Basic Introduction Aromatherapy Course – Lesson Two
Methods of Applicaiton

How to Use Essential Oils for Best Results

Pure essential oils have a wide range of therapeutic uses and benefits. The method applied can effect the results. Generally you can use essential oils within half an hour or so of each other; it’s individual to you depending upon your absorption and response rate.

DELIVERY METHODS ~ The choice of delivery method often depends on your intended
goal. It’s best to use a cool diffusion method as heating essential oils alters their molecular structure and hence their effectiveness. Please see diagrams below,illustrating the pathways of distribution and the organs and systems being affected by the oils.

1) DIRECT INHALATION is the method used most in Germany and the one I primarily uses for best therapeutic results.

PLEASE NOTE: Stimulating circulation of your blood, lymph and nerve flow through rhythmic breathing in conjunction with inhalation of aromatic oils enhances their delivery into your system!


Dispense 1-3 drops of oil onto a cotton ball, smell strip, or a tissue or vial of Celtic salts. Slowly introduce the oil into your system by breathing them in for 30-60 seconds. Close your eyes and inhale. Breathe in slowly and pause briefly on each inhaled breath. Then slowly exhale, letting go of any tension. Repeat this slow, rhythmic breathing five more times. Allow yourself to relax for a moment into a feeling of well-being.

Turbulent Breathing is another method of Direct Inhalation. Through a series of four short, rapid direct inhalations, repeated four times, you quickly saturate the olfactory bulb which stimulates your neuro-receptor process. Also aromatic vapors enter your lungs for immediate release into your blood stream.

I’ll share chart graphs with you in future classes that show you exactly the delivery pathways and the electro-chemical effects of essential oils for triggering a cascade of responses in your body, mind and emotions.

I get this question frequently, “Why do you suggest I not smell oils directly from the bottle orifice reducer or cap?”

ANSWER: Oil from the cap or bottle orifice will have been exposed to the air and thus oxidized, the smell will have “gone off.” So, yes, a fresh drop dispensed on a cotton ball, or smell strip for inhalation is different than smelling from the bottle or cap

Scent Bar – have you ever visited a scent bar? It’s kind of like a wine tasting event where you get to savor a wide array of oils in a short period of time. I’ve hosted these occasionally and they can be a lot of fun. However, you need to observe a few things to make the most of your chance for speed scenting with oils.

If you want to enjoy smelling more than one oil or blend at a time here’s how! You’ll need to clear your olfactory bulb as it will become saturated and you will be less able to discern aroma. As well, the nerve itself will become less responsive to stimulation, and subsequently the properties of the oils will have less effect. So, you’ll need to use your discernment with how much essential oil you introduce into your system at a time.

Remember less is more in the world of aromatherapy.

How to clear your olfactory nerve? To clear your olfactory nerve simply inhale the aroma of fresh coffee beans, or smell 100% wool. Both of these methods will usually have the effect of clearing your olfactory nerve, so that you can discern aromatic differences again. Try it and see!

2) MICRO DIFFUSION uses a nebulizing diffuser that will break essential oil into millions of micro particles.

A nebulizing diffuser effectively disperses oils without the heating that can render them therapeutically less beneficial.

Research shows that cold-air diffusing certain oils may:

  1. Reduce bacteria, fungus, mold and unpleasant odors
  2. Relax and relieve tension, as well as clear the mind
  3. Help with weight management
  4. Improve concentration, alertness and mental clarity

Start by diffusing oils only 15-30 minutes per day. As you become accustomed to the oils and recognize the effects, increase the time.

In illness, inhale near the “mouth” of the nebulizer. A short session of breathing in the oils for 4-5 minutes should be sufficient, repeat every few hours.

3) AIR DIFFUSION has a basket in which a pad with drops of oils are applied. A small fan blows cool air through the oils lifting them into the air for dispersal. This is a cost effective way for diffusing the oils and has the benefits of micro-diffusion and is especially good for scenting a room.

4) CARRIER OILS for diluting essential oils is a primary method used by many for enjoying the benefits of essential oils. Carrier oils inhibit the rapid evaporation rate of essential oils and allow for safe application of oils to the skin. You need to experiment with areas of application on your skin for best absorption and response rate, generally a neuro-vascular point near the location you are treating.

How much essential oil should you put into your carriers for safe skin application? Generally, effective blends for adults are made using a dilution ratio of 1, 2, 3 or 5 percent of essential oil to the carrier.

