuromuscular segments related to shoulder, arm and hand, as well as her pelvis. I gave her exercises to help her recovery.

I saw Sara for a follow-up a week later. She was feeling good improvement. There was less severe pain, but her range of motion was still restricted. The primary area of pain had shifted to the top of both of her shoulders. Her allergies had cleared. We balanced the neuromuscular segments indicated for shoulder, arm, hand, pelvis and the knees. She was given additional exercises and scheduled for a follow-up. Her arms and shoulder were feeling less painful and her range of motion had improved considerably. This time we also balanced her TMJ for allergies. I gave her breathing exercises to open her diaphragm. I instructed her to follow-up if needed.

Sara came in for a session 6 weeks later. Her shoulder discomfort and arm pain had completely resolved and her allergies had entirely cleared. She had scheduled to see me for her knee; she’d injured it hiking over the weekend. I balanced her pelvis and knees as indicated and scheduled her for a week follow-up. She was instructed in exercises for her knees to help stabilize and strengthen them.

When I saw her in a week her knee was much improved, the swelling was down, but it still caused her some discomfort. We balanced the hamstring and knee as indicated. She was told to follow-up as needed.

Sara came in for an appointment 6 months later. She was under tremendous stress from an accelerated training at work. She was fighting off a viral infection and had a sore throat. Her anterior deltoid, this time on the opposite side, was tender. She’d had no problems during allergy season this year. I balanced her Body Chemistry for a virus, performed balancing techniques for her shoulders and arms and TMJ. I gave her Thieves Oil Plus with essential oils known to ward off bacteria and viruses. She was instructed to do her shoulder and breathing exercises. She scheduled for a one week follow-up.

When I next saw Sara she was greatly improved and over the “bug” she’d been fighting. The anterior deltoid pain was now intermittent. I balanced her shoulder girdle and she scheduled a one week follow-up as indicated.

At her next appointment Sara reported that her range of motion had greatly improved. I balanced her pelvis and hamstring and performed the TMJ and shoulder procedures as indicated. I told her to follow-up as needed.

Two months passed. Sara came in for lowback stiffness this time. Her other symptoms had resolved shortly after her last visit. I balanced her pelvis, hamstrings, and psoas. She was instructed in exercises to help her back and scheduled her for a 2 week follow-up. When I saw her it was the day before a major examination, the culmination of her training. Her stress was tremendous. I balanced cortices and performed the switching technique as indicated. Again pelvis, hamstring and psoas were balanced, along with TMJ. I gave her additional exercises to strengthen her lowback and an essential oil formula to help calm her nerves and focus her mind. I told her to follow-up as needed.

Sciatic pain/numbness in feet
David (not his name) scheduled to see me for severe sciatica. He’d injured himself 40 years previously and could hardly move some days. His feet were always numb and he was concerned that he would lose the ability to walk. I balanced his sacrum as indicated and scheduled him for a one week follow-up.

When I saw him in a week he reported some improvement in the sciatic symptoms, but his feet were still numb. I balanced his pelvis and performed the coccyx and knee procedures. At the end of the session he was able to wiggle his toes for the first time in many years. He scheduled for a follow-up visit in a week.

At his next appointment David reported having done well after his session. He was feeling remarkably good. He’d taken a long trip and was able to sit without exacerbating his sciatica which was usually intolerable for him. His feet were also feeling better. He scheduled a follow-up in 3 weeks.

On seeing him I saw he was limping and could hardly walk. He’d just returned from his son’s wedding. Feeling really good on his feet he’d danced the night away at the wedding and strained his knee. We talked about his fear concerning losing his ability to walk. I balanced his psoas, knees and kidneys as indicated. He was given additional exercises and scheduled for a follow-up in a week.

At his next session David reported tremendous improvement. His knee bothered him some, but his feet almost felt normal. We balanced his pelvis and knees and adductor muscles. He was given more exercises to help balance his pelvis and scheduled for a week follow-up visit.

When I saw David he reported further improvement with everything. He hadn’t felt so good in years. The day after his last session he’d experienced horrendous cramping and unwinding that went on for some time. One point on his left foot especially burned with pain. Afterward he felt great relief. His lower back felt better, everything was feeling better. He was told to follow-up as needed. I saw him 6 months later and he reported that he’d been feeling great. He continues to feel like his body is shifting and changing, still integrating the balancing effects of his sessions with me.

