How to Create Powerful Breakthrough Affirmations that Work!

blue mandala flower chris mole designIn this FREE 3 Part Series You’ll Learn How to Create Powerful Breakthrough Affirmations to Create the Success You Desire in ANY and ALL Area of Your Life and put them to work IMMEDIATELY!

The simple to follow guidelines I’ll teach you are easy to implement.

Affirmations are powerful commands that your subconscious mind will readily act upon for success each and every time.

Learn the most valuable tips for activating your affirmations to immediately create more grace and ease in your life.

Affirmations can be used to create and improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, deepen your experience of love, relationships, community, recognition fame, life purpose, children, creativity, travel, communications, networking, self growth and more…

In fact you are always creating how you experience your reality through the power of your every thought.

I’ll be teaching you how to create what you want consciously. Rather than creating your life experience by default through your past programs.

What you believe you become.

Every thought is an affirmation and one of the most powerful forms of affirmation is Affirmative Prayer.

Thanking the creative life force energy in advance for what it is that you desire activates the law of attraction.

Fully knowing that what you desire also desires you and your powerful thought about a thing and the thing itself are destined to meet!

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive self talk. As I already mentioned affirmative prayer is one of the most powerful forms of affirmation.

Now I’m going to reveal the twelve steps for creating powerful breakthrough affirmations that work, each and every time!

Follow these simple guidelines to create powerful affirmations; commands your subconscious mind will readily act upon:

  1. First, and most important, your affirmations must resonate as plausible truth to your subconscious mind. Reciting your affirmations, power mantras and phrases makes you feel empowered and fabulous when you say them. You need to feel as though you can navigate the gap between where you are in your current circumstances and where you imagine yourself to be in the future.
  2. Repetition is your key tool for activating new stories and neutralizing your past programming. Your subconscious mind literally cannot reject anything consistently impressed upon it. Changing your story and changing your life HAPPENS at the subconscious level. Recite your affirmations for a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes (total) a day, preferably aloud though silently within yourself will also have the desired effect. You’re establishing a habit of thinking (talking) positively to yourself for creating positive outcomes.
  3. Your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between reality and a thought or image that is imagined with intense emotional desire. It has no sense of humor, and cannot tell when you’re joking around. What you continually think about with emotional desire will eventually manifest in your life.

Join me for part two of this series of three articles about ‘How to Create Affirmations that Work,’ as I share the twelve steps you need to know for creating powerful breakthrough affirmations that work each and every time!

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