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Health Mastery Ezine ~ Happy New Year
Tuesday January 12, 2010

Aloha and Welcome!

A BIG WARM Thank You to everyone for your many cards, letters and phone calls of appreciation, and good cheer during the holidays. I’m always glad to hear how what I share with you is helping make a difference in your life.

My son Ezra was home for two weeks at Christmas, and spoiled me with his culinary skills. It was a wonderful time of sharing for us! I hope the holidays were a time of celebrating love for each of you, and being thankful for your many blessings in life.

Welcome to all of my new Health Mastery Ezine subscribers, and thanks to everyone who has connected with me on Twitter, and Facebook. I love sharing love and healing with you through our community networks, so please come play with me on Facebook and Twitter.

The New Year started off with a BANG, and I have been busily letting go of the old to make way for new visions for myself and my life, and I encourage you to do the same. There’s tremendous activity happening in the heavenly stars this week as Saturn moves Retrograde on Wednesday the 13th, followed by a Solar Eclipse on the 14th, Mercury moves Direct on the 15th, Jupiter moves into Pisces on the 17th, Venus moves in Aquarius on the 18th, and the Sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th. That’s quite a line-up of heavenly shifts to integrate.

There no better way I know of to rapidly shift your energies, create new patterns, and manifest a new vision for your life than a Feng Shui Vision Board. For guidance and insights about designing your Vision Board for 2010 please listen to my New Year’s show! I’ve gotten glowing reports from people who have created Vision Boards with tremendous results! I am designing a New Vision Board for 2010, and will set my intentions and activate my New Vision Board on the tide of the New Moon Solar Eclipse that’s happening on January 14th. Please join me wherever you are in the world!

Vision Board for 2010 New Year – Learn guidelines for designing this powerful attraction device using ancient Feng Shui principles, and universal laws of attraction to create harmonic wealth for body, mind, and soul. The Vision Board is a teaching tool to help you realize the power of your thoughts and intentions, and manifest your soul life purpose and quantum success in all areas of your life. During the show you’ll be guided in a healing and manifesting meditation. I’m available for consulting to help you with making your Vision Board stellar in its attraction power starting for as little as $29.00/15minute consult. learn more

Listen to Vision Board 2010 on Transform & Heal Your Life
Click the link to listen online. To download podcast right click link & save.

I invite you to join me for this week’s live call-in show:

THE MYSTERY OF HEALING What is Healing? Why Do Some People Heal While Others Do Not? Are you a Healer? On today’s show we’ll explore the soul of healing, what consciousness has to do with healing, and the supreme law that activates all healing. I will guide listeners through a powerful and transformative healing ritual, as well as take your calls for energy readings, so

I love hearing from you! Please let me know How I Can Help You, and if you have show ideas for Transform and Heal Your Life, send them to me EMAIL KG.

Happy New Year 2010, KG xxx

The Wounded Healer
(watch the video)

Everyone has Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in their astrological chart.
In the native American Tradition, as well as other indigenous tribal mythologies, there is the archetype of the wounded healer. Because the wounded healer is a god and immortal the wounds can never be completely healed, and so for eternity the wounded healer seeks healing, and because of his/her wounds is driven to heal, and through the path of healing receives healing in return.

Thanks for joining us!

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The Nine Planets of Our Solar System

As always look where a celestial body is located in your own astrology chart, what house it occupies, to see where the action is happening in your own personal life.

Saturn moves Retrograde at 4° Libra on Wednesday, January 13th at 7:58am until May 30th. You’ll have an opportunity to review all that has taken place since the fall, and create something substantial for yourself in the process.

New Moon Solar Eclipse at 25° Capricorn on Thursday, January 14th at 11:11pm Pacific. With all the activity in the astrological heavens this new moon will pack a punch for launching new projects, and whole new lives, so take note, and make a choice to get into the action with some New Year New Moon Solar Eclipse intentions for 2010.

Click for a New Moon Solar Eclipse Meditation

Mercury Stations Direct at 5° Capricorn on Friday, January 15th at 8:52am. You’ll put into action new thoughts and fresh ideas that have or will come into your awareness as a result of the retrograde review period. Opportunities for implementing positive change in the area where Mercury is located are now possible.

Jupiters move into Pisces on Sunday, January 17th highlights a year full of optimism, idealism, and spiritual pursuits; there is also potential for confusion, and disillusionment in the area where Jupiter is located. Contemplation, meditation, and spiritual studies are favored. Good luck and beneficial outcomes in the area where Jupiter is located over the next year are possible.

Venus moves into Aquarius on Monday, January 18th through February 11th. Indicates unusual love interests. Your emotions and feelings may tend to be more eccentric, and erratic at this time.

Sun enters Aquarius at 8:28pm Pacific on Tuesday, January 19th. Your focus is on original and even revolutionary ideas and visions for the future.

Saturn at 4° Libra square Pluto at 4° Capricorn.This 2nd square between these two planets occurs on Monday, February 1st. The 3rd square occurs on Saturday, August 21st when Saturn Direct at 2° Libra squares Pluto Retrograde at 2° Capricorn. This square indicates a conflict between the two forces represented in our psyche as Saturn (authority, established structures, responsibility, maturity) and Pluto (regeneration, transformation and healing). Squares feel tense and high pressured and represent opportunities for breakthrough, and can result in complete break down of old structures that are not longer viable and in need of dissolution and transformation, like the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly which is the death of the old form and its rebirth into a entirely new form. So this is a powerfully transformative astrological cycle we are currently in!!

Mars Retrograde from December 20th at 19° Leo until March 10th when it Stations Direct at 0° Leo. Missed opportunities may resurface, or people from our past may return. This is time to review, revise your plan for better outcomes with things associated with the house where Leo is located.

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We’ve enjoyed sharing
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