How to Create Powerful Affirmations that Work! Part 2

moon_light-chris-mole-designIn this second article in this Powerful FREE
Three Part Series of lessons we’ll dive more deeply into ‘How to Create Powerful Breakthrough Affirmations’ to Create the Success You Desire in Any Area of Your Life!

My desire for you is that you will experience Eureka “Aha” moments through taking this Affirmations course and feel empowered to steer your ship safely through any waters to a safe harbor.

These instructions are simple, easy to follow and implement. Anyone can do them. In fact affirmations are the powerful commands you are always giving to your subconscious mind that it automatically acts upon.

Usually, however, your affirmations or “self talk” to your subconscious mind are unconscious, reactive and programmed responses to external stimuli which, more often than not, do not give you the results you ‘truly’ desire.

Your subconscious mind’s job it to fulfill your every desire and creates exactly what you repeatedly tell it you want with your emotionalized desire.

Now I’m going to reveal 4 more steps in the 12 step process for creating powerful breakthrough affirmations that work, each and every time!

4. Phrase your affirmations in the present tense as if they are happening now, and you are experiencing them as present moment reality.

5. State your affirmations in positive phraseology. Your subconscious mind is very literal and can only act on commands phrased in the present tense and ignores negative phraseology. In other words your subconscious mind focuses only on the “image” presented in your command and the “emotional intensity” that anchors it in your mind. For instance if you state, “I don’t want (image)” and you feel fear around what you don’t want (image) your subconscious mind will interpret this to mean you want more of the (image) and feeling (fear) that anchors it and will work to attract more opportunities for you to experience the (image) and feeling (fear) you don’t want. Your subconscious mind is very simple and literal and acts much like a playback recording device.

6. Keep your affirmations brief like seed thoughts and be crystal clear in your intention when planting them. Short positive declarations of your intent work best. Then water and feed your affirmations regularly so they will grow and flourish. Repeat them over and over again throughout your day. If you’re feeling good throughout your day you know you are engaged in “positive self talk” with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is always listening and giving you exactly what you desire with emotional intensity..

7. Make your affirmations personal and about you personally. You cannot affect change in another person’s behavior through your affirmations. You can, however, install affirmations that will help change the way you see and respond to people and life situations which will effect what you attract from your environment. Additionally you can focus your intent to see and affirm a positive, balanced outcome for a person or group of people, or a particular part of the world, a life situation or event.

8. Beginning your affirmation with “I am,” is the most powerful command to your subconscious mind. Follow your “I am,” or other personally phrased, positive and present tense statement with the intense emotion you would experience achieving your desired goal with as much specific detail about how the experience will feel to you as possible. Fully engage all of your five senses, both normal and subtle channels of intuition. While developing confidence for effecting change through affirmations using “I allow” at the beginning of your affirmation may be easier for you to experience a strong feeling of positive emotion for its achievement.

Practice these additional instructions, along with the previous three steps given in your first lesson and see what positive changes you can effect in your life experience.

As you practice these techniques you will awaken your inherent power for increased leverage in life situations to effect positive change.

Join me for the final article in this series of lessons about ‘How to Create Affirmations that Work,’ as I share the final four steps you need to know for creating ‘Powerful Breakthrough Affirmations that Work’ each and every time!

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Was this article helpful to you? Have you practiced any or all of the steps to ‘Create Powerful Breakthrough Affirmations that Work!’ and experienced results? Please leave your comments!

Until next time…enjoy your life!


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