You may wish to test a small area first if you suffer from hay fever or allergies. Skin tests should always be done for very young children and the elderly.

SKIN TEST: Apply pure essential oil in a weak dilution skin test: with a carrier oil on a cotton swab and lightly touch the skin in an area either under your arm, inside of your elbow, back of your knee or wrist. Cover the area with a Band-Aid and leave the area unwashed for twenty-four hours. If there is any reaction such as itching or redness you may wish to temporarily discontinue using the oil and start an internal cleansing program before resuming use of essential oils. Essential oils can react with toxins built up in the body from chemicals in food, water and work environment.


1% Dilution (5-6 drops per ounce carrier) – Use for children under 12, and seniors over 65, pregnant women and people with long-term illnesses, or immune system disorders. A 1% dilution is a good place to start with individuals who are generally sensitive to aromas, chemicals, or other environmental pollutants.

2% Dilution (10-12 drops per ounce carrier) – Use for general health and skin care, natural perfumes, bath products, and for your everyday blends.

3% Dilution (15-18 drops per ounce carrier) – Use for specific application blends, acute health conditions, i.e. treating a cold or flu, pain relief, and sports blends.

5% Dilution (28-30 drops per ounce of carrier) – Sports massage blends, natural perfumes, and short term treatment for specific, acute health conditions.

10% Dilution (58-60 drops per ounce of carrier) – Very expensive essential oils like Rose, Helichrysum, and Neroli pure essential oils are often made available in a 10% dilution of carrier oil. Essential oil blends for natural perfumes, and specific applications may sometimes also be found in 10% dilutions.

When making larger quantities of blends of 3 ounce or more, you can try using less essential oil than recommended above, as you may find the need for doubling amounts is not necessary for effectiveness when making larger quantities of blends.

BELOW ARE SAMPLE dilution guidelines I use for my own aromatherapy products:


Be respectful and always allow children to self select their own oils. If a child is very young use only a small amount essential oil diluted properly and watch for how your child responds. They will let you know if the oils is right for them.

  • Adults ~15 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil
  • Children age 18 ~ 10 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil
  • Children age 10-18 ~ 6-9 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil
  • 5-10 years age ~ 5 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil
  • 4 year age, elderly & infirm ~ 4 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil
  • 3 year age ~ 3 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil
  • 2 year age ~ 2 drops EO in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil
  • Newborn – 2 years age ~ 1 drop in 30 mls or 1 ounce carrier oil

General Fluid Conversion Guide:
1ml = 20 drops EO
3.75ml = 1 dram = 1/8oz = 75 drops EO
5ml = 1tsp = 100 drops EO
15ml = 3tsp (1 Tblsp) = 1/2 oz = 300 drops EO
30ml = 2 Tblsp = 8 drams = 1oz = 600 drops EO

“Chamomile is the only oil I always feel comfortable and confident to use with pregnant Moms and young children under 2 years of age!” ~KG

A NOTE ABOUT CARRIER OILS: I highly recommend pure light fractionated coconut oil as the ideal carrier oil. Coconut oil is fully metabolized by the body and, unlike most oils, not absorbed into the fatty cells and tissues of the body, making it an ideal carrier for essential oils to move through the fat cells beneath the dermis and into the blood vessels serving muscles, etc. As well Light Coconut oil remains liquid at room temperature and, because of its light consistency, will not clog skin pores, making it suitable to use on sensitive or problem skin.

4 Benefits of using essential oils over synthetic drugs:

  1. Non-toxic to low toxicity in the body.
  2. Do not create resistance so that it becomes ineffective with long term use, as seen with chemical antibiotics.
  3. Reinforces the body’s own natural healing mechanism.
  4. Stimulates immune function.

Aromatic-Phyto medicine, such as essential oil, is most effective (especially when used to treat infections) and gives the best results when:

  • The highest quality essential oil available is used.
  • The right essential oil for a particular condition is chosen.
  • The correct method of application is used.
  • The right dosage amount is given.

Phenol-containing essential oils particularly effective against micro-organisms include: thyme (especially Thymus vulgaris), cinnamon, eucalyptus and clove. Warning: Phenol containing oils can be toxic when used excessively for long periods of time.


Facial Steam ~ As part of a deep cleansing routine disperse 3 or 5 drops of oil in a teaspoon of milk or honey and mix into a pint of steaming hot water.

