astrological_sign_aries_public-domain10º Aries New Moon
March 30, 20014 @11:45am PT

Astrology celestial events leading to Aries New Moon!

On March 26th Mercury at 11º Pisces trines Jupiter in Cancer. This aspect represents expansion of your spiritualized ideals and the healing of your higher mind and heart. Transcendent and healing energies are available to open and heal you now.

The very next day on March 27th Mercury now at 13º Pisces conjuncts Chiron (the wounded healer). Chiron conjunct Mercury sextiles Pluto (the transformer) at 13º Capricorn. Powerful healing potential is available to the established structures in your life and to the world at large. Healing your subconscious mind and what has been hidden or secret is highlighted.

As the Moon waxes to full Jupiter moves to exactly oppose Pluto one final time and is exact in April. Jupiter expands and exposes what has been hidden beneath the surface, revealing secrets about established systems for healing to occur.

On March 29th, the day before the 10º Aries New Moon, Venus the planet of love at 22º Aquarius trines Mars in Libra and squares Saturn in Scorpio. This represents an opening to act with love in your relationships and break through old established structures that have held you back from behaving in a balanced and harmonious way in your relationships.

Then On March 30th we have the 10º Aries New Moon at 11:45am PT. The Aries new Moon is the first New Moon in the astrological new year when impulses for fresh starts, growth and change are supported.

The Aries New Moon is exactly opposite to where Mars stations direct on May 19th. So, what you set as your New Moon intentions now will have a tremendous boost when Mars stations direct.

The Aries New Moon is conjunct to Uranus and square to Jupiter this combination of planetary aspects can produce sudden, seemingly magical results and opportunities as your visions for yourself expand. It is an explosive unpredictable energy, so stay grounded and be reflective before taking action.

The Aries New Moon is square to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is slowing down to station retrograde April 15th the day of the Libra Total Lunar Eclipse. Pluto’s slow down indicates a loss of power for the established order or status quo in your life and in the world’s governing systems and corporate structures. Individual freedom, fairness and justice are being elevated to a new position of authority for bringing balance to what has been out of balance.

At the Aries New Moon you’ll see clear indications of imminent changes in your world and the world at large.

Well those are your horoscope predictions for the Aries New Moon.

March 2014 is generally a pretty mellow month though certainly eventful. It’s a great month to make plans and prepare your self for the extraordinary astrological events to occur in April.

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My next Horoscope New Moon Predictions will be for the Libra Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15th.

I’ll post an Aries New Moon Meditation for you very soon!

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