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Tuesday, November 21, 2011

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A BIG WARM ALOHA TO ALL and welcome to my newest subscribers! Thanks so much for joining me for this issue of Health Mastery.

November is certainly a gateway month for making choices that can turn on a new reality for you. How are you doing so far with making wise choices to create the life you imagine for yourself and our world, rather than re-create the same old stories and patterns that no longer serve you. This is a critical pivot point month for yourself both individually and collectively for the future of our world. Those little seemingly insignificant choice points of alignment with your vision will join in the collective pool and as you move through December and on into 2012 you’ll continue getting stronger and stronger feedback. I’d like to share a poem about your power of choice.

Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes,
And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:
He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:
Environment is but his looking-glass. ~James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

On November 23rd at 11:21pm Mercury, the trickster of the zodiac, stations Retrograde at 20° Sagittarius. Mercury will help you to slow down for a review to take care of what needs upgrade or repair in your life. Mercury’s retrograde ends on December 14th. This is an especially poignant Retro phase as Mercury’s Retrograde arcs over a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 3° Sagittarius on November 24th at 10:10pm and a Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) at 18° Gemini on Saturday, December 10th 6:36am PT. Read Heavenly Stars Astrology for all your up to date astrology news and how to make the most of current astrological cycles, including an Astro Highlights YouTube video for Nov Dec 2011.

Recently I spoke with my friend, Dr. Jude Currivan, about her new book, H.O.P.E – Healing Our People & Earth an internationally acclaimed scientist, healer, cosmologist and best-selling author with a lifetime study of consciousness and metaphysics. Jude holds a PhD in Archaeology, having researched ancient cosmologies, and a Masters degree in Physics, studying quantum physics and cosmology at Oxford University. Dr. Currivan has also worked with and learned from the shamans and elders of many wisdom traditions. Through her years of research and training Jude is well equipped to take her readers on this major journey of transformation and healing that is revealed through her new book H.O.P.E. Healing Our Planet and Earth. H.O.P.E. takes a higher view of the BIGGER picture at work during this crucial period of planet Earth’s history. Jude weaves together information about our origins, world politics, UFOs, ancient Vedic texts, Astrological data, the Mayan calendar and much more to deliver a message of hope and healing.

Join me today on Conversations for my enlightening discussion with Dr. Jude Currivan about her new book H.O.P.E. – Healing Our People & Earth. You can also watch YouTube segments of our conversation.



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I always love sharing with you and hope you’ll find something useful for your life in this issue of Health Mastery Ezine. Thanks for telling others about us and being the change you want to see in our world!

With Love, KG


A synergistic blend of pure organic essential oils, healing gemstones and crystals that helps neutralize potential negative effects of a 3-week Mercury Retrograde period, and, when disruptions do occur, supports you to relax & shift into an “intuitive” perspective for curing/balancing any disruptions. more info




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Universal Heart (8th chakra) Meditation

The Universal Heart (8th chakra)

is your connection to The Divine Mother and may be accessed for harmonizing and healing your personal, ancestral and collective unconscious. You may harmonize and heal any event, person, place, dis-ease, or situation that is known or unknown to you through all time, space, and dimensions in the universal heart (8th chakra). Meditation in the universal heart (8th chakra) is especially effective for harmonizing and healing non-responding dis-ease that has its roots in repetitive ancestral and collective patterns. You might say the 8th chakra is your portal for allowing the law grace to flow and operate in your life! The law of grace supersedes, and frees you from the law of karma, or the law of cause and effect. Even just a taste of the Blessed Mother’s Divine nectar of Cosmic Love is said to be all that’s needed to soothe and comfort your body and soul completely, so that you can experience profound transformation and healing of your consciousness that will continue through all the days of your life.

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ROSEWOOD OIL ( Aniba rosaeodora )

Rosewood is an endangered species though some sources assure that their Rosewood oil is from a Renewable Source. A Renewable Source means the oil is produced from a plantation that reforests, plants new trees for every mature tree it harvests.

Rosewood has a sweet floral aroma that blends well with other wood and floral oils.

Method of extraction & location: Steam Distilled Wood, Brazil
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The Nine Planets of Our Solar System


As always look where a celestial body is located in your own astrology chart, what house it occupies, to see where the action is happening in your own personal life.

