First Quarter Waxing Pisces Moon
T-Square & Grand Trine Heat Up Events
December 3 – 9, 2016

astrology-pisces-fish-pixabay-public-domainThis Week’s General Astrology Forecast

The week starts off on an active note with the possibility of surprise opportunities showing up for you.

With Saturn in the mix of positive planetary aspects occurring sudden new forms that help you to come into and express your own power and authority may be on the offering.

BEST MONEY DAYS this week are December *3, 4, 5, 6 – These are days when the collective celestial events bring greater than usual opportunities. This may not translate into direct and immediate cash in your pocket, but potential for increase in your future prospects. Of course when these days are talking harmoniously with your personal stars the increase multiplies exponentially. 

Find out more in today’s Astro Energy Report (AER).

Astro Energy Report Highlights

On December 3rd Mars at 18º Aquarius Sextiles Saturn Sagittarius. Saturn is within orb of a trine to Uranus, exact on December 26th when it will also exactly sextile Jupiter in Libra which will be forming an exact opposition to Uranus.

There’s action and surprise opportunities showing up with these planetary aspects. With Saturn in the mix sudden new forms and coming into your power and authority may be on the offering!

Pay attention to what’s happening now as the energies are building to bring in fresh, new openings for your life.

Recognition and realization are two key words to keep in mind now.

The energies will peak around Christmas day when Venus (the planet of love) will also be at this 20º point in Aquarius Trine to Jupiter and Sextile to both Saturn and Uranus.

On December 5th the moon crossing over the 20º point in Aquarius and Conjunct Mars may give you a glimpse of what is to come for you throughout this month!

On December 6th Mars (the planet of desire and action) at 20º Aquarius perfects his Sextile to Uranus (the Awakener).

Of course in the background Uranus is coming closer to Square Pluto though not exact there may be last vestiges of tension and resistance from the old status quo that’s been breaking down and giving way for new structures to emerge.

The pair form a T-Square with Jupiter throughout December. There’s a real squeeze as the pressure builds for making the “obvious” changes/choices that need to take place.

You won’t be able to miss what’s occurring for you this month! Still you can choose not to take the opportunities. There may be, in fact, multiple opportunities available that may come from a shift in your attitude and upleveling your consciousness.

On December 7th we have the First Quarter Waxing Moon at 15º Pisces, exact at 1:03am PT which is within orb of the Chiron now station Direct at 20º (as of Dec 2nd) Square to Saturn in Sagittarius which adds a complicated, if not painful and soul wrenching, note to birthing the new energies coming in for you. This seems to signify release of old hurts, wounds, or any victim mentality that may be lingering.

Venus enters Aquarius on this day also until January 3rd when she enters Pisces. Venus in Aquarius is the modern professional woman who finds pleasure in pursuing expansive new visions, nothing traditional with this Venus placement.

On December 9th the Sun at 18º Sagittarius conjuncts Saturn and the pair Sextile Jupiter in Libra and Trine Uranus in Aries (exact on December 11th).

When Uranus stations Direct on December 29th (the day after the Capricorn New Moon) the T-Square tension between the three planets – Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter – begins to dissipate and you feel freed up and relieved to be done, feeling completion and mounting anticipation. New undreamt of vistas and possibilities await you in 2017.

crystal-coral-pink-reef-wikipedia-public-domainCoral (red or pink) is the power gemstone for the First Quarter Waxing Moon (emotional needs) at 15º Pisces conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer).

Coral reefs are made of the skeletons of tiny marine animals and as such are symbols of transformation and change.

The coral colonies form communities and provide safe haven for one another joined together.

The red coral helps protect your male energy from becoming overly aggressive and the pink helps protect your more open feminine and sensitive nature.

This is a good stone to wear over the next few months as Chiron and Neptune now Direct pick up speed in Pisces and Mars, Venus and the rest of your personal planets transit through Pisces through the winter and into March.

WORLD CLOCK TIME ZONE CONVERTER find out what time celestial events are happening in your part of the world. 


The moon represents your emotional needs. Your emotions fluctuate with the moon as it moves through its 28-day cycle around the zodiac from new moon to full and back to new. Notice how the moon’s placement in the zodiac affects your mood and emotions. Essential oils can help stabilize your mind and emotions. Generally earthy scents have the most harmonizing and stabilizing effects on the emotions. Aromatic scents like Galbanum and Vetiver help stabilize the emotions, as well Bergamot, Spikenard and Sandalwood.

These are great periods for taking it easy and going with the flow of events and completing projects. During Void of Course Moons your emotional body is going through a period of processing and integrating your recent experiences. You naturally clear out your emotions during these periods. Doing things that helps with this natural process are especially helpful now, i.e. relaxation, yoga, movement, hot baths with sea salts and essential oils, focused breathing.

Void of Course Moon periods are not good for starting new projects, or launching new ventures, or having meetings (if you want to achieve anything), or signing contracts and making agreements as it’s less likely anything will come of any agreement, or it will be sluggish and slow to start.

For your New and Full Moon Rituals make sure the Moon is not Void of Course and in aspect to another celestial body when doing your ritual for best results.

  1. On December 3rd we have a 9 1/2 hour Void of Course Moon from 2:16am PT to 11:44am PT on the same day when the Capricorn Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius.
  2. On December 5th we have a 5 hour Void of Course Moon from 3:23am PT to :8:31pm PT when the Aquarius Moon enters the sign of Pisces.
  3. On December 7th we have a 20 hour Void of Course Moon from 6:05am PT to 2:16am PT the next day December 8th when the Pisces Moon enters the sign of Aries. December 7th is also the day of the Quarter Waxing Moon, exact at 1:03am PT and Pearl Harbor Day.
  4. On December 9th we have a 12 hour Void of Course Moon from 5:08pm PT to 4:41am PT the next day December 10th when the Aries Moon enters the sign of Taurus.

Look to where a planet is located in your own astrology chart to find out what area of your life things are happening.

The 12 Houses Reference Guide

  • 1st house (ruled by Aries) – physical persona, personality, how others see you
  • 2nd house (ruled by Taurus) – personal possessions, self worth, net worth
  • 3rd house (ruled by Gemini) – communication, neighborhood, siblings
  • 4th house (ruled by Cancer) – home, family, early childhood, roots
  • 5th house (ruled by Leo) – children, creativity, fun, romance, investments
  • 6th house (ruled by Virgo) – service, work, habits, routines, lifestyle
  • 7th house (ruled by Libra) – relationships, contacts, agreements
  • 8th house (ruled by Scorpio) – death, rebirth, inheritance, how others value you
  • 9th house (ruled by Sagittarius) – higher education, travel, higher mind
  • 10th house (ruled by Capricorn) – profession, status, awards, recognition
  • 11th house (ruled by Aquarius) – friendship, community, rainbow bridge
  • 12th house (ruled by Pisces) – unconscious, karmic patterns, family lineage

Well, there you have it, the key Astro Energy Highlights I see happening for you this week.

Thanks so much for being part of our community and sharing us with your friends!

Until next time…relax, enjoy your life and stay connected.

XO Love -KG

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