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Happy New Year Aloha to Health Mastery Ezine Subscribers,™serving more than 32 countries around the world. Health Mastery Ezine is the Electronic Magazine dedicated to helping you create and maintain a natural state of health and well-being for your Body, Mind and Spirit.

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“It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined.” ~ Henry James NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS that work! Get clear pictures about what you want to set your resolution in motion. To create momentum for your resolution take time to line up the force of your energy of intention with your new pictures for manifestation. The most important thing is for you to choose an area of your life that stimulates the most positive feelings and images for you. Choose an area of your life that excites you and you feel passionate about. By performing this simple act, you resolve in your own Body, Mind and Spirit, how your New Year will be. At the same instant you have sent everyone in the entire universe an e- (energy) mail offering your intention that will attract incredible support for its manifestation. Every moment is an opportunity to set your clear intention for what you want to attract into your life! HAPPY NEW YEAR’S SPECIALS ~ To help you manifest the life you’ve imagined! Save on the CD of my seminar “Success Breakthroughs,” or purchase my entire “Success Breakthroughs” Value Package, includes CD and 42-page “Your Healing Success Journal.”

Prosperity Oil for Wealth Attraction!The New Year’s Tradition of Attracting Prosperity through the Use of Aromatic Oils has been practiced for centuries by many of the world’s greatest cultures! Click to read my article about Prosperity Oil for Wealth Attraction

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COLD & FLU SEASON SPECIAL – RID (Rapid Immune Defense) organic formula has a potent combination of the most powerful broad spectrum anti-microbial oils such as Thyme, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lavender, Tea Tree and Ravensara. Click to learn more about RID!

RID (RAPID IMMUNE DEFENSE) Aromatic Mist – 2oz/$9.95 (SAVE $5.00)

FEATURE ARTICLE ~ VETIVER, “Natural Anxiety Treatment by KG Stiles, CAT, LMT, RBT, CBP – A rare and mysterious fragrance Vetiver’s scent is rich, earthy and sweet with spicy undertones. Its aroma has a powerfully grounding and reassuring effect that can be relied upon to instantly relieve stress, anxiety or panic. Vetiver is open hearted and full of grace, helping us to face life’s challenges!


EZINE SPECIAL ~ VETIVER Wild Crafted, Hydrodiffused Root, Haiti ~ 5ml $4.95 (SAVE $2.00) 15ml $9.95 (SAVE $4.00)


CHARITY SPOTLIGHT ~ CLICK on a featured Charity. You can help someone in need at NO COST to you other than the time it takes to CLICK.

CLICK TO VISIT THE HUNGER SITE Click daily on the yellow button at The Hunger Site and give a cup of food to the hungry at no cost to you.



SUPPORT BOUNTY CARDS THAT COUNT – It’s Bounty’s 40th birthday, and they’re celebrating by giving $500,000 to charity! Introducing Cards That Count, a collection of e-greetings, created with Chandra Wilson and inspired by three worthy charitable organizations—the American Cancer Society®, the Make-A-Wish Foundation®, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.®.

Please let me know if you have a favorite charity you’d like to recommend for making charitable contributions. I appreciate your recommendations!

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Happy New Year 2007 – MAKE IT YOUR BEST!

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