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Our THIRD Wednesday educational support evening concludes on May 18th from 7-8:30 pm. These series of talks followed by hands-on demonstrations are an opportunity to learn and understand more about creating and maintaining health with BodyTalk, Bowen therapy and Aromatic kinesiology.

Learn about how these modalities help you to manage your energy systems and stimulate personal transformation and healing.

In this class you will have an opportunity to learn the Bowen Breast procedure (done through clothing). Excellent results in breast health have been reported by women who use this procedure!

CLASS LOCATION: Springhill Healing Arts Center at 2520 Springhill Drive in Ashland. Seating is still available. Call KG (541) 941-7315 for further information and to reserve a space as seating is limited. The next scheduled class will be the third Wednesday evening in September.

HEALTH ARTICLE: Do you suffer with allergies, sensitivity to environmental allergens, or Adrenal Exhaustion? Spring and Summer mark the beginning of allergy season for children and adults. Watery, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, coughing and sneezing are symptoms that can leave you feeling miserable and are a disruption to enjoying the natural beauty and wonder of the outdoors.

Over-the counter drugs for allergy relief rank among the highest dollars spent for medications. All this money spent and yet the suffering of symptoms continues to cycle anew each year in an endless cycle, amounting to a huge profit-maker for the pharmaceutical industry, but a tiring merry-go-round for the consumer. An allergy is the body’s over active immune response. A sensitivity to environmental allergens may come from a genetic predisposition, or prolonged exposure.

When your body is over reactive to allergens our immune response is thrown into overdrive. If we strengthen our body’s capacity to respond to immune challenges, instead of being hyper-reactive, we will have less dramatic responses to substances we are sensitized to. The immune and stress responses of your body are mediated by your adrenal glands. The healthier the adrenals, the stronger our immune capacity, resulting in moderation of responses to stress and immune challenges. In our society we are bombarded by continuous, high stress factors.

This onslaught often leaves us with tired if not exhausted adrenal function. As the adrenal function is compromised, we begin to have less moderate responses to stress, our immune function is overwhelmed by challenges like allergens. Our breathing patterns can change from full breaths to shallow breaths and upper respiratory function is inhibited. People often remark that they didn’t have allergies when they were younger. It is loss of adrenal function and upper respiratory capacity from over-stress that creates the problem.

The healthiest way to deal with allergens is to increase our immune strength and upper respiratory capacity so that we respond to environmental irritants in a moderate to mild manner, without tears, runny noses, sneezing and congestion. We may not be able to control the stress factors in our hectic lives and relieve the load on our immune system, but Bowen and BodyTalk can balance the adrenals and upper respiratory system, enhancing their function to reduce, or even entirely eliminate allergy symptoms. For testimonials & case histories go to: /allergies/


With this issue of Springhill newsletter I am happy to announce that I will occasionally be sharing “Inspired Guidance” from my friend, Reiki Master and Shaman, Frank Coppieters, Ph.D. I hope you will enjoy these jewels of insight as much as I do.

Inspired Guidance © Living Light Center (Frank Coppieters)

While on earth

the greatest glory

is to be awake.

This is not a function of doing

or having but of being,

of presence, of residing

in the love that animates all life

and that brought you here.

Love doesn’t ask anything,

It just wants to be.

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