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Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Aloha Everyone,

A BIG WARM ALOHA TO ALL and welcome to my newest subscribers! Happy New Year 2012 and thanks so much for joining me for this issue of Health Mastery.

For most of us 2012 started with a BANG!!! that quickly turned into an internal cleanse of old emotional baggage activated by the Cancer Full Moon and the planet Mars. The Cancer Moon is often referred to as the Mother Moon and when Full known for helping us release deeply held emotional tension in our body and mind. So, we’ve all been getting a good house cleaning. This theme of clearing continues into June of this year as the old is swept away, making room for a completely New You! New visions for ourselves and our world are being seeded now and will pick up pace as we move into 2012.

The Aquarius New Moon on January 22nd gives us a brilliant glimpse of what our future can hold for us as Mars stands still on the 23rd and turns Retrograde. During Mars Retrograde phase our actions to re-invent ourselves in the area of our life where Mars is located gets a detailed and thorough once over. You’ll be motivated to take action to review and revise your habitual patterns in this area of your life. So, until April 13th your passion, drive and actions are turned inward. Of course in Virgo this could feel like hyper self criticism, or this detailed and thorough self examination, if done with a loving attitude, could result in stellar and lasting transformation of the old into the new you! Resisting the need to change your behaviors in this area will only result in frustration.

Your actions now take on an intuitive thrust and receive help to do this after Neptune crosses into Pisces when developing your intuition is highly favored and supported. This is a great time to meditate and develop your intuition over the next fourteen (14) years when Neptune is in its home sign of Pisces.

Please check out Astro Highlights 2012 for more news about celestial events during January to May. Highlights include the Astro Numerology for 2012 and more. You’ll find intriguing bits of insightful information that will assist you in navigating the opportunities and a few snags over the next three (3) months and be sure to read Heavenly Stars Astrology for all your up to date astrology news and YouTubes.

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Finally I wanted to let you know about two upcoming special events with my friends Jude Currivan, Ph.D. and Jonathan Goldman. Jude is hosting an online salon webinar series (February 11 – March 3, 2012) sponsored by and Jonathan is facilitating the 10th annual Sound Healing Day on February 14th.

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I always love sharing with you and hope you’ll find something useful for your life in this issue of Health Mastery Ezine. Thanks for telling others about us and being the change you want to see in our world!

Happy New Year 2012!
with love, KG

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ASTRO HIGHLIGHTS 2012 January – May
KG Stiles, Host

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Highlights & Opportunities during this time include:
1) 2012 Astro Numerology
2) 1/23 Mars Retrograde, Chinese New Year Water Dragon
3) 2/3 Neptune moves into Pisces 14 years, Intuition Highly Favored
4) 2/7 Saturn’s Retrograde, Leo Full Moon
5) 3/12 Mercury Retrograde
6) 3/10 Pluto Retrograde
7) 4/13 Mars Direct.


The Nine Planets of Our Solar System

As always look where a celestial body is located in your own astrology chart, what house it occupies, to see where the action is happening in your own personal life.

Click to find exact times in your part of the world.

New Moon at 2° Aquarius on Sunday, January 22nd at 11:39pm PT
The best time for your New Moon meditation and setting your intentions is just at the new moon until January 25th at :34am PT when the Moon goes Void of Course.

The Aquarius Sun joins with an Aquarian New Moon on the 22nd when your visions and a plan for implementing them become clear if only briefly. Pay close attention for what surfaces as on January 23rd Mars is in harmonious aspect with the planet Mercury as it stations Retrograde signifying a clear vision about what your future holds! January 23rd is also the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon when new beginnings

are possible. Look for where the Aquarian New Moon is located in your chart to know which area of your life is being highlighted.

The New Moon in Aquarius

inspires new visions and fresh imaginings in the area of your life where it’s located. As always the New Moon energies are an excellent time for planting your seeds of intention for manifesting your true hearts desires. Since the New Moon is in Aquarius the focus is especially about change and revolution.

Make the most of the Aquarius New Moon with a 2012 Aquarius New Meditation.

Mars Retrograde at 23º Virgo on January 23rd at 4:54pm PT. This is an extraordinarily long transit of 8 months, usually Mars is in a sign for 7-8 weeks. The reason for this is Mars long retrograde period that starts January 23rd.

With Mars slowing down for its Retrograde the 2012 New Year began with an internal thrust. You could have felt frustrated if you want to take control and direct events and get things going for quick results in your external world. Mars Retrograde wants you to slow down, review and learn from your past actions so that you can make needed revisions that will set you up for taking actions in the future that will garner long term results after Mars stations Direct on April 13th. The Mars Retrograde period is not a good time to initiate new projects, but rather to review things you’ve previously started. This energy is perfect for breaking down and changing patterns, habits and paradigms that do not serve you, so you can get more rewarding results in the area where Mars is presently located. Look in your astrology chart to see which house Mars in Virgo is located. This is where you will be taking consistent action toward fulfilling what you desire to happen in this area of your life. This is a tremendous opportunity for having ample energy for being productive and making needed changes. Much can be accomplished during Mars transit of Virgo.

Neptune into Pisces February 3rd at 10:52am PT

for a 14 years. All babies born during this time will be highly sensitive and psychic. This is a generational cycle when talking about and using your intuition to navigate more smoothly through your life experience is not only popular, but highly recommended. Your intuition is your insider information for being where you need to be, doing what you need to be doing and connecting with all the right people and situations for creating a fabulous and fun earth based experience.