Pour this “HOT” mixture into a ceramic or stainless steel mixing bowl and lean with your face forward, over the bowl being sure to close your eyes (so the oil’s vapors don’t getin your eyes) and cover your head with a towel to catch the steam on your face, breath in the steam and relax, enjoying your facial steam until the waters cool. Or you may use the oils in a facial steamer.

PLEASE NOTE: Essential oils are not water soluble you must use a dispersant when adding them to a facial steam or bath and water may cause the oils to penetrate your system more quickly or cause irritation to sensitive or damaged skin, i.e. blemishes, sores or rash.

Click to read PurePlant Essentials Safety Guide

Facial Masque ~ Add 2-3 drops to moistened clay, honey, mashed avocado, or egg white.

Facial Oil Blend ~ Add up to 10 drops of essential oil or a blend to one ounce of carrier oil.

Skin Brushing ~ Invigorate your skin, and stimulates your lymphatic system. Apply 1 drop of (lavender, sandalwood or geranium – all are excellent for your skin) in 1 Tablespoon of honey and apply mixture to your natural bristle skin brush and brush your skin.

Make sure your gentle, yet brisk brush strokes are upward, toward your heart. From your fingers up to your shoulders, from your toes up to your neck. Include the front and back sides of your body as you breathe deeply. Enjoy the wonderful tingling sensations dancing across your skin.

Always be sure to work from your extremities upwards, toward your heart. Gently, yet briskly, cover your entire body, omitting your face and neck in the process of this cleansing and uplifting ritual. Skin brushing is especially effective just before you shower.


Steam Inhalation is one of the easiest and most direct ways to support your respiratory system with essential oils.

Use steam inhalation to soothe and promote healing for your respiratory system, clearing nasal passages and enjoying therapeutic benefits for your lungs.

Great method to prevent or treat respiratory infections, support your health and prevent colds and the flu.

Add 1-6 drops of oil to a large bowl of steaming hot water, but not so hot it will burn your skin or mucous membranes. Put a towel over your head to capture the steam.

Close your eyes and inhale until the water cools or until you stop smelling the oil. Breathe in the steam for a few minutes, as long as you desire. It is very important to keep your eyes closed in order to prevent any of the essential oil from getting into your eyes!

Repeat, the treatment if necessary, every 4-5 hours.

Relieves sinus congestion, coughs, colds, flu and sore throats. Suggested oils to use: eucalyptus, ravensara, lavender, peppermint, lemon and tea tree.

Humidifier (cool mist) ~ Add from 3-8 drops of oil to the water of your humidifier. Run overnight, or add the essential oils 2-3 times during the day, if running continuously. This is an effective method of using oils with a sick child.

WARNING Essential Oils can damage humidifier plastic and rubber parts.


Bath ~ Fill your tub with water, add 5-8 drops of oil that has been mixed in a dispersant such as a sea salt, milk or cream, or a spoonful of honey, swish to disperse in the water. A half cup each of Epsom Salts (muscle relaxant, detoxifier) and Baking Soda (skin softener) can also be used to disperse the oils in your bath water.

PLEASE NOTE: Essential oils are not water soluble you must use a dispersant when adding them to a facial steam or bath and water may cause the oils to penetrate your system more quickly or cause irritation to sensitive or damaged skin, i.e. blemishes, sores or rash.

Click to read Pure Plant Essentials Safety Guide

Compress ~ Excellent for topical application to ease pain from strained muscles, congestion (blood, lymph, nerve supply) associated with ringing ear (Tinnitus) and menstrual cramps, etc.

Dispense 1-6 drops of pure essential oil in a teaspoon of your favorite carrier, i.e. sea salt, Epson salts, milk, cream or honey and add to a small ceramic or stainless steel bowl of hot water.

Absorb the “HOT” water infused with your essential oil into a wash cloth, using protective gloves, wring out excess water and apply compress directly to area of discomfort. Repeat procedure when your cloth cools.

You may cover the warm cloth with a hot water bottle, plastic sheet or a towel to keep it “HOT” longer. Apply “HOT” compress for 20-30 minutes two to three times daily, or as needed to relieve symptoms and associated discomfort. Frequency and length of treatment will vary individually depending upon your particular needs.

AROMATIC MIST ~ This is a favorite way of mine for using aromatic oils. You may use as a facial toner, an all over body freshener, or as a room spray and deodorizer. The amount of oil you use depends on the purpose of your aromatic mist!

Scent Your Personal Space ~ Allow Your Senses the Healing Presence of Your Own Personalized Room Spray!

