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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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A BIG WARM ALOHA TO ALL, and welcome to my newest subscribers! Thanks so much for joining me for this issue of Health Mastery. In March the BIG EVENT in the news was Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami which precipitated the nuclear power plant disasters and crisis in Japan and threatens our world now faced with nuclear fallout. CLICK HERE to listen to David Wolfe’s MP3 podcast about the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant and what steps you can take to shield yourself from possible harmful radiation, including supplementation with iodine. I see this as another major wake-up call and an opportunity to re-think our future plans for further proliferation of nuclear power plants on Mother Earth. This planetary event occurred exactly on the day that Uranus moved into the sign of Aries for its 7 year stay. Please listen to my recent Astrology – Astro Highlights to find out what Uranus station in Aries means for you, and how Uranus in Aries can affect you and dramatically change your life for the better over the next 7 years? I’ll be posting a SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN for Astrology – Astro Highlights about the planet Neptune’s move into Pisces very soon, so stay tuned!

In this issue I interview my friend Eldon Taylor about his newest book, What If? The Challenge of Self Realization. Listen to our provocative discussion about what it means to be self realized, the obstacles we must all face along the way, and steps you can take for your own personal enlightenment. Also in this issue I announce the launch of KG Stiles Kindle Books on Please check out our current selection of titles! We’ll regularly be adding new Kindle Books titles to the list. My Aromatherapy course with DailyOm is scheduled for its major launch on April 13th. As a Health Mastery subscriber you’ll receive a special announcement for this event, so be on the look out for it! Also when you purchase Eldon’s new book you receive Class 1 of my Aromatherapy course with Daily Om FREE as a gift. Please stay current and Like Us on and Now!

My friend Dr. Eldon Taylor’s new book What If? The Challenge of Self Realizationbook launch campaign is NOW in progress. Many well-known luminaries in the field of self help and mind, body, spirit are highly recommending Eldon’s new book. Here’s what Michael Bernard Beckwith has to say about What If?

“Few are the authors who turn you inside out, who blow up your preconceived notions and cause you to become honest with yourself through and through. That’s precisely what happens when you read What If. I highly recommend this book to those who are unflinching in their journey to the Authentic Self.”

~ Michael Bernard Beckwith
Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential

You can select from hundreds of FREE gifts when you order What If? including Class 1 of KG’s NEW Aromatherapy course with DailyOm that is scheduled for its major launch on April 13, 2011. You can can also enter to win incredible prizes from Eldon’s sponsors, including A Trip For Two to The I Can Do It! Conference In Pasadena, CA October 14-16, 2011. Find out what other’s are saying about What If? The Challenge of Self Realization and order your copy today!


Astrology – Astro Highlights – Uranus in Aries – KG Stiles, Host

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The Nine Planets of Our Solar System


As always look where a celestial body is located in your own astrology chart, what house it occupies, to see where the action is happening in your own personal life.

Neptune moves into Pisces on Monday, April 4th at 6:36am PT for a brief stay until Thursday, August 4th at 8:11pm PT when it will re-enter Aquarius. Neptune is a watery, dreamy planet of imagination, intuition and spirituality and rules the sign Pisces. Neptune will re-enter its home sign of Pisces on February 4, 2012 for a long 13+ year stay.

I’ll be posting a new Astrology Astro Highlights show about Neptune’s move into Pisces very soon on my YouTube Channel. Subscribe KGStiles YouTube Channel

New Moon at 13˚ Aries on Sunday, April 3 at 6:31pm PT. The New moon is always conjunct the Sun and thus a potent time of starting new projects, and planting your seeds of intention. This Aries New Moon is exactly opposite to the planet Saturn (planet that gives form and structure). Saturn is the taskmaster and helps perform the necessary work to realize our intentions, goals and dreams. Oppositions represent opportunities for illumination and with Saturn’s current retrograde movement and review phase of orbit, it’s likely we will have important revelations about how we may be sabotaging or creating obstacles in our path for fulfilment in the areas of our life where Saturn and the New Moon are located. Today Mars (the planet of action) will conjunct Uranus (the Awakener, sudden unexpected change and revelations) at 1˚ Aries (sign of action and taking initiative, ruled by the planet Mars). The Aries New Moon always heralds the Astrological New Year and one of the best times to plant your seeds of intention. Make the most of this time and take action with a New Moon in Aries Meditation Ritual.

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I always love sharing with you and hope you’ll find something useful for your life in this issue of Health Mastery Ezine. Thanks for telling others about us, and sharing our positive message with the world and being the change you want to see in our world!

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