Headache Relief – What Clients Say!
KG Stiles Holistic Health Coach Since 1980


“Many thanks for all your work on me during the Bowtech sessions. I am very pleased with the results from the treatments. Not only do I sleep better and have more energy, the headaches which have plagued me for years have vanished. What a blessing! I sing Bowtech’s praises to everyone who complains of health problems and am booking appointments with you for both my 90 year old Mother and 34 year old daughter. Keep up the good work.”
~ Dawn Morris, Ashland, OR

“I am very pleased with the Bowtech treatment. I had three sessions almost four months ago, and I’ve not had a migraine headache, or even a minor sinus type headache since my first session. HOORAY! Thanks for all your help.”
~ Gina Nelson, Ashland, OR

“I suffered chronic migraine headaches, shoulder and backpain when I first saw KG. My symptoms were relieved considerably after my first session. After three treatments I was symptom free and have remained so for eight months. Thanks again!”
~ Martha Banks, Ashland, OR

“For years I’ve had upper back, neck, and shoulder stiffness and pain which was exacerbated whenever I played golf. I’d get tension headaches a few days out of every week. I also experienced lowback discomfort with sciatica into my leg and calf. After my first Bowtech session I felt worse for most of the next day, KG said I was unwinding and releasing toxins, then I dramatically improved. All my complaints resolved completely after the fourth session – six months ago.”
~ Ed Lewis, Ashland, OR

Essential Oils for Colds, Flu and Migraine Headaches
“I love the smell of lemon oil. It brings back wonderful childhood memories for me. Previously I suffered with pleurisy, and since diffusing organic lemon oil into the air regularly my lungs have remained clear of congestion. Lemon oil also helps my family from picking up “bugs,” no one ever gets a cold, or the flu in our home when we use it regularly. I use to suffer with chronic migraine headaches. I purchased organic peppermint oil from KG and at the first sign of a headache put a drop into the palm of my hand, taking deep breaths of it for a few minutes. The headache is soon gone and I feel refreshed.”
~ Jan Heyser, Medford, OR

“One evening, after coming down with a severe headache and not being able to keep anything down due to nausea, I asked KG for help. She did a BodyTalk session on me and shortly thereafter the headache pain lessened. Within a couple of hours the nausea disappeared and I was able to drink and eat a little. By the next morning I was feeling better and had a follow-up session with KG in the afternoon. Not only had I gotten fast relief from the headache and nausea, but the cough and sore throat symptoms that had plagued me for over 2 weeks had improved markedly and within a couple of days were completely gone. If that hadn’t convinced me of the efficacy of a BodyTalk treatment, the results of a surrogate session for my mother would have. At the time of the session, my mother was in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery (following a mishap during a colonoscopy) and was not eating. Within a week she was regaining her appetite and was healing nicely, though she was still weak and had difficulty walking. In another couple of weeks she was taking herself out for a walk… something she had to be coerced to do even prior to her colonoscopy; plus there has been no need for her arthritis medication. It is amazing to me that a healing technique as unintrusive as BodyTalk could produce such profound results. It will certainly be the first option I will try for anything that ails me.”
~ Anna Grzeszkiewicz, Librarian, Ashland, OR