To freshen and deodorize your personal and private spaces simply add your oils to 4 ounces of pure water, shake well and spray. The amount of oil used will depend on the purpose of your aromatic mist.

DIRECTIONS – To 4 ounces of purified water add your oils, shake well and spray. May add a tiny amount (30=60 drops) of alcohol, or witch hazel to act as a dispersant for your oils to blend into the water.

  1. Facial or Body Mist – 8-10 drops
  2. Air freshener & Deodorizer – 120-180 drops

Jacuzzi ~ Mix 3 drops of oil per person in a dispersant such as honey and add to your jacuzzi. This may be repeated every 30 minutes. WARNING: Essential Oils may damage plastic plumbing.

Skin Rejuvenation ~ After your shower apply 1-3 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend diluted in a carrier oil to a warm damp wash cloth. Rub your body briskly all over and allow your skin to air dry.

Bath Salts ~ Blend together one third cup each (equal parts) Epson Salts (muscle relaxant, detoxifier), Celtic Salts (rich in minerals), and Baking Soda (skin softener). Mix in thoroughly 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oil or synergy blend (Patchouli, Sandalwood or Lavender make excellent choices).

Either disperse your Bath Salts into a warm bath, or use as a ‘Salt Glow’ rub before your bath. Adding a spoonful of your favorite Carrier Oil to the ‘Salt Glow’ leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.

Detoxifying & Healing Sea Salt Bath ~ Natural sea salts are rich in minerals and charged with electrical and healing properties that you can especially benefit from in a warm bath. A sea salt bath with pure essential oils is an effective way to cleanse your chakras and auric energy field. You can purchase natural sea salt in your local health-food store in the spice section. Add 3-8 drops of essential oil to your sea salts (1-4 cups) which will act as a carrier for dispersing your oils into your warm bath. Soak for 15 minutes or until your bath water begins to cool.

Detoxifying & Healing Foot Soak: You can achieve outstanding results for detoxifying and healing your body, mind, and soul with a relaxing and rejuvenating foot soak (hot or cold as desired).

Disperse one or two drops of the essential oil, or blend of your choice in a basin of water by blending them first with a teaspoon of seal salt, honey, cream, or jojoba oil and then thoroughly mix them into your foot bath. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes time, or until the waters begin to become tepid to the touch.


Adding essential oils known for their antibacterial and antiviral powers to your dishpan or scrub bucket will kill germs and leave your home smelling clean and fresh!

Disperse 1-2 drops of Lemon essential oil with 1-2 drops of Eucalyptus in dish soap and add to your sink or bucket of warm water for a powerful surface cleaner. Wipe down your kitchen counters and all bathroom surfaces with these cleansing, germicidal oils.

Washing dishes ~ Lemon oil is a great grease cutter; add 1-3 drops to your favorite dish soap and stir into your dish pan of warm water. Great for those hard to clean pots and pans!


For a fresh clean scent, as well as to sanitize dispense 8-12 drops of Lavender, or Lemon oil (or one of your favorite aromas) onto a cotton cloth and put in the dryer for a few minutes in the cool down cycle (not hot). Remember essential oils are flammable, so keep them away from fire hazards and direct open flame heat sources.


Add a drop or two of a citrus, spice, or floral essential oil to a cup of honey, mix well and let stand, OR put a couple of drops on a piece of paper towel, lay it on top of any ‘dry’ ingredient you wish to flavor, inside a jar and let stand for a week.

Both of these methods will add the flavor of your oil to the ‘dry’ ingredient, lending a distinguishing note to your tea, baking and cooking.

You can use the herbal essential oils (Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Fennel) to flavor olive oil for salad dressings, or add a drop or two to your soups, stews, gravies, or sauces.

To maximize their benefits and flavors add essential oils at the end of the cooking process.

FOR ANIMALS & PETS: As animals have extremely sensitive olfactory senses use them in very low percentages of less than 1% to achieve the results desired. Allow your animal or pet to self select by offering the oil to them before applying it. They will let you know if they like it! Then you can proceed with administration.

A few general uses, include: pet wash, grooming spray, fleas and ticks, breath freshener, horseflies, stress and anxiety.

CATS: Please remember to take especial care when using any essential oil on a cat. They simply can’t metabolize them the way dogs, horses and humans do. When diffusing oils for your own use, make very sure that your cat can exit the room if he/she chooses. Hydrosols, floral waters, on the other hand, are safe and gentle for our feline friends.

Aromatically yours,

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