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Oct 18 – Nov 3, 2013

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General Astrology Forecast Highlights:

ARIES LUNAR ECLIPSE on October 18th through the SCORPIO SOLAR ECLIPSE on November 3rd.

I will be giving a live astrology presentation in Ashland OR on Tuesday, October 15th about the Eclipse Season. The event is hosted by Science and Consciousness.

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ON OCTOBER 18TH at 4:38pm PT we have an Aries Lunar Eclipse at 25º Aries. Eclipses bring lasting change to your life and set you firmly on course to fulfill your life purpose.

During the Eclipse Season there’s an elevation in the earth’s frequencies and your nervous system may feel overcharged with electro-magnetic energy.

The Aries Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse activates a Grand Cardinal Cross between the Sun in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer. The Aries Lunar Eclipse will have a tremendous impact for some individuals, as well as for the collective, creating sweeping social change.

Those with personal planets or points (Sun, Moon, ASC, MC, Venus, Mars and Mercury) in a Cardinal sign of Libra, Capricorn, Aries or Cancer will feel the force of the Aries Lunar Eclipse most strongly, especially if your personal planet is in a Cardinal sign within 3-4º either side of 25º. That’s from 21-22º to 28-29º in a Cardinal sign.

The astrological influences leading up to the Aries Lunar Eclipse are quite potent and provide lots of stimulus for growth and change that can be quite unsettling or even volatile.

The celestial forces are effectively clearing the way for a powerful shift in consciousness that was seeded at the Libra New Moon on October 4th! Please watch my YouTube about the Libra New Moon to find out more.

If you are a sensitive you most likely have been feeling this tremendous shift in energy gaining pace. Your consciousness may be flooded with new images and evolutionary ideas; most especially about your connection with all of life.

A tremendous breakthrough in your consciousness is at hand if you will open to it. This is more than an idea of oneness, but an actual paradigm shift occurring in your consciousness that’s deeply affecting you.

A lot of old buried emotions may surface for clearing at this time.

Some of you may experience this new impulse of energy generally as feeling more confident and at peace within yourself and at the same time quite motivated to make necessary changes.

The Sun has begun shifting its magnetic poles which it does every 11 years. Not surprisingly the number 11 (the master number) repeats itself numerous times throughout this period of time we are now traversing that was ushered in by the Pisces Full Moon. To learn more about the Pisces Full Moon please watch my YouTube video.

Notice for instance that the Libra New Moon was at 11º. It is now time for you and I to accept complete responsibility for our life experience. We are each shifting from victim consciousness and suffering over our suffering to being fully empowered human beings.

As the number 11 activates the frequency of Mastery within yourself you begin more and more to no longer be intimidated by life, or feel afraid to embrace and embody your life fully. You are no longer willing to live unconsciously from a place of fear within yourself. You open to trusting that life has your back and completely loves and supports you to be your authentic self at all times and in all ways.

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