Back Pain Relief – Client Case Histories
KG Stiles Holistic Health Coach Since 1980


Back and hip pain/Parasites
Mark (not his real name) came to see me for chronic back pain. He’d seen several other health care practitioners with little relief. I balanced his cortices, performed the hydration protocol and Body Chemistry for several allergies (which he confirmed he indeed had) and parasites. I also balanced neuromuscular segments related to the low back and kidneys.

When Mark returned a week later he reported feeling improvement and had experienced some unusual unwinding sensations in his hips for a few days. His hip pain was now gone, but his mid-back continued to bother him. I balanced consciousness aspects as indicated and performed the pancreas reflex point and lymph circulation techniques. I gave him some exercises to help his recovery. I told him to follow-up with me should his symptoms not clear. A month later I saw Mark. His back pain had resolved. He’d been checked for parasites and was now clear.

Chronic Pain/Manic Depression/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Obesity/Feelings of low self worth/anxiety
Linda (not her real name) initially sought care for chronic back pain. I balanced Linda’s cortices, endocrines, and performed general neuromuscular techniques, along with the hydration protocol. Over several sessions Linda gradually improved and began to feel better. After her fifth session she reported being physically free of pain. I saw her several more time. She loved the essential oils and I created personal blends for her as indicated to help with her depression, feelings of low self worth and to engender feelings of self love.

Chronic neck, back and shoulder pain/headache/tennis elbow/insomnia/stress
Jim (not his real name) was a high profile, successful business man. He suffered with regular headaches, chronic pain, insomnia, and tennis elbow. He was under continual stress from his work. He enjoyed playing tennis; it was a way for him to work off stress and provided him with social time.

Jim responded well to his initial session of BodyTalk and Bowen Therapy. He needed his cortices balanced, as well as links for the endocrines and organs. Shoulder, elbow and wrist work was also indicated, to help him relax and free up his elbows. At his next visit he reported feeling great for several days after his session. He had begun taking an organic essential oil formula and felt it helped him tremendously with stress and sleep. Jim consistently improved with regular weekly sessions. After four weeks all of his symptoms had cleared. Jim now comes in for a monthly tune-up as preventative maintenance, or more frequently whenever he’s under more than usual stress from work.