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“Healing is a lifestyle, and integration is the core journey.” ~ Caroline Myss


What is energy medicine? One of the simplest definitions of energy medicine I’ve come across is, “something that affects well-being at the deepest level of our being.” Since the advent of Einstein’s unified field theory ongoing research is showing the exquisite interconnectedness between body, mind and spirit. Scientific discoveries reveal that all life is made up of networks of matrixes (Latin for womb).

We have entered an energetic era in which we are redefining our understanding about our world and ourselves. We are residing in an age when energetics, not just of the body, but of all of life are reshaping our world. Developing an awareness of and learning to manage and integrate one’s energy systems is a primary skill to develop for experiencing health and well-being in life. The following is a helpful exercise for those wishing to explore and develop an awareness of working with the energetic realm of your experience.

Exercise: As you are falling asleep tonight repeat 30 times to yourself, “I will wake-up feeling energized and refreshed!” To anchor this affirmation in your subconscious mind visualize yourself feeling energized and refreshed. See it, emotionalize your experience of feeling energized and relaxed. Upon waking in the morning repeat the affirmation to yourself, “I feel energized and refreshed!” Research has shown that it takes three weeks to create a new habit of mind.

Over the next three weeks use this same affirmation before sleep and on waking. You will begin to notice a shift in your level of energy at the start of your day which you can maintain throughout your day simply through reaffirming, “I feel energized and refreshed.” You are taking steps to reprogram and reinforce your subconscious mind (one of your most powerful resources) with positive habit patterns. Next month we will explore further dynamics of our human energy system. Portions of this article will appear in an upcoming article for “Massage Today.”

SUMMER EVENING CLASS: Creative imagery and affirmations workshop. Many of you have expressed an interest in learning how to successfully implement and use the suggested creative imagery and affirmations for best results in creating Health Mastery™. Affirmations and visualizations are clear commands you give to your Superconscious mind. The “Law of Superconscious Activity,” is the most important natural law. It states that any thought, plan, goal, or idea you hold continuously in your conscious mind must be brought into reality by your Superconscious mind.

Please contact me for further details and to register for a summer evening class in June, July or August. I appreciate the opportunity to help you activate this core transformational tool.


CLASS LOCATION: Springhill Healing Arts Center at 2520 Springhill Drive in Ashland.

Getting a series of between 3-5 sessions at one week intervals sets the foundation for creating exceptional health and well-being. Most conditions that clients come to see me for resolve within five sessions though more chronic long-standing conditions, especially those involving the immune function can take several months, or even longer to balance.

Regular health maintenance sessions ensure continued health and well-being, as well as deepen the healing process. Clients report substantial savings when receiving regular preventative health maintenance. For instance they are less subject to injury, or illness, seldom ever get colds or the flu, have reduced stress levels, and when either sickness or injury occur the severity is much less with a faster recovery rate. A session every 4-6 weeks is ideal for building your health reserves; it’s like putting money in the bank that accrues interest you can draw upon should the need arise. A great investment with substantial returns!

PUBLICATION MASSAGE THERAPY JOURNAL ~ “A New Look At Energy Work.” A link for my article published in the Spring issue of MTJ appears on the front page of my website for those who haven’t had a chance to read it as yet.

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Inspired Guidance© Living Light Center (Frank Coppieters)

Think of a moment

or a time your life

when you felt very open

and connected.

Bring that memory

into the present

and ask if it would

reconnect you with

the depth of your being,

with the love and silence

in your heart.

Dropping the mind

is a great act of courage.

Only the heart is able to do this.

This alchemical act is

an ongoing mystery.

Your presence on earth right now

is making a difference.

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