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The Planet Uranus – the planet representing revolution and change is in Aries, the pioneer and initiator. We continue to feel the powerful squeeze and pressure to revolutionize and change as we move into June and July when an exact square occurs between Pluto (the ruler of the underworld, and the planet of regeneration, transformation and healing) and Uranus (sudden unexpected change, revolution). Pluto brings shadow material into the light of consciousness for integration and healing and Uranus awakens us to new revolutionary ways of doing things.

The Planet Pluto is in Capricorn the sign ruling structure and established form that are being regenerated as the breakdown being ushered in by Uranus in Aries brings in new, unexpected breakthroughs to help us re-invent our global systems that are sustainable and will support us in the coming new world age. In June of 2012 Pluto and Uranus form their first exact square and that really amps up our individual and collective evolutionary change through 2018.

Mars in sign of Virgo Nov 10, 2011 – July 4, 2012. This is an extraordinarily long transit of 8 months, usually Mars is in a sign for 7-8 weeks. The reason for this is Mars long retrograde period that starts in January. Mars is the planet that motivates us to take action and fulfill our desires. Look in your astrology chart to see which house Mars in Virgo is located. This is where you will be taking consistent action toward fulfilling what you desire to happen in this area of your life. This is a tremendous opportunity for having ample energy for being productive and making needed changes. Much can be accomplished during Mars transit of Virgo.

Mercury retrogrades on November 24th,
to keep your holidays interesting and deepen their meaning for you. Check and double check itineraries and travel dates as the trickster of the zodiac will be teaching us about slowing down, and reviewing our attitudes, revising our thought patterns and taking care of what needs upgrade or repair. Mercury’s retrograde ends on December 14th.

Mercury Retrograde Shadow Explained:
Mercury’s retrograde shadow begins on November 5th just as Mercury reaches 3º Sagittarius. On November 24th when Mercury stations at 20º Sagittarius and begins its backward motion until December 14th when it stations at 3º Sagittarius (where it was on November 5th). The degree point to which Mercury returns during the actual retrograde is called the Mercury Retrograde Shadow.

The Planet Neptune

(imagination, psychic sensitivity) currently is in the last degrees of Aquarius where it’s been since late November 1998. It will station Direct on (November 9 at 10:55am PT), the day before the Taurus Full Moon at 18º Taurus, (exact at 12:18pm PT on November 10th) which will intensify Neptune’s affect of increasing our emotional and psychic sensitivity. Watch KG’s Astro Highlights Neptune in Pisces show to find out what Neptune in Pisces means for you.


Solar Eclipse at 3° Sagittarius on Thursday, November 24 at 10:10pm PT The best time for your New Moon meditation and setting your intentions is just before and at the new moon tide until the moon goes void of course on November 26 at 4:06pm PT.

The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse is Trine the planet Uranus which amps up the revolutionary energy for change in the areas of your life where these two (2) planets are located. Sagittarius is the sign of expansion and its ruling planet Jupiter represents the higher mind. Jupiter is presently stationed in the earth sign of Taurus which is pleasure seeking, loves comfort, moves slow and is grounded. Jupiter is forming a Grand Earth Trine with Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo excellent for manifesting new structures on the the physical plane. The Grand Earth Trine remains active until July 2012. This Solar Eclipse Trine to the planet Uranus signals an easy flow of energy for innovative solutions to long standing problems. Make the most of the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse New Moon with a Sagittarius Solar Eclipse Meditation.

The Planet Uranus (revolutionary change) stations Direct at 0º Aries (pioneer, initiative) on December 9th the day before the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on December 10th. Though these two celestial forces are in harmonious elements to one another their combination will most certainly intensify the sudden stimulus for radical change and resulting fireworks for freedom represented by these two heavenly bodies at this time. As well the pressure for breakdown represented by Uranus Square to Pluto will also certainly get amped up considerably at this time. Watch KG’s Astro Highlights Uranus in Aries show to find out what Uranus in Aries means for you.


Lunar Eclipse

(Full Moon) at 18° Gemini on Saturday, December 10th 6:36am PT The best time to do your full moon meditation is at the full moon until the moon goes void of course on the 11th at 2:25am PT

The Gemini full moon lunar eclipse is an excellent time to focus on your deepest desires and needs for fulfilment! Sagittarius represents the higher mind, education, adventure, and expansion and the Lunar Eclipse represents BIG fulfilment, a dream come true, or at this time you could have some heavy duty burden lifted or baggage that gets released, a huge ending of some sort that you are way past over and due for letting go of and moving on from.

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