Basic Introduction Aromatherapy Course – Lesson 6
Proper Storage of Your Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly volatile and will quickly evaporate when exposed to the air so care must be taken to store them appropriately. Keep your essential oils tightly sealed in dark glass bottles and store them in a cool, dark place out of the sunlight and out of the reach of children and animals.

Never store pure essential oils in plastic bottles as both oil and bottle will perish. Essential oils that have been unopened and properly stored in a cool, dark location will keep and maintain their potency for many years. Except for the quicker evaporating citrus oils, conifers and firs (Pine, Spruce, Cypress, etc.) which have a shorter shelf life because of higher potential for oxidation. Oxidation causes essential oils to go rancid and lose their active properties for therapeutic action and effects.

Citrus oils are the most volatile of all the essential oils. Please take special care to keep them tightly sealed and store them in a darkened area that is both dry and cool. You may consider refrigeration, as long as the oils are kept in a dry condition and being stored long term, not being dispensed daily.

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