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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Aloha and Welcome!

Aloha Dear Friends,

I launched my CBS Radio Show Transform and Heal Your Life earlier this week. The purpose of the show is to help people navigate the cycles of life for soul making with more grace and ease. On the show we talk about all aspects of healing, and teachers and experts in the fields of spirituality, personal development, and energy healing join me on the show. The question I have for my listeners is, How can I help you?

The theme of this week’s show was about healing the subconscious mind and the truth about mind programming. Tuesday’s powerful Gemini moon(11:30pm Pacific) that followed on the heels of the planet Uranus moving Direct on Monday, representing the freedom to move forward, was a an opportunity for each of us to purge old patterns from our subconscious mind. We may have experienced a tidal wave of release old pent-up emotions, and sudden forward movement.

On the show I talked about Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian word for “to make right,” and guided listeners in a Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation. My guest Dr. Eldon Taylor, New York Times best-selling author Choices and Illusions: How Did I Get Where I Am, and How Do I Get Where I Want to Be? joined me to talk about the about mind programming. Dr. Taylor shared extraordinary insights and research about mind programming, and simple methods for empowering yourself to realize your dreams. Dr. Eldon’s most recent book, Mind Programming: From Persuasion and Brainwashing, to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics.

Click the link to listen online. To download podcast right click link & save.

This week on Transform and Heal Your Life we’ll talk about Chakra Healing – You’ll have an opportunity to learn about your 7 Major chakras: what they are, how they function, and how to clear them of blockage and imbalance. You’ll learn the physical, mental and emotional signs of chakra imbalance, as well as effective healing techniques for restoring your chakras to full radiant health. I’ll take you on a wonderful soul journey for clearing, synchronizing, and amplifying your chakra energy system which will include the 8th (universal heart) and 9th (earth star) chakras.

Listeners can call in for chakra healing, and to ask questions.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who has written me since the last newsletter whether sending me your wonderful notes of appreciation, making supportive comments, or responding to the question, “What Always Delights You,” for a chance to win an Advanced Chakra E-Guidebook. I always love hearing from you! Please let me know How I Can Help You, and if you have show ideas for Transform and Heal Your Life, send them to me. I invite you to join me for this week’s show, and call in, I’d love to help you! EMAIL KG

Love & blessings, KG


The Hidden Meaning Behind Illness, and What Personality has to do with Health and Well-being

KG talks with Dr. Carol Ritberger
Click the link to listen online (allow a few moments to open). To download right click link and save.

Dr. Carol Ritberger

is a renowned medical intuitive, and best-selling author,Healing Happens With Your Help: Understanding the Hidden Meanings Behind Illness, and What Color Is Your Personality: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green

Dr. Ritberger’s work has been featured in the media on radio and television, and her books are used as text books in numerous educational institutions. Carol hosts her own live call-in Internet radio show, The Carol Ritberger Show, every Wednesday at 10 A.M Pacific Time, on

To learn more about Dr. Carol Ritberger, and her work as a medical intuitive, schedule a private reading, or register for her FREE monthly teleclass, please visit her website at: Where you can also take a short assessment to learn your own personality color.

Join us on Conversations for a revealing look into medical intuition, and the role emotions and attitudes play in becoming ill, and healing. Carol will also share revealing information about the four different personality types by color (Red, Orange, Yellow & Green), tell us something about each, and more…

Healing Happens With Your Help: Understanding the Hidden Meanings Behind Illness by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.

would describe this book as “Louise Hay 401.” Carol takes us in great detail into how each thought we think has its place in our body. The author can see the human aura (a gift that understandably puzzled her at first) and sees exactly which negative emotions are stored where in the body. Her detailed case histories, body maps and an index of illnesses serve as startling proof that what we tell ourselves is the most important factor in how we feel. What I love is the specificity of Carol’s descriptions, how she is able to see different feelings in the 4 different parts of the heart, for example, and in each organ and gland. The book is the result of 25 years of individual healings, from which Carol has been able to draw general conclusions about patterns of thought and their resulting forms of disease.”

Read more reviews on

What Color Is Your Personality: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green… by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.

“My girlfriend introduced me to Carol Ritberger’s work. It has changed the way I perceive all of those around me and changed the way I relate to others. I have also met Carol in person, and what an amazing being! You must read and experiment with this book, by all means! There is so much truth and wisdom in it.”

Read more reviews on

11:11 Minute Intention for Global Peace & Healing
with a Universal Heart Meditation on Sundays at 9:00am (your local time), and help support the expansion of
Global Peace through Inner Peace.
We’ve had 1,010,000 Visits since our launch 7/17/09

Enjoy new music for your universal heart meditation. I recently recorded a new podcast for our 11:11 Intention with recording artist, Valarien. Valarien is a visionary composer, producer, and virtuoso guitarist who specializes in high vibrational music. Valarien’s music is used in meditation, yoga, spa and healing centers throughout the world. The music is from Valarien’s CD, ‘In Paradise.’ Download Valarien’s FREE podcast.

Many of you have already come forward stating your intention to continue our weekly Universal Heart Meditations after January 3, 2010. Our 11:11 Intention webpage will remain, and I am working on creating space on my website for a ‘Rainbow Healing Bridge’ that will be available for everyone to use as a gateway for healing purposes. I’ll announce when it’s available!

Click Here to learn more & Download all FREE Podcasts

Our Intention for Global Peace & Healing web page has had 1,010,,000+ visits since its launch on July 17, 2009.


The Nine Planets of Our Solar System

As always look where a celestial body is located in your own astrology chart, what house it occupies, to see where the action is happening in your own personal life.

Jupiter conjuncts Chiron on Monday December 7th & then Neptune on Saturday December 12th at 22° Aquarius. These three heavenly bodies have been flirting with one another since May 23rd (26° Aquarius) and then again July 22nd (25° Aquarius). New dreams are being born as old wounds surface for healing. This celestial combination can bring incredible breakthrough opportunities, and even a miracle or two!

Venus enters Sagittarius on December 1st at 2:04pm Pacific until Christmas day. Enjoy the light heartedness available in your affairs during this 3 week transit of Venus in Sagittarius.

Saturn at 1° Libra square Pluto at 1° Capricorn occurs at 6:42am Pacific on Sunday, November 17th.This is the opening square in a series between Saturn and Pluto. The 2nd square occurs on Monday, February 1st when Saturn Retrogrades to 4° Libra and squares Pluto Direct at 4° Capricorn. The 3rd square occurs onSaturday, August 21st when Saturn Direct at 2° Libra squares Pluto Retrograde at 2° Capricorn. This square indicates a conflict between the two forces represented in our psyche as Saturn (authority, established structures, responsibility, maturity) and Pluto (regeneration, transformation and healing). Squares feel tense and high pressured and represent opportunities for breakthrough, and can result in complete break down of old structures that are not longer viable and in need of dissolution and transformation, like the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly which is the death of the old form and its rebirth into a entirely new form. So this is a powerfully transformative astrological cycle we are currently in!!

Sun entered Sagittarius at 8:33pm Pacific on Saturday, November 21st. It’s time to inspire and be inspired! You’ll be asking those BIG philosophical questions about life, and feeling expansive and energized.

New Moon at 4:02am
Pacific on Tuesday, December 16, 2009 at 25° Sagittarius.

We’ve enjoyed sharing with you and hope you’ll find something useful for your life in this issue. We appreciate your sharing our positive message with the world. Thank you!

Look for your next issue around December 15th!

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