How to Create Powerful Affirmations that Work! Part 3

Praying_Hands_by_Albrecht_Durer - public domain2Every Thought is a Prayer!

In the third and final article in this FREE Three Part Series of lessons you’ll learn the final keys for ‘How to Create Powerful Breakthrough Affirmations’ that will enable you to Create the Success You Desire in Any Area of Your Life!

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Now here are your final 4 keys for ‘Creating Powerful Breakthrough Affirmations that Work!’

9. The most fertile time to repeat your affirmations is just before sleep and on waking. When you are in a relaxed Alpha state your subconscious mind is like a sponge and much more receptive to auto suggestion.

10. Record your affirmations on a voice recorder, relax into an Alpha state and play them on waking and when going to sleep. Your own voice is the most powerful for programming your subconscious mind as it is most receptive to your own voice.

11. Write out your affirmations in bold block or type written letters then laminate and post them in highly visible spots where you will see them frequently.

12. Finally when saying your affirmations place your right hand (left if left handed) over your thymus gland area (located between your throat and heart). This is the portal for your 8th chakra (your universal heart) which connects you directly with your soul energy field and the Akashic records. Touching your 8th chakra when transmitting your intentions acts like a laser beam to directly imprint your desire into the Quantum Field of the Divine Energy Matrix. This is your direct link to the heart of universal cosmic intelligence. You may also gently tap this area to set and activate your intentions within your own personal energy matrix of Divine intelligence.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Through consistent focused repetition and action your visualizations and affirmations, which are your crystal clear intentions, will reprogram your mind.

Willpower or force DO NOT work as they precipitate tension and resistance. A relaxed state of mind instantly communicates confidence and absolute knowing to your subconscious mind, and is optimal for communicating to your desire to install a new program and story for your life.

With repetition your positive commands will become stronger and charged with irresistible electro magnetic energy that acts like a positive force field to attract your desired results.

Chanting your affirmations and mantras

Chanting has a powerful effect on your subconscious mind. Rhythmic and musical repetition of your affirmations has a soothing, lulling and hypnotic effect on your subconscious mind. Your words will easily take root when chanted repetitively with musical rhythm.

Be open to noticing demonstrations of your affirmations in action. This helps you feel encouraged that your affirmations are working, as well as trains your mind to look for and focus on what’s working in your life.

Being open to seeing results of your affirmations is not striving, or grasping for effects. Rather you are training your mind to focus more on what is working in your life, so that you will begin to create more of it.

Remember it is not what happens in your life, but how you choose to respond to it that gives you your results.

Final suggestions for ‘Creating Powerful Breakthrough Affirmations that Work’

Start your affirmation with I give thanks, or some other expression of gratitude to affirm that what you desire is already available to you and on its way in the present moment.

Always conclude your affirmations with a statement that opens you to co-creation with the Divine by saying something like: “This or something better is now in the Divine flow of my life and manifests perfectly for me according to the Divine will of Heaven. I give thanks that this is so.”

Feel your affirmation with pure desire, and emotional intensity and with all of your five senses (see, feel, hear, taste and touch) both normal and subtle intuitive channels.

As you burn the image of your pure desire into your subconscious mind you are aligning yourself internally to the experience of your image. Remember the sole purpose of your subconscious mind is to manifest your pure desire into physical reality.

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