Sciatica/Shoulder, neck, elbow pain/fungal infection
Mike (not his real name) scheduled to see me for chronic back and sciatica pain. He had a very physical job and it was a concern for him as he wanted to continue his profession until retirement, another 20 years from now. I balanced his pelvis and shoulder, arms and elbows as indicated. He scheduled for a follow-up in a week.

At his next session Mike reported feeling much improvement. His shoulders, arms and elbows felt good. He complained of the sciatic pain radiating into the back of his leg. He also mentioned that he gets leg cramps. I balanced his pelvis again and kidney, along with shoulders. I instructed him in exercises to help maintain the balancing effects of his session. He scheduled for a week follow-up.

When I saw Mike he reported having further improvement although sitting still bothered him somewhat. He was taking a long plane trip and this concerned him. He mentioned that he had injured his tailbone in young adulthood when falling off a horse and had had problems since with his hips. I performed the Coccyx procedure and balanced his pelvis and knees as indicated. He was away on a business trip and would call for an appointment on his return.

Three weeks later Mike came in for a session. He’d done very well on his trip. Everything was feeling good. His hip and the sciatica bothered him some still though he hadn’t had any leg cramps for some time now. I balanced his pelvis and kidneys as indicated and told him to follow-up as needed.

Six months passed when I heard from him. He was experiencing some lumbar pain, but with no radiating symptoms. I performed balancing techniques for his kidneys, hamstrings, psoas and sacrum as indicated. He scheduled for a one week follow-up. After his session he reported feeling some unwinding symptoms then on the second day after he was pain free. His back had stiffened up slightly the last day, or so. Again I balanced kidney, pelvis and psoas. I also performed a coccyx technique and balanced his knees as indicated. He was given exercises to help him maintain the balancing effects of his treatment and scheduled for a week follow-up. His back was entirely fine, but his shoulder was bothering him. I balanced his shoulders as indicated and reminded him about which exercises to do. He scheduled for a routine health maintenance session in four weeks.

When Mike came in he reported feeling well. He had a little tingling sensation in his arms. He also told me about a toe nail fungus he’d had for 20 years. I balanced him for hydration and performed the Body Chemistry protocol for fungus. I balanced cortices, endocrines, blood circulation and organs, along with some neuromuscular balancing as indicated. I gave him an essential oil formula for nail fungus. He scheduled for a six weeks health maintenance session.

At his next session Mike reported feeling the best he had in years! His toe nails looked normal, no nail fungus. I balanced several links and his pancreas reflex, cortices and scars, along with neuromuscular balancing techniques as indicated. He scheduled for a six week health maintenance follow-up, saying how great he felt and how wonderful the work was that I did.

Chronic pain/Chronic Fatigue/Digestive complaints/Photo sensitivity
Julie ( not her real name) came to see me for chronic pain. She’d been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She was taking large doses of morphine to help her tolerate the pain. She felt exhausted all the time and her digestion was weak. The sun’s light exacerbated her pain. I balanced her cortices and performed the hydration technique. I also balanced the subtle 5 senses and performed neuromuscular balancing as indicated. I made an essential oil formula known for aiding pain, fatigue and digestion. She scheduled a one week follow-up visit.

Julie didn’t notice any improvement in her pain, but had felt especially achy and tired for a few days after the session. She had stopped taking morphine and was now taking codeine and tylenol, as well as guafenesin for pain. I balanced her Body Chemistry for parasites and performed matrix repair. Several neuromuscular balancing techniques were indicated. During the session she began to experience unwinding sensations and yawned frequently. She scheduled for a follow-up in 3 days as indicated.

When I saw Julie she reported feeling less pain. I balanced her normal and subtle 5 senses, performed hydration for her organs, Body Chemistry for toxins and active memory around the issue of disliking work. She associated physical pain with any kind of physical activity. Julie scheduled for a follow-up in 4 days as indicated.

Julie reported being off all pain medication when I saw her. She was doing the essential oils for her pain. I balanced her Body Chemistry for Epstein Barr virus, toxins, and environmental allergens. Consciousness balancing around time, separation, guilt and fear and individuation were indicated, along with the normal and subtle 5 senses. When she left after what was to be our last session, as she was moving out of the area, she told me that she had absolutely no pain. When I saw her father a week later for a session he reported that she was doing incredibly well and still had no pain.

