Injury Healing – What Clients Say!
KG Stiles Holistic Health Coach Since 1980


“I went to see KG with a diagnosis of tendinitis/arthritis in both of my thumbs. I also had shoulder and ankle pain from an injury. I had tried several other modalities, but with no improvement. After four treatments, my thumbs were dramatically improved and I am able to work without restriction once again. My shoulder and ankle pain are resolved. I admire KG’s professionalism, knowledge and application of BodyTalk and Bowtech techniques. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”
~ Gary A. Einhorn, Business Owner, Ashland, OR

“After trying many methods of pain relief for my neck and back caused from car accidents and overwork, I thought I would have to just learn to live with the pain. Being only 27 that concept was very concerning for my quality of life ahead. Fed up with the notion I was open to any suggestions. When my mother came across an ad for KG Stiles and the Bowtech therapy, I had nothing to lose and made the appointment immediately. My only regret was not calling KG sooner. The results were amazing for both my mind and body. Before that day I couldn’t think back to a time when I wasn’t in some kind of pain from my neck and back and with one session I was virtually pain free.”
~ Lishia Daniels, Loan Officer, Central Point, OR

“My mother saw KG for a knee problem that was making it difficult for her to walk. My mother was visiting so she could only see KG two times. After only two visits the swelling was down and my mother was walking comfortably again. We couldn’t believe the fast improvement!”
~ Sue Dungan, School Psychologist, Ashland, OR

“I first sought KG’s treatment for an old shoulder injury after physical therapy had failed to help. Before my last shoulder treatment, I tore a calf muscle, so KG began immediate treatment for that new injury as well. With her Bowen technique and follow-up exercises, my shoulder significantly improved and my calf injury healed in less than half the expected time. I am dancing joyfully again, thanks to KG’s gifts.”
~ Claudia Clark, Ph.D., School Administrator, Ashland, OR

“After knee surgery I found that the hobbling around necessary for recovery was leading to lower back pain due to the inability of my knee to support swinging of my leg forward, across midline. Bowtech not only eased the pain, but loosened both my knee and back, allowing me to resume a normal gait. Amazingly it took only two weeks!”
~ Kit Dickey, Safety and Events Manager, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, OR

“I’d had a sports injury to my upper back and neck several years prior to seeing KG. I was depressed because nothing I seemed to try gave me any relief. I could no longer remember what it was like to be pain free. I’m very active physically and my injury significantly impacted the quality of my life. After my first treatment I experienced tremendous unwinding, and release of deep tension in my upper body, lowback, and my knees. For the first time I became hopeful that I might actually heal. My body continued responding to treatment and steadily improved over the next five sessions until I was pain free! I am deeply grateful to KG for her work with Bowtech.”
~ Ted Bergstrom, Ashland, OR