Importance of Hydration

Water plays an extremely important role in your diet and bodily functions. Many parts of the brain draw much of their energy from water. Water must be taken into the body in its pure, natural state, optimally drink half your body weight in ounces daily.

Water is vital to energy production in the cells, overall metabolism, and neurotransmission. Nerve transmission is heavily dependent upon water. Small waterways, or micro-streams run along the full length of nerves. These streams float the neurotransmitters along microtubules to the nerve endings.

When the body is dehydrated, nerve transmission is compromised and brain function strongly diminished. Chronic nerve pain and various health conditions can simply be the end result of chronic dehydration. Many chronic pain conditions including arthritis, migraine and tension headache and fibromyalgia can often be reduced significantly after cellular rehydration.

PLEASE NOTE: A state of cellular dehydration is a slow process that occurs over time. Likewise it may take time for rehydration of your cell tissues. It may take weeks or even months before you can notice an appreciable difference. You can especially see this change in the quality of your skin. It will become more elastic with a noticeable healthy glow!

A good analogy is to think of dehydrated cell tissues like a dried out sponge. When you first pour water on a dry sponge the water runs off of it. After a time the sponge begins to soak up the water and becomes plump and hydrated. When your cell tissues are plump and hydrated your body’s movement naturally “squeezes” your cells providing a cleansing release of toxins from your cell tissues.

Another important consideration is that water actually holds the cells of the body together. Water keeps the cell membrane together by forming hydronium ions which makes the water sticky and helps bond the cells. This gives the cells a higher viscosity that helps increase the efficiency of proteins and enzymes.

In a dehydrated cell, the metabolism is greatly impaired. Dehydration has a particularly dramatic effect on sugar metabolism, the immune system, and detoxification. Dehydration profoundly effects the movement of lymph through the body and causes the lymph system to clog up and malfunction.

From a cellular point of view, the transmission of nutrients through the cell wall is conducted by water. Many deficiency conditions are often specific dehydration problems. Dehydration is a significant producer of free radicals in the body and effective hydration removes free radicals faster than most any other therapy.

A fully hydrated body may reduce your need for antioxidant supplements.

Lung dehydration is considered a significant factor in respiratory diseases. Sometimes the most dramatic results can be obtained in asthma and chronic bronchitis with simple rehydration.

Dehydration is a major producer of stress in the body and alters the balance of amino acids. This can allow DNA errors during cell division that can lead to many diseases such as cancer and other cell mutation problems.

Water is a vital conductor of energy
such as meridian energy and other body energy systems. When the body is dehydrated, it is very difficult for energy based therapies such as Bowen therapy and BodyTalk™ to work.

Due to an imbalance in the cellular environment many people’s body cells and brain tissues are dehydrated, despite drinking adequate amounts of water.