Kidney Stones/Chronic Back Pain/Depression/Fear
Cathy (not her real name) came to see me for chronic low back pain. She had been diagnosed with kidney stones and had been hospitalized on several occasions for them, as well as for depressive episodes. She seemed anxious, yet talkative and hopeful that I might be able to help her. I balanced her kidneys and performed neuromuscular procedures as indicated. I blended an essential oil known for its healing, recuperative ingredients for the kidneys, other oils were also indicated to help balance her emotions, and give a calming, uplifting note. After her session she reported feeling much better. She missed her follow-up appointment and suffered a relapse with kidney stones. She came in for emergency balancing. Within 24 hours she was feeling much better. I saw her three more times a week apart and she steadily improved with no reoccurrence of pain from the release of kidney stones. She is dealing with difficult emotional issues and appears more calm and grounded.

Chronic Pain/Manic Depression/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Obesity/Feelings of low self worth/anxiety
Linda (not her real name) initially sought care for chronic back pain. I balanced Linda’s cortices, endocrines, and performed general neuromuscular techniques, along with the hydration protocol. Over several sessions Linda gradually improved and began to feel better. After her fifth session she reported being physically free of pain. I saw her several more time. She loved the essential oils and I created personal blends for her as indicated to help with her depression, feelings of low self worth and to engender feelings of self love.

Chronic shoulder, neck and elbow pain (Frozen shoulder)
Maria (not her real name) could hardly lift, or move her arms when I first saw her. She’d sought care from several health care practitioners without improvement. I performed the balancing protocols indicated and scheduled a follow-up in a week. She reported significant improvement at her next visit. I saw her for one more visit in a week’s time then told her to call me if she needed further assistance.

Two years later I heard from Maria. Her mother had just died. It had brought up a lot of unresolved, painful feelings for her. Soon after her shoulder and one arm had frozen up. She was in considerable pain. I balanced her shoulder girdle as indicated and performed active memory for issues around love, along with hydration and blood circulation protocols. At her follow-up visit in a week’s time she expressed how unbelievably good she’d felt since her session. I balanced the shoulder and neck areas as indicated. She was instructed to follow-up if needed in a month’s time.

Diabetes/Lymes Disease/Scleroderma/Allergies
At our initial session Jessica (not her real name) complained of long-standing pain. She’d undergone treatment for Lymes disease and other viral, bacterial and fungal infections, and was on a protocol for scleroderma. She was on regular insulin injections, having Type I diabetes. She’d just begun working again after having been on temporary disability for more than a year and was concerned that she might not be able to keep up with her work commitments. Life seemed overwhelming.

I saw Jessica over several months time, working to balance his internal and external environment. We balanced her Body Chemistry numerous times for different virus, bacterial and fungal infections, as well as for parasites, toxins and food intolerances. She had half a dozen, or so low grade fevers after each Body Chemistry protocol. She worked diligently to keep her attitude positive. Various scenarios involving the endocrine system and its relationship to body organs and other systems were indicated for balancing. Also family issues were balanced, along with cell repair for inherited conditions.

At first Jessica felt like she was on a roller coaster as her body came into balance and healed. After two months she was able to start an exercise routine for the first time in many years. Her health began to normalize and she was feeling much better. The time between our sessions lengthened and her symptoms, one by one, began to steadily clear. Jessica began using custom organic essential oil formulas I blended for her with good success. Hre energy improved as did her digestion and sleep. The chronic pain she’d experienced for many years greatly diminished and she felt happy to be alive, looking forward with confidence to the eventual complete recovery of her health.

Chronic neck, back and shoulder pain/headache/tennis elbow/insomnia/stress
Jim (not his real name) was a high profile, successful business man. He suffered with regular headaches, chronic pain, insomnia, and tennis elbow. He was under continual stress from his work. He enjoyed playing tennis; it was a way for him to work off stress and provided him with social time.

Jim responded well to his initial session of BodyTalk and Bowen Therapy. He needed his cortices balanced, as well as links for the endocrines and organs. Shoulder, elbow and wrist work was also indicated, to help him relax and free up his elbows. At his next visit he reported feeling great for several days after his session. He had begun taking an organic essential oil formula and felt it helped him tremendously with stress and sleep. Jim consistently improved with regular weekly sessions. After four weeks all of his symptoms had cleared. Jim now comes in for a monthly tune-up as preventative maintenance, or more frequently whenever he’s under more than usual stress from work.