How You Can Benefit!
Intuitive Astrologer Business Coach
with KG Stiles, B.A., L.M.T., R.B.T., C.B.T.

Help from physical, mental and emotional issues, including:

– Stress and anxiety
– Health issues
– Chronic pain
– Weight concerns
– Life changing decisions
– Divorce and breakups
– Painful memories and regrets
– Abusive childhoods
– Death of loved ones
– Emotional wounds
– Job loss and burnout
– Disappointment, grief and loss, and more…

During your session you will get to the heart of your concern and experience immediate results even for long standing issues that have been non-responsive to other healing modalities.

Rapid and long lasting results (or even permanent in many cases) makes a session with me extremely cost effective, saving you valuable time and money.

The most important question every client wants to know is how can I feel better now? How can I most quickly overcome my challenges, heal myself, feel optimistic about my life, and confident about the flow of my life experience.

Most of all everyone wants to feel peace of mind, and connected to their own inner wellspring of joy!

Things you can learn about and experience in your healing session:

  • Major life patterns
  • Restore harmony and peace
  • Life purpose
  • Timing events
  • Create custom plan of action
  • Methods to maintain inner peace
  • Resolve chronic stress and symptoms of dis-ease

Private sessions can vary in length and may include: Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy, Reiki, as well as other metaphysical modalities like astrology, numerology and more.

INFO about Distant Healing

What clients say about Distant Healing

Click HIGHLIGHTED PHYSICAL HEALTH CONDITION to find out related Mental and Emotional Patterns treated, along with Client Case Histories!

Abdominal Pain Incontinence (adult)
ADD & ADHD Infection
Adrenal Exhaustion Infertility (M and F)
Allergy Influenza
Angina Pain Injury
Arthritis Insomnia
Asthma Irregular Milk Supply
Backache Jaw and Tempero-mandibular Joint
Back Pain Kidney Problems
Bacterial Infections Kidney Stones
Bed Wetting Knee Surgery
Bell’s Palsy Lactation
Bladder Leg Cramps
Blood Impurities Liver Cirrhosis
Blood Pressure (Low or High) Liver Problems
Breast Lumps Lumbago
Breast Pain Lungs
Bronchitis Lymphatic Drainage
Bunions Mastisis
Carpal Tunnel Meniere’s Disease
Chest Pain Menopause
Chronic Fatigue Menstruation
Chronic Pain Migraine
Circulation Miscellaneous
Coccyx Pain Musculo-Skeletal
Colds & Flu Nausea
Colic Neck Pain
Constipation Nervous Exhaustion
Coughs Nervous Tension
Depression Obesity
Diaphragm Pain Osteoporosis
Diarrhaea Pancreatitis
Digestive Problems Parasites
Disc Pelvic Tilt
Diverticulitis Period Cramps
Dizziness Plantar Fascitis
Distant Session Plantar Warts
Duodenal Ulcer Pregnancy (discomfort)
Ear Problems Pre-Menstrual Tension
Eczema Prostate
Edema Psoriasis
Emphysema Rash
Epstein (Mono) Respiratory problems
Eye Disorders Sacral Pain
Eye Problems Sciatica
Eye Strain Scoliosis
Fears and Phobias Shin Splints
Fever Shock
Fibromyalgia Shoulder Pain
Fertility S.I. Joint Pain
Flatulence Sinus
Fluid Retension Skin Disorders
Frozen Shoulder Sprung Ribs
Fungal Infections Sterility
Gall Bladder Pain Sternal Pain
Gall Stones Stomach Ulcer
Gastro-Intestinal Discomfort Stress
Glandular Fever Teeth and Gums
Groin Strain Temperomandibular Joint (TMJ)
Hammer Toes Tennis Elbow
Hay Fever Tendinitis
Headache Thrush
Heart Conditions Thyroid
Hemorrhoids Tonsillitis
Hernia (Inguinal) Ulcers
Herpes Simplex Urinary Tract
Hiatal Hernia Varicose Veins
High Shoulders Viral Infections
Ileo-Cecal Valve Vision Problems
Immune Sysytem Warts