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Monday, June 1, 2009

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Conversations to Enlighten & Heal
Guest: Harvey McKinnon, best selling author
Award winning book, “The Power of Giving
Videos ~
Caroline Myss workshop Defy Gravity
Green Corner – WWF and NDRC – Take Action
KG’s Summer Chakra Classes Schedule
Chakra Program – CD, Oils, Guidebook
Heavenly Stars Astrology
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The Power of Giving
KG talks with professional fundraiser Harvey McKinnon
Click the link to listen online (allow a few moments for the mp3 to open). To download the mp3 right click the link and save target.

Harvey McKinnon is a fund-raising expert, inspirational speaker, author, and trainer, who has helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for non-profits from Amnesty International to UNICEF.

His consulting company, Harvey McKinnon Associates, works for a wide variety of causes in Canada and the United States. He has produced several award-winning documentaries and has served on many business and non-profit boards. McKinnon lives with his family in Vancouver, Canada.

Winner 2009 Prestigious Nautilus Gold Award
Past winners of the Nautilus Gold Award include: Barbara Kingsolver, the Dalai Lama, and this year Donna Eden and Michael Bernard Beckwith.

“If everyone followed the advice in this wonderful book the world would be a richer more equitable place.”
-Jack Canfield

The Power of Giving: How Giving Back Enriches Us All by Harvey McKinnon & Azim Jamal

The Power of Giving is strongly endorsed by Jack Canfield, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Seth Godin, and many more prominent authors and inspirational individuals. And it has been printed in nine countries, and translated into seven languages.

When you buy The Power of Giving,
you’ll discover: 1) How your simple act of giving can improve your health, your relationships, your company’s bottom line, your happiness and more. 2) How to find
and cultivate your own personal giving potential. 3) How to give most effectively by choosing the right times, places, causes and people to give to.

The Power of Giving is a book about you and your potential. It’s really a book about how each of us lives our life, and how you can improve yours. The surprise is that you can improve every part of your own life by giving. Does this sound strange to you? It may, but research shows that giving is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, as well as others. The Power of Giving shows you how best to give.

Virtually all successful –
and certainly all happy people – have discovered the secrets of giving. The Power of Giving will show you what you already know in your heart – that giving is a key part of every person’s life. You’ll see how to give better, where
to give, and how you can achieve the greatest impact.

You’ll also automatically help nonprofits when you buy this book. All author royalties will go to nonprofits from today, until the book goes out of print (hopefully never). The authors truly believe that the more people who read this book, the more giving will transform the world we live in.

To learn more visit:


FREE MEDIA Caroline’s workshop on new book Defy Gravity

Caroline Myss in London Defy Gravity Video Workshop

Take Action

NRDC -National Resources Defense Council
Action Center! has launched Amazon Green, a cross-category program that includes a list of products that customers have selected as the best green products offered by and a place for customers to discover Amazon’s entire green product selection. VISIT AMAZON GREEN TODAY!

Thursdays 7-8:30pm

Register Online, View Activities, Search Chakra

CALL: For more info & to register by phone
Ashland Parks office 541-488-5340

View and printout a flyer!

What are Chakras? What are signs of imbalance? What are the simplest, most powerful, and effective ways to cleanse and restore your chakras to radiant health? How to align your chakras and enhance their harmonic resonance. Learn how to use your chakras for manifesting and healing, and more. Participate in group chakra attunements for planetary healing. All levels of experience welcome!

Check out the Global Consciousness Project
being conducted at Princeton University.
Session 1 (6 classes) – April 23 – May 28
Session 2 (4 classes) – June 4 – June 25
Session 3 (5 classes) – July – July 30
Session 4 (4 classes) – August 6 – 27
Session 5 (4 classes) – September 3 – 24

LOCATION: The Senior Activity Center, 1699 Homes St, in Hunter Park, Ashland, OR

COST: $15.00 per class, or pay monthly and SAVE!

more info

Click to order: KG’s Chakra Toning CD, Chakra Oils Kit & Advanced Chakra E-Guidebook


The Nine Planets of Our Solar System

Sun in Gemini signals a time of fast paced, rapid fire communications and connecting of all kinds!

Mercury Stationed Direct at 6:22pm PDT on Saturday, May 30th at 2 Taurus which was located in my Career Zone. My laptop computer stopped working exactly at the time when Mercury went Retrograde. I decided to have my laptop checked out by a Computer Store. The Techie checked the power cord, a Simple Fix, and discovered that the power cord was definitely not the problem. The Techie surmised that it “could” be the Mother Board which was a Major Fix. I decided to wait, be patient, and misted myself several times daily with Mercury Retrograde Retro-fit Aromatherapy Blend while doing a visualization for the perfect resolution of my computer’s malfunction. On Saturday morning May 30th, the day Mercury moved Direct, I got the definite intuitive hit to take my laptop to another Computer Store for diagnosis, and felt strongly the problem would be easily resolved. The Techie first checked the power cord; he tried inserting and checking the power cord twice with no boot-up. As he was about to try the power cord for a third, and final time, I got the definite hit that my laptop computer was going to boot-up, and IT DID! I was ecstatic to say the least. This particular Mercury Retrograde was so totally awesome and life changing with daily epiphanies for me!! I hope you experienced the mighty magic of Mercury Retrograde in your own life!

We continue feeling the good vibesfrom a rare conjunction between Jupiter (Expansion, Good Fortune), Neptune (Inspiration, Illusion), and Chiron (Wounded Healer) through this week.

Neptune Stationed Retrograde on May 28th at 9:31pm PDT at 26° Aquarius. Old love returns! An old college flame I haven’t seen or heard from in 30+ years out of the blue contacted me through Facebook. LOL!

Venus moves into Taurus on June 6th where she will join with her soul mate Mars by mid-June. Sensuous pleasures are forthcoming, and also more stability in the financial markets!

Full Moon at 11:12am PDT on Sunday June 7th at 17° Sagittarius.


Click to find exact times in your part of the world.

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