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“Trust is that leap of faith beyond belief to knowing and happens moment to moment, one cannot grasp or hold on to it.” ~KG Stiles FEATURED ESSENTIAL OIL ~ Tangerine ( Citrus reticulata ) – KEYWORDS: Trust & Innocence A soft, sweet aroma that’s simple, direct and honest, Just like smelling the fresh Tangerine fruit, absolutely delightful. Lighter and more playful than Orange oil!. Tangerine’s Uses & Applications PURCHASE TANGERINE OIL 15ML/$4.95 (SAVE $2.00)
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AROMATHERAPY ARTICLE Essential Oils to Balance the Five Elements – Wood Element. Your meridians are the channels through which your emotions flow. The natural and free flow of life force energy (your e-motions or energy in motion) coursing through your meridians ensures your health and longevity. While blocked or suppressed emotions result in clogged meridian channels and imbalances of health. Essential oils help restore the flow of chi through your meridians. The results of using aromatherapy to restore energetic balance and flow of chi may be enhanced by… READ ARTICLE

Relaxation & Self Care Summer Workshop Series – See flyer for details & how to register

Crystal Cave of Giants View awesome photos and read the story

Healing with Pure Essential Oils and Crystals read my series of 6 articles

Law of Attraction Movie Watch The Secret (Orginal Edition) with Esther Hicks

Learn about The Meditation Program Used by Teachers from “THE SECRET!”


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