Creativity, love, romance, spirituality, music, film, and the arts of all kinds are under the rulership of Neptune in Pisces so be prepared to feel loved and inspired in the coming generation. The downside of the Neptune energy is gullibility and delusion. One of the ways our ally and teacher Neptune teaches us about how to use our spiritual gifts and develop our intuition is by presenting us with people and situations that help us fine tune our discernment for who to trust and who not to trust. The general rule is if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Do your due diligence and check the person or situation out before falling head over heels in love. Observe the truth, not what you fantasize and project you’d like to be the truth.

Watch KG’s Astro Highlights Neptune in Pisces show to find out what Neptune in Pisces means for you.


Saturn Retrograde at 29º Libra on February 7th at 6:03am PT –

the same day as a Leo Full Moon. Saturn governs structure and teaches us how to be responsible and mature in order to manifest our dreams into reality. One of Saturn’s favourite ways of teaching is through presenting us with limitations and delays. Today has the potential for a very high drama day given all the astrological aspects occurring though the creative potentials are definitely there. Saturn’s Retrograde movement could either signal a sudden illumination that may be disheartening, or something you’re about celebrate that doesn’t happen, or the withdrawal of an offer that actually turns out for the best in the long run. Watch for this day to see what happens! It’s a Wild Card Day. There could be some dramatic turn of events on the world stage. Watch Astro Highlights Saturn in Libra by Sign – KG Stiles, Host talks with Astrologer Neil D. Paris.


Sagittarius – Aquarius
with Astrologer Neil D. Paris


Leo – Scorpio
with Astrologer Neil D. Paris


with Astrologer Neil D. Paris

Mercury Retrograde at 6º Aries on March 12th at :49pm PT –
Mercury, the planet of communications, rules the various ways we connect in our lives and has recently conjunct the planet Uranus, the Awakener. The combination of Mercury and Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury unleashes electric and eccentric energies during this period of time making this Mercury Retrograde excellent for reviewing and renegotiating contractual agreements, travel plans, habitual ways of thinking, reviewing your visions and goals. Again, something that got an initial activation recently needs revision and review and the energies are stellar for genius solutions occurring that will absolutely delight you. There’s a slow down in your plans for good cause that you’ll discover over the next 3 weeks. Mercury stations Direct on April 4th at 23º Pisces and you get the green light to begin forward movement again in the area of your life where Mercury is located.

Pluto Retrograde at 9º Capricorn on April 10th – Whatever area of your life Pluto has been transforming now gets an even deeper look. Look in your astrology chart to see where Pluto is located. Pluto uncovers the deepest, most hidden parts ourselves and our lives for regeneration and healing. It’s Pluto’s job to bring our shadow and buried past into the light to free our collective psyche for rebirth and renewal. Watch KG’s Astro Highlights Pluto Transit in Capricorn by Sign interview with Aussie Astrologer Yasmin Boland to find out what Pluto in Capricorn means for you.

with Aussie Astrologer Yasmin Boland

Uranus at 0º Aries.
We started 2012 with Jupiter (Big Expansive Ideas) at 0º Taurus (Loves Comfort, Down to Earth) and Uranus (Awakener, Revolution, Change) at 0º Aries (Pioneer, Initiates Action). In astrology the 0º of a sign initiates and activates a new cycle of energy. This energy to initiate something new was amplified by the Waxing Aries moon which is tremendous birthing energy. The pressure represented by the Uranus square Pluto for revolutionary change to established structures and systems of governance, both on an individual and collective level, will get amped up as Pluto moves Retrograde in April and the two planets are set on a course to collide in June. Watch KG’s Astro Highlights Uranus in Aries show to find out what Uranus in Aries means for you.


New Year’s Day Jupiter was at 0º Taurus

after moving Direct on Christmas December 25th. The planet of good fortune is in Taurus, the sign of comfort and sensual pleasures until June when it crosses over into Gemini.

Photo Credit: Planets & Solar System NASA, Winter Solstice at Stonehinge 1980’s by Mark Grant Wiki GNU Free License.


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Jude Currivan, Ph.D.
with Guests
Ervin Laszlo
Jim Garrison
Marilyn Schilitz
February 11 – March 3, 2012 (4 Saturday sessions)

My dear friend Jude Currivan is hosting an Interactive Online Salon Webinar series on February 11 to March 3, 2012 (4 Saturday sessions) exploring the bigger picture of these momentous times – and what everyone can do to make a difference. Please join Jude and her special guests futurist Ervin Laszlo, activist Jim Garrison head of the Wisdom University and consciousness researcher Marilyn Schlitz head of IONs (Institute of Noetic Research). To learn more and register please visit


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My friend Jonathan Goldman is the facilitator for this beautiful opportunity for all of us to focus intentionalized sound for the purpose of expanding unity consciousness, peace and healing on Mother Earth. At 12 noon (your local time in your time zone) on February 14th, you are invited to join people around the planet as a “sonic activist” by nourishing your intention of peace and encoding it upon the “AH” sound, create and project your sonic Valentine to Mother Earth and of her Children with the energy of Compassion, Love, Peace and Healing. You may go to the Temple of Sacred Sound to help empower this global healing intention and experience.

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