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Helping You Turn Your Biggest Fears into Your Greatest Opportunities!


Private Sessions with KG can be LIVE or RECORDED ONLY. Available to my U.S. and International Clients.

Your astrology chart is your Blueprint to Living Your Genius and Loving Your Life. It is your own personal map to success in business and life. Think of it as your personal GPS System for navigating the currents of your life with more grace and ease.

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Some of the areas clients love & benefit most from include:

  • Planning and Timing of Events
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Discovering Your Passion and Life Calling
  • Developing Curiosity and Creativity
  • Understanding Where You Are and Plotting a Course to Where You Want to Go
  • Best Location for Your Business
  • Grow Your Business & Increase Your Profits

Natal_Chart_wiki-creative-commons-gnu-free-license-Adam-2Your ‘Genius Blueprint’ Coaching Session is Comprehensive. I can look at absolutely anything and everything (launching a new business venture, timing of events, money, relationships, health) to name just a few. The focus of your session is usually on your primary area of concern right now.

All your questions are answered to your satisfaction, plus we’ll collaboratively create a custom strategic plan of action for you to implement immediately that will move you forward to realize your desired outcomes in your business and life.

With more than 30 years of training and experience as an intuitive astrologer and coach I’ve assisted thousands of clients to achieve extraordinary results RAPIDLY in life. I can help you breakthrough barriers FASTER for exponential and lasting results in your business and life.

My proven ‘Genius Blueprint’ Coaching System works and I know that if we work together you’ll be thrilled with the results.

kg_client_astrology-coachingWHAT CLIENT ARE SAYING:

“…KG’s insight and guidance is in-depth and provides understanding for present and future.”
-Shields Bialasik, Entrepreneur, Owner Locals Guide, OR USA

“KG Stiles’ 30 years of experience combined with her passion to facilitate the personal growth and wellness of all is unsurpassed!”
-Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., New York Times Best-selling Author, “Choices and Illusions”

“KG has very high standards in her business. She really knows the issues and the advice I most need.”
-Willow Cordain, Medical Consultant, OR, USA

“I cannot thank you enough for your advice and generosity in devoting your time in order to assist me. I am surprised by the details you know about me and everything you sense is true! I haven’t been amazed for a long time now and you have achieved that.”
-Katerina Savva, UK

“This was a most transformative session. KG creates a safe space for emergence of deeper issues, and provides spot-on, loving guidance. She is gracious, deep and generous with her talents. My astrocartography reading blew me away! I’m now headed in the right direction, and confident I know how.”
-Michelle Patterson, Angel Intuitive & Author, NY, USA


You can place your order conveniently online now. You’ll receive an email confirmation notice with instructions for sending me information, including your birth data, as well as a link to schedule your private one-on-one session with me immediately after purchase.

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