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Welcome to Health Mastery Ezine,™the bi-weekly Ezine dedicated to helping you create and maintain exceptional health and well-being. Each issue will provide you with cutting edge alternatives in health care. Please feel free to forward this issue to your friends and family.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention

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HEALTH ARTICLE: Your Guide for Practical & Effective Ways to Use Aromatherapy in Daily Life or for Emergency Care by KG Stiles.

MEDIA SHOWCASE ~ Each issue we showcase selections from our list of media resources. We have YOU in MIND as we carefully select each book or music CD that we offer. We hope you will find inspiration and a renewed sense of wholeness and well-being with each of our offerings.

BOOK REVIEW: The Power of Intention, Wayne W. Dyer (also available in audio) I tremendously enjoyed this book in audio and have listened to it, especially certain sections, repeatedly. Whether you’re new to Wayne Dyer’s insights about life, or a seasoned fan this book is definitely worth adding to your library. For years Wayne Dyer has shared his very personal messages from his years of spiritual study and reflection. In this book Wayne shares more from his first hand spiritual experiences, as well as practical ways to implement the wisdom gleaned in our daily life. The teaching here goes deeper than just controlling one’s thoughts.

MUSIC REVIEW: Reiki: The Light Touch, Merlin’s Magic. This CD is a classic and a favorite. Clients absolutely love it and often request it. Reiki which means “Universal Life Energy,” is great for reducing your levels of stress and enhancing relaxation. There is an unlimited supply of “life force energy” available to you for improving health and enhancing the quality of your life. This music CD was developed especially for this purpose, as were the other music CD’s by these artists. Click to listen to a music sample, read a review and purchase.

“Take a cinematic journey of the Heart, Mind and Spirit! Join the Spiritual Cinema Circle… the world’s first transformational DVD-of-the-month Club! Receive 4 inspiring new films every month… hard to find, award winning movies you won’t find anywhere else! Nothing to return… DVDs are yours to keep!” Click on the image below to learn more!

YOUR RAINBOW BRIDGE ~ SEVENTH ACTION EXERCISE ~ Your Rainbow Bridge is a term used in esoteric healing for the circuits of energy that connect your physical or egoic life forces with your transpersonal Divine Nature. Please use this guided visualization series to assist you in clearing, balancing and charging the 7 major chakras of your energy system. Click to learn your Seventh Action Exercise.

WHAT CLIENTS ARE SAYING ~ “I’d never heard of either KG Stiles, or the Bowen Technique, but I was intrigued by her ads and thought I’d try something new for my persistent sciatica and TMJ.Penny Colvin, Associate Real Estate Broker. Click to read entire message.

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