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Aloha and welcome! As we move into a New Season we feel this time of transition as a threshold to new opportunities. In numerology October resonates to the number one. The number of independence, self motivation and a strong desire to succeed. The downside of the number one when not being fully actualized is to be self critical and critical of others. You may find yourself keeping very busy this month and multitasking to your own tune. Take a time out and breathe in the refreshing insights available to you for Body, Mind & Spirit in this issue. I’ll talk about the ancient practice of Feng Shui, instruct you in working with your first chakra and share the remarkable benefits of my favorite divinely feminine essential oil. We continue to honor October as Breast Cancer Awareness month with an opportunity for you to support the Susan B. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research by purchasing my Natural Breast Health DVD at a special price.


SUCCESS BREAKTHROUGHS Using Imagery & Affirmations” $19.95 To help you manifest your strong desire to succeed in this New Season take advantage of this special offer for my Seminar “CD Success Breakthroughs Using Imagery & Affirmations.” For a limited time when you purchase my Seminar CD I will give you a FREE gift, the 42-page companion workbook to my seminar, “Your Healing Success Journal,” a dynamic workshop space for implementing the tools for healing and creating your heart’s desire ($24.95).

Prepare to Unlock the Power of Your Subconscious Mind to work for you! Through listening to and applying the information available on my Seminar CD, Success Breakthroughs Using Imagery and Affirmations ~ Tools for Your Healing,” you will learn how to create and activate powerful commands at all levels of your Subconscious Mind using Imagery and Affirmations to create success and happiness in every area of your life. CLICK TO ORDER Purchase Special Offer from this Page Only Learn more

FENG SHUI ~ The ancient art and science for attracting Success and Happiness is about your place in the universe and how it affects your destiny. Feng Shui works on evaluating and correcting imbalances that subtly affect your natural rhythms & disconnect you from nature’s positive, life affirming energies.

Feng Shui in Your Home is about the placement of things to attract health and prosperity. In Feng Shui practice there are 8 Key areas to your Success and Happiness. The first and central Key to Success and Happiness is your Health which is linked to your Family Ancestral Lineage. Without the love and care for your ancestors you can never experience true wealth, success and happiness in life, no matter the harmonic state of the other areas of your life.

There are Two Levels of Feng Shui.
1) Yi or Blessings – represent the Intangible, Will & Intuition and
2) Sying or Form which represents Tangible, Physical Shapes & Direction.

Yi or Blessings include: 1) Ba-Gua (the Flow) 2) Affirmations & Visualizations 3) Chants & Prayer 4) Mystical Acts & Blessings.

Sying or Shapes include: 1) Earth Ch’i 2) Earth Shapes 3) Building Shapes 4) Room Arrangement

Feng Shui offers you Two Solutions for correcting or curing imbalances of energy.
The first solutions are 1) Reasonable 2) Known and 3) Rational which are 10% effective.
The second solutions work with 1) Enriching areas 2) Resolving areas 3) Subconscious 4) Connecting Ch’i 5) Balancing Ch’i and are 110% to 120% effective.

Ancient law says humankind must live in harmony-balance with nature or suffer.

COMPLETE CHAKRA PROGRAM, includes my Complete Chakra Anointing Oils Kit, Guided Chakra Meditation 1-Hr Audio CD, recorded in tracks for easy listening and to focus on individual Chakras, along with my Chakra Guidebook FREE as a gift. CLICK TO ORDER

AROMATHERAPY & CHAKRA MEDITATIONS FOR HEALING The First Chakra – Muladhara or ROOT by KG Stiles, LMT, RBT, CBP, CAT ~ “Cultivate the Root and the Leaves & Branches Will Take Care of Themselves.” ~Confucius

From Sanskrit Muladhara can be translated as, “That which Holds the Base or Root.” Its element is Earth and its color is Ruby Red.

