Aloha and Happy Holidays! The history making conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius continues this week and is joined by Mercury and the Sun, heralding a new chapter of clarity and closure to past events that were hurtful or confusing.

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SUNSHINE is a unique synergistic formulation ofpure organic Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Himalayan and Atlas Cedarwood, Frankincense and other essential oils.


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FOOD FLAVOR: Rosa damascena is often used to soften and add lift to food flavors in many baked goods, gelatins, soft candies and beverages. Small traces of rosa damascena are used to tastefully enhance strawberry, raspberry, apricot and bitter-almond food products.

APHRODITE MARTINI RECIPE with Rosa damascena (shaken or blended) Iced Martini Glass. Fill Shaker or blender 1/2 with ice. Add 2 parts Absolute Vanilla Vodka, 1 part strawberry nectar, 2 parts liquor (Midori, Godiva or Cointreau) and 1-3 drops of Rosa damascena pure essential oil. Shake or blend well. Strain if shaken, or pour if blended into an empty Martini glass. Garnish with a fresh strawberry! Click to learn more about ROSE OTTO (Rosa damascena) and order


CLICK TO READ KG’S FEATURE ARTICLE, “Emotions & Your Nervous System,” in the December online issue of Massage Today


HEALING WITH AROMATHERAPY – “The Soul of a Plant” by KG Stiles A two-hour presentation at Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library in Ashland Oregon on Tuesday, January 8, 2008, 7-9pm. Health 2 CEUs for LMTs. Click to learn more about KG’s presentation

DVD HEALING WITH AROMATHERAPY – “The Soul of a Plant” by KG Stiles available FREE online in late January 2008

VISION BOARD WORKSHOP Manifest quantum success with this powerful attraction device. Learn the step-by-step guidelines to design a Vision Board using ancient principles of Feng Shui and universal laws with instructor KG Stiles. Participants will need to purchase their own materials. All levels of experience welcome! EMAIL KG or call Joy or Becky at Ashland Parks 541-488-5340 for more information and to register. Click for schedule details and to register online (Click View Activities and enter VISION in keyword search)

CHAKRA WORKSHOPS Experience the miraculous power of the ancient practice of Chakra Care with hands-on techniques to promote balance and healing for your body, mind and spirit. Activate healing hands and learn energizing Chakra Massage™ techniques, energy secrets for healing with Pranic Light Breathing, Visualizations, Mantras, Seed Syllables, Color and Aroma Therapy. Instructor KG Stiles is a licensed and accredited MindBody Therapist, Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner and Health Educator and a specialist in Aroma Therapy, BodyTalk™ and Bowen therapy. She has over 30 years of experience facilitating healing of trauma, injury and illness and is the author of the Chakra Guidebook and audio CD “Healing Your Rainbow Bridge.” Series of 8 workshops. Click for schedule details and to register online (Click View Activities and enter CHAKRA in keyword search)

DAYS: Tuesdays
DATES: January 29 – March 18
TIME: 7 – 8:30 pm
PLACE: Ashland Parks & Recreation Office, 340 S. Pioneer St. Ashland (off Granite St)
COST: $12.50 per workshop and $80. for all 8 workshops and Optional Material Fees: Chakra oils $20 for entire series or $5 per workshop

Workshop 1 – 1st (Muladhara or Base) Chakra
Workshop 2 – 2nd (Svaisthana or Spleen) Chakra
Workshop 3 – 3rd (Manipura or Solar Plexus) Chakra
Workshop 4 – 4th (Anahata or Heart) Chakra
Workshop 5 – 5th (Visuddha or Throat) Chakra
Workshop 6 – 6th (Ajna or Brow) Chakra
Workshop 7 – 7th (Sahasrara or Crown) Chakra
Workshop 8 – 8th (Energy) Chakra

KG ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS – “Is it safe to use Aromatherapy for my 6 and 4 year olds?” Yes, pure essential oils are safe to use with children. Please remember essential oils are very concentrated and only a little is needed to achieve outstanding results for your health and well-being. Please follow the Guide for Standard Dilution of Essential Oils!


Adults ~15 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil

Children age 18 ~ 10 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil

Children age 10-18 ~ 6-9 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil

5-10 years age ~ 5 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil

4 year age, elderly & infirm ~ 4 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil

3 year age ~ 3 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil

2 year age ~ 2 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil

Newborn – 2 years age ~ 1 drop in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil

Please EMAIL KG your questions about Aromatherapy or Alternative Health Care using essential oils, Bowen therapy, BodyTalk, Distant Healing, or other holistic health topics. I’m especially interested in questions that would be of interest to many people.



Caroline is an incredible teacher and a long time mentor of mine. She has very generously made her workshop at the Findhorn Foundation, “Entering the Castle,” available FREE online.

Click to download Caroline’s 19 hour October 2007 Entering the Castle Video Stream link


HOLOSYNC™ MEDITATION Click to try it yourself for FREE!



PurePlant Essentials Aromatherapy Products are now available in Ashland and Eugene, Oregon at SoundPeace, Shop N’ Kart and Market of Choice, and at the Yoga Sanctuary, NY. If you would like to be a retailer or an affiliate of PurePlant Essentials Organic Aromatherapy please EMAIL KG or call 541-941-7315

I’ve enjoyed sharing with you and hope you’ll find something useful for your life in this Holiday issue. Please remember to share Health Mastery Ezine with your friends and family. Look for your next issue around December 29th. Mahalo!