Health Mastery Ezine – Return of the Ancestors w/ Judith Lightfeather

Health Mastery Ezine – Return of the Ancestors
day, July 5, 2009

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Return of the Ancestors Gathering
KG talks with Judith Light Feather
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Judith Light Feather teaches people mastery of their energy systems, and how to keep their energy body clear, and radiantly healthy through a system of healing called Mayan Tonal Acupressure Healing.

Photo Caption: Judith is performing an Initiation on a man from Turkey at Montezuma’s well.”

Judith has completed 14 years of research on the Mayan and Anasazi Ancient Cultures. Judith’s work has led to her connections with space agencies in several countries. She is the co-founder of CANEUS Organization, an organization for International Collaborative Aerospace Development, which includes members of global space agencies from around the world.

Recently Judith was invited to the
Return of the Ancestors Gathering on Sacred Anasazi Lands in Arizona. Indigenous Elders from 81 countries made a World Pilgrimage through Northern Arizona, and gathered for 11 days, beginning on Earth Day, April 18 through April 28th and completed the Aymara Prophecy from over 5 generations ago, Uniting the Eagle and the Condor through Ceremony on a Navajo reservation.

Photo Caption: The Amayra and Navajo exchange of the eagle and condor feather.

The ancient prophecy of the condor and the eagle has been found among many indigenous peoples. Around 500 years ago, the prophecy goes, there were two paths that man and woman could walk along; the path of the condor (the path of spirit, path of heart), and the path of the eagle (the path of mind, the path of technology, and intellect). The prophecy goes that 500 years ago the eagle would rise up and dominate, so much so, that the path of the condor would almost be completely decimated. We know that about 500 years ago the Europeans dominated and settled the Americas. The prophecy goes on to say that there will be the possibility for the eagle to recognize the wisdom of the condor, and the condor would start to rise again. And that the two have the possibility of flying together, and in the next 500 year period there would be a balance between the two.

This pilgrimage had been prophesied by the Ancestors of the Hopi, and the Mayan, Elders from the mountains of the Andes, Elders from the plains of Africa, and many more, came together as One, to speak as One, and share their wisdom with the world. The ancestors were to create new guide stone tablets of prophesy for the upcoming 500 years just as their ancestors had done 500 years ago.

In our talk Judith also shares information about the earth’s pole reversal, and coming earth changes with increasing light coming onto the earth, the opening of new chakras, the 8th chakra, and the collective shift of consciousness that is occurring for humanity. “It is time to move into mastery, become the oneness, and express the Divine!”

I am statement given to humanity: “I am the great central sun’s hearts presence, I magnetize the energy of perfection in my body, and I give it back to the world.”

To learn more about Judith Light Feather and her work please visit her websites: or

The Mayan New Dawn Video

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Don Alejandro a Mayan Shaman participating in
Return of the Ancestors Gathering

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The Nine Planets of Our Solar System

3 eclipses in a row, oh my! As always locating where an eclipse is happening helps you make the most of the opportunity being presented. Eclipses activate change, sometimes radical change, for the better! An Eclipse is like getting “kicked in the butt” by the universe to “make that change.” Eclipses help us get into alignment with our Divine Purpose and how the Divine, constellated as our unique and extraordinary selves, desires to flow through us and be expressed in the world. So, any blocks, how you may be getting in your own way for being a free flowing channel for the Divine’s expressing through you, are being released. So, with these Eclipses you’re being supported to honor who you are in your deepest essence, and put your desires first and foremost!

First Eclipse – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 2:21am PDT on Tuesday July 7th at 1 Capricorn. With the Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse we have an opportunity to drop immature, unproductive behavior, and get down to business. The Full Moon links in a favorable trine with Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, and we are granted the strength and discipline necessary to achieve our purpose in both public and private domains.

Jupiter (Expansive, Optimistic) and Neptune (Inspiration) Conjunct at 2:08am on Friday, July 10,the second of three conjunctions in close aspect with Chiron (the wounded healer). This second conjunction gives us a chance to release false hopes and assumptions, and inspires us with realistic dreams. The third and final conjunction that occurs on December 21 reveals any remaining illusions, and infuses us with fresh inspiration and practical dreams for our future. The downside of this conjunction is a tendency to escapism.

Second Eclipse – New Moon Solar Eclipse at 7:35pm PDT on Tuesday, July 21 at 29° Cancer.

Third Eclipse – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5:55pm PDT on Wednesday, August 5th at 13° Aquarius.

CLICK for a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation

Click to find exact times in your part of the world.


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