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“Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop this picture. Do not build up obstacles in your imagination.”

~ Norman Vincent Peale

We are in the Christmas Tide! The Season of Merry Making and Gift Giving. Remembering always that it is the Spirit behind your Gift, not the size or price tag, that imbues your Gift with that VERY Special Christmas Magic. The Magic of Love Freely Given and Openly Received. This Special Kind of Magic Always Warms Your Heart and Lights Up Faces with the Bright Glow that comes from Love Shared!

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HEALTH ARTICLE: Transforming Your Shadow, Part I, By KG Stiles. In this article I will talk about Your Shadow and a practice for transforming it. The process I will teach you will free you from the grips of your Shadow’s many voices. It is also a way for you to change and establish new neural pathways in your brain.

Please click here to read my entire article:

BOOK REVIEW: Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, By Caroline Myss (Available in Audio). For many years, Caroline Myss has studied why some people heal, while others do not. In her previous book, Anatomy of the Spirit, Carline illuminated “the hidden” interactions of belief and body, soul and cell to show how, as she inimitably puts it, “your biography becomes your biology.”

ACTION EXERCISE: Creating Your Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge is a term used in esoteric healing for the circuits of energy that connect your egoic (personality) life force with your transpersonal Divine Nature. The exercise you are about to learn is the initial first step for you to take in a series of guided visualizations for clearing, balancing and charging all of your 7 major energy systems, or chakras.

Sit comfortably with your spine erect and focus on your breath. Inhale slowly and allow your lungs to fill with oxygen. Visualize the oxygen you breathe in being filled with the light of Prana, or life force energy. See this Pranic light, or life force energy, vibrating with all the colors of the rainbow as it fills your lungs and is delivered through your blood stream to all the cells of your body.

As you exhale see any toxic residue leave your energy system with each outbreath. See this toxic residue as a brownish-grey smoke. You are releasing toxic debris and cellular waste from metabolic processes and unprocessed negative thoughts and emotions. If any thoughts or emotions surface just allow them to surface and leave you. You are cleansing your Mind and Body. Repeat this breathing in of Rainbow light for 5 minutes.

Practice this breath for 5 minutes daily. In our next issue I will guide you in the next step in Creating Your Rainbow Bridge.

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