Aromatherapy for healing the First Chakra a pure essential oil or blend that is sweet, earthy and grounding. Vetiver, Lavender, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum and Patchouli are all good choices. PurePlant Essentials BE HERE NOW, a synergy blend of pure organic & wild crafted oils was specifically formulated for promoting balance and healing for first chakra blockages.Focus your awareness at the Muladhara or Base Chakra, your vital Root center, located at the end of your spine, the serpent’s tailbone.



YLANG YLANG ( Cananga odorata ~ True Ylang Ylang )


Keywords: Neutralizes Negative Energy – Softly sweet and warm Ylang Ylang has an intoxicating aroma (pronounced “eelang”) with sensual overtones. Ylang Ylang in the Malayan language means “flower of the flowers.” A native flower of Madagascar and the Reunion Islands Ylang Ylang’s fragrant pale yellow blossoms are used to grace a new marriage bed with a blessing of love and lasting happiness. CLICK TO READ THE DEVINE FEMININE

YLANG YLANG ( Cananga odorata ~ True Ylang Ylang )

$7.95 (SAVE $5.00) A valued oil since ancient times Narde is often used in religious ceremonies and was supposedly used inthefoot balm Mary Magdalene used to anoint her master’s feet in the New Testament of the Bible. A tranquilizer and relative of valerian Narde has the most powerful sedative action in aromatherapy and is helpful for easing anxiety and stress. CLICK TO PURCHASE YLANG YLANG Purchase Special Offer from this Page Only

Please join me in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
in October by purchasing the Natural Breast Health DVD, 10% of all sales will be donated to the Susan B. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. Learn about the importance of regular breast health care which includes a self exam and massage. READ BREAST HEALTH CARE ARTICLE

NATURAL BREAST HEALTH DVD by KG $19.95 (SAVE $5.00) Click to learn more It takes only a few seconds to perform the simple and highly effective Natural Breast Health Technique to promote natural breast health! I teach this technique as a preventative measure for breast cancer,

as well as to relieve the following symptoms: Breast tenderness, Uneven or lumpy breast tissue, Balance and stimulate milk production in lactating women, Pre-menstural tension and discomfort, Swelling and pain from breast surgery, Pectoralis muscle pain and Mastitis. This technique may be performed on yourself once a week, or daily as needed, either standing, sitting, or while taking a warm and soothing shower. It increases lymph drainage in, around and under the breast tissue, encouraging the area to remain free of toxic build-up. CLICK TO ORDER KG’S NATURAL BREAST HEALTH DVD


NOVEMBER FALL RELAXATION & SELF CARE – Chakra Massage, Visualization & Aromatherapy WORKSHOPS ~ Experience the miraculous power of the ancient practice of Chakra Care with hands-on techniques to promote balance and healing for your body, mind and spirit. Activate your healing hands and learn energizing Massage techniques, energy secrets for healing with Pranic Light Breathing, Visualizations, Mantras, Seed Syllables, Color, Aroma therapy and more… All levels of experience welcome!
WORKSHOPS in the series:

Workshop 1 – Relaxation & Stress Relief
Workshop 2 – Neck Tension, Jaw Pain & Headache Relief
Workshop 3 – Chronic Lower Back Pain & Sciatica Relief
Workshop 4 – Chronic Upper Back, Shoulder, Arm & Hand Pain Relief

DAYS: Thursdays
DATES: 11/1 – 11/29
TIME: 7:30—9:00pm
PLACE: The Grove, Otte/Peterson Room, Ashland
COST: $40. for 4 workshops and $10. materials fee (optional) paid to instructor or $12.50 per workshop and $5.00 materials fee (optional) paid to instructor
For more info and to register by phone Call Joy or Becky at Ashland Parks 541-488-5340


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Peaceful Pond by Dean Evenson (Soundtrack to KG’s Natural Breast Health DVD)



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I’ve enjoyed sharing with you and hope you’ll find something useful for your life in this issue. Please remember to share Health Mastery Ezine with your friends and family. Look for your next issue around October 23rd. Mahalo! KG

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