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Happy Valentine!

Welcome to Health Mastery Ezine,™the bi-weekly Ezine dedicated to helping you create and maintain exceptional health and well-being. Each issue will provide you with cutting edge alternatives in health care. Please feel free to forward this issue to your friends and family.

Accept for a moment that the mind is your “Genie.” It will do exactly what you tell it to do. Now, recall some of the directions you have been giving Genie, such as: “I’m coming down with a cold.”, “I won’t be able to pay these bills this month”, “I just can’t stop smoking”, “I’m pretty ignorant.” Say these things out loud. How does it feel? What other things have you said today that are for your harm and not for your good?”
~ Thomas D. Willhite, Living Synergistically

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE click for details! ANNOUNCING the WINNER of our PurePlant Essentials Contest ~ Jean Milgram of Medford, Oregon, USA

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FORTY DAY CHALLENGE ~ In our next issue we will announce the guidelines for accepting our Forty Day Challenge to Create a Life of Joy and Relaxation!



HEALTH ARTICLE: Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again, by KG Stiles.In my last article about Transforming Your Shadow I told you about how to recognize, Your ‘false’ Emotional Nature.”

In Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again we conclude our series of articles about Transforming Your Shadow.

MEDIA SHOWCASE ~ Each issue we showcase selections from our growing list of media resources. We have carefully hand picked each book or music CD with you in mind. We hope you will find inspiration and a renewed sense of wholeness and well-being with each of our offerings:


An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life, Dalai Lama XIV, Nicholas Vreeland, Richard Gere [Available in Audio] “Just as musicians train their hands, athletes their reflexes, linguists their ears, scholars their perceptions, so we direct our minds and hearts.” With his characteristic deftness, His Holiness the Dalai Lama builds bridges for us to cross from the realities of our everyday life to the world of Spirit. Click to read the review and to purchase.

MUSIC REVIEW: Orchid,Shao Rong “Shao Rong is one of China’s most refined and talented pipa players, having won top honors and prestige at home and abroad. This magnificent CD showcases her original heartfelt musical compositions. A feeling of timelessness and serenity overcomes the listener the beauty of the compositions are without equal. Click to listen to a sample and to purchase.

“Take a cinematic journey of the Heart, Mind and Spirit! Join the Spiritual Cinema Circle… the world’s first transformational DVD-of-the-month Club! Receive 4 inspiring new films every month… hard to find, award winning movies you won’t find anywhere else! Nothing to return… DVDs are yours to keep!”

WHAT CLIENTS ARE SAYING ~ When I first started seeing KG more than two years ago my primary concern was to just feel “right” again I’d seen several allopathic and alternative health care professionals with little result… My doctor continues to re-test my thyroid and adjusts my medication as I show signs of improvement which impresses my doctor!” Susan Thompson, Artist and Mortgage Broker. Click to read entire message.



CONGRATULATIONS JEAN! You’ve won a 2 ounce bottle of our PurePlant Essentials Body Easeorganic essential oils formula. You’ll also receive an additional gift from us ~ a 4 ounce bottle of Pure Plant Essentials RID™ (Rapid Immune Defense) organic essential oils formula.

Please Claim your prize within the next 72 hours by sending us the address where we may send your PurePlant Essentials. Thanks for entering our contest and again, Congratulations!

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PLEASE NOTE: Each Subscriber may ENTER TO WIN ONLY ONCE per contest. We pay the shipping to anywhere you may live in the world!


The WINNER will be announced in our next issue!

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