Health Mastery Ezine – Mind Programming w/ Dr. Eldon Taylor

Health Mastery Ezine – Mind Programming
day, July 26, 2009

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Mind Programing

“I believe you deserve to know what is possible, what is done, and what you can do to take back the power of your mind.”—Eldon Taylor
KG talks with Dr. Eldon Taylor
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Dr Eldon Taylor is a fellow in the American Psychotherapy Association, a Hypnosis and Subliminal Expert, and the author of the New York Times best-selling book, Choices and Illusions: How Did I Get Where I Am, and How Do I Get Where I Want to Be?

Eldon brings a fresh investigative perspective to the arena of mind and matters. Eldon has asked questions about the human mind in his studies and research for more than 25 years. Tune in to his weekly radio show and learn how choices are made for you without your knowledge, how you are programmed to sabotage your own goals, and why success so often eludes you. Learn to reprogram the most powerful influence in your life – your subconscious mind.

Today Dr. Taylor will be talking about his most recent book released by Hay House, Mind Programming: From Persuasion and Brainwashing, to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics. On the show Dr. Taylor shares extraordinary insights, research, and easy-to-use methods that will empower you to realize the life of your dreams.From Persuasion and Brainwashing, to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics by Dr. Eldon Taylor

In Mind Programming, Eldon Taylor not only exposes the massive efforts to program your thinking, he also provides you with all the tools to fight back. Learn how to hypnotize yourself and program your own subconscious. Discover the various self-help tools and gadgets available, from light/sound machines to cortico-electro stimulation. Try out the 50-day plan that will turn your life around. Access your higher self through automatic writing, mind mapping and dowsing. Uncover the truly practical approach to metaphysics that will give you the connection you have been looking for.

Included is a mind-training InnerTalk CD, designed to assist you in finding balance in your life today. This CD normally retails for $27.95

Watch Trailer “Mind Programming” by Eldon Taylor

To learn more about Dr. Eldon Taylor, his Inner Talk Whole Brain Technology®, and sign-up for his free Inner Talk newsletter please visit his website:

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The Nine Planets of Our Solar System

The major astrological news continues to be the eclipses. Locating where an eclipse is happening helps you make the most of the opportunity being presented. Eclipses activate change, sometimes radical change, for the better! An Eclipse is like getting “kicked in the butt” by the universe to “make that change.” Eclipses help us get into alignment with our Divine Purpose and how the Divine, constellated as our unique and extraordinary selves, desires to flow through us and be expressed in the world. So, any blocks, how you may be getting in your own way for being a free flowing channel for the Divine’s expressing through you, are being released. So, with these Eclipses you’re being supported to honor who you are in your deepest essence, and put your desires first and foremost!

Third Eclipse – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5:55pm PDT on Wednesday, August 5th at 13° Aquarius.

CLICK for a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation.

Click to find exact times in your part of the world.

Amazon Review
I absolutely love this book. I found myself laughing out loud as I read the descriptions of the different relationships. This was written in a very tangible manner that anyone can grasp, yet intelligently enough that it still has a lot to offer.

I find that I enjoy Mark’s take on astrology. He doesn’t waste your time with a lot of unnecessary information but gets right to the heart of the matter.

The excerpts on “How to Keep..” or “How to Lose..” a specific love sign in the romance are pure genius.

This is a must have and I will definitely be giving it to friends who I love.” Read more reviews for Lovescopes on

Mark Husson is an astrology expert, and the founder of Mark will be my very special guest on Conversations later this summer! ~KG

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