Healing Hands Activation – Energy Healing Meditation & Treatment

Energy Healing Meditation & Treatment
by KG Stiles

Life’s very essence is energy.Your body is a vital energy field that will positively respond to the loving energy healing meditation and treatment you’re about to learn.

There are several images in this publication that are intended to help you get into the feel of the experience for your healing hands activation and energy healing treatment. However, there are NO diagrams. It’s been my experience as a healing arts instructor that you will more readily activate your healing hands if your imagination is stimulated to visualize the techniques being presented.

The technique to activate your healing hands is really quite simple and easily done by anyone, including young children. Thousands of people have experienced results using these simple techniques.

The purpose of the Healing Hands Activation is simply for you to experience the universal healing life force energy or chi in your hands.

You can use the guided meditation and treatment as a stand alone technique before laying-on of hands or Reiki attunements for healing light transmissions, or before any number of other hands-on healing techniques.

Healing Hands Activation is really quite versatile in its application and rudimentary to increasing your results with any hands-on healing modality. How you experience the information and technique presented will be individual to you.